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Egg Sitter Reviews: Is This The Best Type of A Cushion?


Egg Sitter is a uniquely created seat cushion which can improve the convenience of any regular chair. This Egg sitter cushion as seen on tv provides optimum comfort while cradling your backside and backbone. This pillow says that you could sit on a raw egg without breaking. The Egg Sitter will let you sit on toughest surfaces and chairs for long periods of time without any pains and aches. It’s made to collapse itself so that pillow absorbs pressure points. It makes your sitting experience better. The official site is: Our egg sitter reviews will surely help you in making a better decision.

Does It Really Work?

The Egg sitter cushion as seen on tv has been seen in many videos and it really works. This gel cushion supports the softness of an egg while a person is sitting on the egg.

Egg Sitter Reviews

The Egg Sitter amazon is basically a gel pad which can transform the most uncomfortable chair into a comfortable chair. In our egg sitter reviews, we will tell you how exactly the product works. This Egg sitter as seen on tv refers to the “egg” test where an egg is placed on the cushion. The person will sit on the egg. Since the cushion is really soft, the egg will not crack at all. We found that the egg sitter cushion surprisingly passed all sitting test many times. The secret beyond Egg Sitter cushion is its honeycomb pattern that helps in distributing and absorbing the weight.

Easy to Use

Remove From Packaging

The Egg Sitter usually comes in a nice cardboard packaging. Assembly is not required, just remove the Egg Sitter from the box and keep it in the sitting area.

Using the Non-slip Cover

The Egg Sitter amazon includes a cover which can envelop the cushion. There is an opening on one side and the pillow can fit directly to it. In case the pillow cover becomes dirty, then the cover is easily removed and can be cleaned easily. To be able to stop the cover from shrinking the company recommends to air dry rather than placing it through the dryer cycle.

Using the Cushion
There’s a front, a rear and a top and bottom side of the egg sitter cushion. The other side is thinner side and the rear side is thicker

egg sitter reviews

Major Benefits Of Egg Sitter Cushion

The Egg Sitter has been made durable and last for several years. The manufacturer gives a seven-year guarantee on this item. If the item ceases to operate, simply contact the manufacturer to get a replacement.

Stays Cool to the Touch
The polymer along with this honeycomb design generates an airflow below the pillow. This permits you to stay calm and comfortable for longer periods. The system retains this quality when used with the given cover.

Free Nonslip Cover
Egg Sitter comes packed using a non stick cover. The non-stick cover is easy to wear and comes equipped with handles for simple transportation. The cloth is infused with aluminum to provide an odor-free experience.

Alleviates Pain
It is good for those who suffer with migraines or alternative coccyx injuries. People might realize that the gadget helps in relieving discomfort related to these pains. The pillow helps support the lower back by extending the backside and providing support for nerve endings.

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Final Thoughts

It seems like egg sitter cushion could help relieve pressure points while you are sitting. It can reduce pain and discomfort. As compared to its close competitors, it was the least expensive. The customer support service is also good. These were our egg sitter reviews, Hope we are able to help you in making a better decision.

BulbHead Egg Sitter Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Cover, Breathable Honeycomb Design Absorbs Pressure Points
  • Special flex support cushion supports your backside and spine so well, you can sit on an egg without breaking it – no other seat cushions for chairs can make that promise!
  • Unlike your memory foam desk chair, sciatic nerve pillow, or foam cushion, Egg Sitter’s unique flex-grip honeycomb design allows air to circulate and stays cools to the touch
  • Strong and durable, Egg Sitter retains its shape, making it a great back pain seat and orthopedic seat
  • Fits most chairs for deep seat pressure relief – Egg Sitter measures 15-inches X 16.5-inches
  • Includes 1 Egg Sitter seat cushion and non-slip cover

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