Bug A Salt 2.0 Review : Eradicate More Pests – Does It Works Or Not?

Are you looking for a Bug-A-Salt review? Well then, congrats, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you a full review of this amazing product. We all are annoyed by the spiders, flies and many other pests that have been present all the time in our house. All women are afraid of these pests. So, with the help of Bug-A-Salt gun, you are probably going to be a hero in your woman’s eye.

Introducing The Star: Bug-A-Salt

You can also gift this amazing product to your friends if they have no idea what to do with all the annoying insects present in their house. It will certainly make you the superhero for all. This amazing product has solved the problem of thousands of needy people and now it is our turn to enjoy the benefits of it. Bug-A-Salt review will give you a total satisfaction before you buy this product. So, without wasting any time here is a short description of this amazing product.

Describing Your Companion: Bug-A-Salt

Whenever you are looking for Bug-A Salt review or any other product review then there are few main things that should look for in product description. They are:

  • Reputation Of The Company
  • Active Ingredients Used In The Product
  • Way To Use
  • Safety Ratings Of The Pet And Child

Below here we will start one by one

  • Reputation Of The Company: A review is basically known as the brainchild of the entrepreneur. This means that the manufacturer of the product has no products other than this. Almost all the reviews of Bug-A-Salt is positive and has excellent ratings of 4.5 all over the web. Customers are really enjoying the creative idea behind this product and the editions of this product are also termed as “ hours of fun”.
  • Active Ingredients Of The Product: To be honest this product doesn’t need any active ingredients at all. All you need is some table salt and some air power and you are ready to go. Blast all the flies, spiders and other pests away or even kill them. This is a unique idea as many other products use harmful chemicals to do that. Many other products don’t mention these things in their description but product review is accurate with its information about the product.
  • How To Use The Product: This product is basically a toy gun and has a use which way beyond its recreation. It has the ability to kills the flies or even huge bugs from a distance. It is just like how you use a toy gun but you have to be accurate with your aim in order to kill the bugs.
  • Safety Ratings Of Pet And Child: It is known to all that almost any pest control devices use pesticides that are very harmful to your pets as well as your child. But this is not in case of Bug-A-Salt. The main component used as ammo in this product is edible. What else better than this can you get? Your pets remain safe and even your children can use this amazing product to wipe out all the pests from your house. Remove all the excess salt that has been left behind by sweeping it off. You can even buy this product from
    Bug-A-Salt 2.0 from Skell, Yellow
    • Non Toxic, Shoots Ordinary Table Salt
    • Only Shoots a Pinch of Salt, Accurate within Three Feet.
    • No Batteries Required, Pop-up Sight Indicator
    • Sold Directly from Manufacturer, Skell Inc.
    • 90-Day Warranty, Limited 1-Year Warranty Included with Proof of Purchase from Skell.

Bug-A-Salt reviewview on Amazon

Features Of Bug-A-Salt That Make It Amazing

The online fan base of the product is totally loyal to the Bug-A-Salt review and has been rating it very high. You might be wondering that why this review has been addressing a large number of fans. Here we will tell you why.

Customers Are Getting Toy With Purpose

Most of the people might just take it as a pest controller but the main fun is not yet discovered if you thin in this way. This product is actually a toy gun which is made for some purpose. This toy gun has an actual use and you can use it to kill or swipe away the flies.

Simple Effectiveness

The main motive of this gun is to kill or remove all the pests and flies away from your house. It has a simple agenda and doesn’t attract any other insects while doing so.

The Gun Has No Inner Parts

The main ingredient of this Gun is salt which you can fire in the direction of the flies or insects with a full force of air to kill it. This means that the gun works only with the power of air and there are no other inner parts that are usually present in a gun.

Presentation Of The Product

Persons of all ages can use this product. Looking on this perspective this gun comes with various kinds of color. Bright yellow, lawn or garden green, pink and many other colors are available.

The Best And The Worst Of Bug-A-Salt

If you are still not satisfied with the Bug-A-Salt review then here are some few pros and cons of the product that you should probably look at.


  • The product is really a surprising one. It is like a two in one fun. It gives you amusement as well as a great benefit for our home. And the best part is that you will always find salt in your house.
  • It will be a great Christmas present to your friends, dad or even your wife. It will really give them a great relief.
  • You really don’t need to worry about the health of your child or pets. You can even ask your kids to do the job
  • With the help of this gun, you will be able to shoot from a distance of three feet


  • Though it is an amusement and very useful product. But the price of this product is way higher in comparison to other similar products
  • After you have used the product, you also have to clean up all the mess that you have created. The salts spread everywhere on the floor.
  • It is not necessary that it will always kill the large bugs like the roaches

You can also watch this video to know more about Bug A Salt Product

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Final Verdict on Bug-A-Salt review

When it comes to the product, Bug-A-Salt as seen on TV is a great one. The pros outweigh the cons of the product. So, you should definitely buy it for sure.

So, what do you think about the Bug-A-Salt review? We hope that it was really helpful for you in choosing. Tough the product is costlier but the price you pay is definitely worth it.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 from Skell, Yellow
  • Non Toxic, Shoots Ordinary Table Salt
  • Only Shoots a Pinch of Salt, Accurate within Three Feet.
  • No Batteries Required, Pop-up Sight Indicator
  • Sold Directly from Manufacturer, Skell Inc.
  • 90-Day Warranty, Limited 1-Year Warranty Included with Proof of Purchase from Skell.
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