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Luminess Air Reviews : Know More About The Airbrush Makeup Kit


Luminess Air is a peculiar makeup kit that comes with its own airbrush. These days airbrushed makeup is on-trend. Ladies Love this makeup for big events like the wedding. But for that type of makeup, they have to go to the professional salon. But now you can learn to apply this same professional-quality makeup to yourself by using Luminess Air, Let’s see if it really works. Luminess air as seen on TV includes a color match option to its make-up kits to make it versatile for various skin tones. Read our detailed luminess air reviews 2019.

How Luminess Air Works?

The user should buy an airbrush make-up kit foundation and other makeup accessories as needed. The website (luminessair review) allows its users to select the shade according to their skin tone.

Luminess Air Ingredients

Luminess Air Ingredients depend on whether the customer has bought foundation, blush, glow, bronzer, or moisturizer. But most of the product includes the following Ingredients:

  • Glycerin: It is a colorless and odorless humectant. This is used for moisturizing the skin and prevent it from irritation.
  • Butylene Glycol: The chemical helps make things water-soluble. It is mostly used to thin and lotions and creams.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: A synthetic version of vitamin E, helps in improve* the skin’s condition.
  • Potassium Olivoyl PCA: Works as a hand cream.
  • Iron Oxides: Prevent color from losing their original shade.
  • Stearic acid: It is a saturated fat that is used to give creams a waxy consistency when applied to the skin.

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Luminess air review

What is Included in Kit

Luminess Air As Seen On TV is a complete airbrush makeup kit that includes all the tools whatever you need for flawless makeup. In this Luminess Air reviews 2019 post we will explain everything whatever the Makeup kit includes.

  • Airbrush Gun – Airbrush gun is a makeup tool that you use to spray the airbrush makeup on your face. The gun comes with a sliding trigger that allows you to control the pressure of the makeup.
  • Airbrush Compressor – This one helps to supply pressurized air to the stylus. This compressor comes with a button. All you have to do is simply press the button and plug in the compressor. It will power the compressor and send air pressure to the stylus.
  • An Instructional Video – The kit comes with an Instructional Video which will help you to learn airbrush makeup. This video provides you with instructions as well as tips for using the Luminess system.
  • Foundation – The best advantage of this type of makeup is that you need not choose the foundation according to your skin tone. The kit comes with two bottles of foundation that works well for most of the skin tones.
  • A Moisturizer – Luminess consists of water-based and mineral makeup, but it is always recommended to moisturize your skin before applying makeup.
  • Blush – This is an airbrush-specific blush that works like standard blush
  • Highlighter – If you want to lighten up certain areas so that it looks more attractive. Then this airbrush highlighter can be very useful for that purpose.
  • A Hose – Luminess provides you ample hosing for their airbrush makeup kit so you need not be very close to the compressor.

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How luminess air works


  • Luminess Air Review As seen on TV it allows customers to customize their make-up kits according to their skin color.
  • The product has a 30-day guarantee on it.
  • All ingredients are listed on the product which is used in it.
  • The ingredients which all the product contains are non-toxic.
  • The product can be registered for safety reasons.


  • It takes a lot of time to learn how to use the airbrush makeup system for this product.
  • Sometimes the product clogs, which cause a delay in make-up application and also, could damage the airbrush.
  • There is some restocking fee for those customers who do not return the product in its original packaging.

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Watch this Instructional video of Luminess Air

Luminess Air Reviews 2019

The Luminess Air kit has got mixed reviews from online reviewers. The makeup itself appears to be of above-average quality, but the quality of the air stylus is a point of debate. Some reviewers are very happy with the results that they achieved. But, there are also several consumers who have claimed that the stylus breaks down or clogged after limited usage.

However, some customers also give negative feedback about the company’s customer service and billing practices.

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The Verdict

Luminess Air helps to feel its users confident. It allows users to choose their shade properly, customizing their kit, and the product is free from chemicals. The various reputable beauty industry has already given this product positive reviews. Also, the product comes with only a 30-day guarantee while it takes some people a long time to learn how to use the airbrush properly. The Luminess Air system also costs more than some other beauty products many people are unable to use this. Overall, the majority of the reviews for this product are positive but there are some other airbrush and cosmetics available in the market that offers similar results. Read above our Luminess air reviews 2019 and think about this product, whether it is important for you or not?

Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush...
176 Reviews
Luminess Air Aqua & White Legend Airbrush...
  • Whisper-quiet motor, making it perfect to use at home for everyday airbrush makeup.
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System is lightweight and durable, making it perfect to travel with
  • Achieve professional makeup artist results in your own home with Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System
  • The Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System is dermatologist tested and approved. Your skin will benefit from the airbrush's touchless application
  • Using slow and circular motions, the Luminess Air Airbrush Legend System gives you a soft and precise makeup application each and every time you use it


If you are in love with makeup and regularly use to go salon then this Luminess Air is just for you. the makeup is very effective as it works on airbrush technology. But the cost of the product is a bit high.

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