DoorDash Review : How Great Is The App? Let’s Know About It


In today’s world, technology is so advanced that it has reduced the maximum of our efforts. The way of shopping and buying things has really changed a lot. We have the liability to buy almost anything just at your fingertip. In this DoorDash Review, you will come to know more interesting things about this service

The same goes for food as well, there are many food services that offer you home delivery. DoorDash is among one of the food services that give you a home delivery from your desired restaurants and hotels and with a very low delivery charge.

DoorDash offers services to almost 18 cities in the U.S. They give the guarantee of every meal is hot, delicious and fresh and delivered with joy.

Story Of The DoorDash Food Delivery Service

Like many other startups, DoorDash too was found in a small room at Stanford in 2013. The founder of the service is Tony Xu. The members of this food service claim to be on a mission that aims to empower the local economies in the connected world.

In another way, you can say that DoorDash is a cab service of food. The delivery employees of this food service are independent who take the contracts and use their own vehicle to deliver foods and own a smartphone. When you place an order in DoorDash then a DoorDasher i.e. the delivery employee gets alerted. They pick up the food delivery and take it to your house. It is up to you whether you tip them or not.

DoorDash offers services in around 18 cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Lower Manhattan, Chicago, Boston and many more. They even have services in Vancouver and promise that the number of cities for service will increase soon.

How Does DoorDash Deliver Food From The Restaurants?

If you live in any of the 18 cities that the DoorDash offers services then you can order your favorite food from your desired restaurants or hotels and get the delivery around 45 minutes.

Although the delivery time is not always perfect as it might depend on the traffic, weather conditions and what time of the day you have ordered. They also say that you can schedule your delivery within 4 days in advance.

If you want a delivery from DoorDash then all you have to first is create an account in the DoorDash and log in. Next, enter your address and check all the list of your favorite restaurants and see where you can order your food.

Click on the menus of the restaurants and select your items. Once you have chosen your meal, DoorDash will ask you to pay through the app or their website using a credit or a debit card. They claim that your information is totally secure with them.

Some of the restaurants that DoorDash works with are California Pizza Chicken, Asian Box, Curry Up Now, Cheesecake Factory and many more.

What DoorDash Deliveries Are Available And How Much Do They Cost In Your Area?

DoorDash has mentioned in their frequently asked questions that the pricing and the services and the pricing differ by the restaurants and the areas.

They have also mentioned that some of the restaurants don’t update their menus, so, it might appear that it is more expensive than you had ordered direct. Moreover, sometimes the restaurants charge quite higher fees for the items being bought by the DoorDash.

In addition to all the charges, DoorDash charges around $4.99 for a delivery fee for every restaurant from which you have ordered your food.

However, if you have ordered for the first time using the app then they will offer you a promotional $1 delivery fee. They mention that the hungry techies situated in Silicon Valley will not enjoy this offer.

If you want to check out that what is the cost of the items and how much you have to pay then select the items which you want to order and then proceed to the checkout page where you will find that every charge has been itemized.

You can also add an additional tip of 10-20% through your debit card. It will be better if you opt to tip for cash upon delivery. DoorDash says that the tip is optional but it is immensely appreciated by the DoorDasher.

How Much Money Do The DoorDashers Earn?

Basically, DoorDashers receive an average amount of money per order. It depends on the location and the tip as well. DoorDash has recently changed its mode of payment in order to make sure the delivery easier. A difficult delivery might include many issues such as waiting for long at a restaurant.

A DoorDasher makes $1 plus what is called a “pay boost’ and the tip of course. The amount of the pay boost is dependent on certain factors like how far have you traveled for delivery if there were any traffic problems or parking problems. Waiting for the restaurant for a while and the size of the order as well. Bigger the size of the order, higher the pay boost. One of the interesting things is that a DoorDasher would never know how much amount is he going to earn before he accepts the order.

The company also stresses the fact that the rates are dependent on the city in which you live. For example, if you make delivery in Brooklyn and Manhattan then it is guaranteed that you will get at least $15 per delivery and around $25 in the next borough. In comparison to this, Chicago promises to give at least $8 per delivery.

If you are looking for a job in the DoorDash then it is important that you have all the knowledge regarding the rules of your city, regulations and all the rates which will give you an estimated idea about how much are you going to earn. This also includes information like whether you allow deliveries where you don’t need a car, since places New York gives the permission of scooting, cycling or even walk for the delivery.

What Are The Cost That A DoorDasher Should Consider?

Though DoorDash is one of the best ways to make some money in your extra time, you will certainly want to take a few costs into consideration.

First and foremost thing is that since you will be considered as a contractor and not a full-time employee, so, it doesn’t matter how long you work, you will be in charge of your withholding taxes. The payment is done weekly which will be a gross amount. Taxes and social security are not calculated there.

If you are earning around $600 in a year from DoorDash then the company uses the tax and banking information on your account. It is used to send you a 1099 form by the end of January.

The Dashers also can opt to get the earned money within the next day by going with the DailyPay program. However, they will be charged an additional amount of $1.25 per transfer. One of the biggest expenses that a Dasher can have is delivering the food in a car. This will not be affecting those who deliver on bike, foot or scooter. Lastly, you will also have to consider the cost of parking while you are in delivery.

DoorDash service is growing a good market in the U.S and has promised to increase its service in other states as well. If you want to earn money then this service can be one of the best options for you. Does this DoorDash Review is helpful for you? please let us know

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