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3 Second Lash Reviews: Ultimate Magnetic Eyelashes Of 2021


This amazing eyelash enhancer will allow you to have the lashes you deserve. If you have always wanted dramatic, thick, sexy, gorgeous eyelashes, this is the product for you. This unique formula is easy-to-use and guaranteed not to irritate the eyes. We will help you to select the best eyelashes from the comfort of your eye. 3 second Lash As seen on tv is a hot selling product in the market right now. Read our genuine 3 Second Lash reviews 2021 helped you in deciding whether it is good for you or not.

About 3 Second Lash

If you want an eyelash that you can apply within second without the use of glue, then 3 second lash best for you. These magnetic eyelashes are 100% handmade. The magnets automatically connect for secure, comfortable & Gorgeous lashes.

According to its official website “3secondlash review”, followings are the claims and features:-

Claim And Features

  • Apply in seconds – no messy glues or adhesives required
  • Light as a feather – you may even forget you’re wearing them
  • Our secure micro-magnetic technology ensures your lashes will stay in place until you’re ready to remove them
  • Designed for everyday use – our glue-free design won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes
  • Reusable – Use them over and over again

Here I am going to list the pros and cons of the Magnetic lash, We have mentioned a detailed 3 Second Lash Review below. And if you want to know more you can also check 3 Second Lash review on Amazon.

Magnetic lashDon’t bend
Irritation-FreeNo Colored Lashes
3D Glamour 
100% Handmade 

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How to Use 3 Second Lash

You can see the 3 Second Lash review in the video below.

  1. Curl your lashes first and apply to start at the roots of the lashes.
  2. With a smooth stroke, roll as you lift and comb mascara to the tips of lashes.
  3. To make the eyes look brighter and more open, be sure to apply at least 2 coats.
  4. For Lower lashes, apply a lighter coat of mascara.
  5. Always Handle the magnetic lashes by the lash line and not by the fiber.

3 Second Lash Reviews

3 Second Lash is a set of magnetic eyelashes that you can apply within seconds without the use of glue. It is very lightweight and secure. Despite this, 3 Second Lash has been one of the longest advertised As Seen on TV products in recent years.

As we have mentioned above, when it was first launched in the market in late 2017, it was called 3 Second Lash. The Product comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

The Magnetic Lash is available in 2 different color shades. You can select from either a Natural looking shade or try Bold, for a darker smokier look. They are also designed for use without glues that can irritate your eyes and cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

Are you looking for magnetic lashes online? So, you can buy the 3 Second Lash on Amazon in Natural and Bold lashes. You can also read 3 Second Lash reviews On Amazon to get a better view of different people using it in daily life.

Summary Of 3 Second Lash

People have given these 3-second lash positive feedback. We gave our best information on the magnetic lash so this is the best option for you. It is Lightweight and secure. They are reusable and designed for everyday use. So, in our view, 3 Second Lash is worth to buy. Read above our 3 Second Lash Reviews and think about this product, whether it is important for you or not?. You can also check these 3 Second Lash reviews on Amazon.

Allstar Innovations - 3 Second Lash Magnetic...
  • Perfectly Elongated, Natural Looking Magnetic Accent Lashes in Seconds
  • Reusable – Designed For Everyday Use! No Damage To Natural Lashes!
  • Pain & Hassle Free Application - No Messy Glues or Adhesives Required!
  • Lightweight & Secure – Comfortable For All Day Wear!
  • Top and Bottom Magnetic Lashes “Sandwich” Your Natural Lash – Magnets Attach Together With Ease!


The secret is 3 Second Lash micro-magnetic technology that gently ‘sandwiches’ your natural lashes to create bold, accent lashes in seconds. It is Lightweight and secure.

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