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I would like to tell Clear TV Key is a small HD digital antenna by the Clear TV that Captures Free Digital and HD Signals. Just plug into the back of your TV and you will be able to watch top-rated shows, local news, and weather, and even sports on networks like FOX, NBC, CBS, PBS, etc. No need for an ugly antenna or messy wires. In this clear tv key review, we will discuss every important thing about a clear tv key. You can also check this clear tv key review on Amazon.

You can even use Clear TV Key in those areas also where other antennas might fail, like in an RV, at the beach, on a picnic, and even on a boat.

How Do Digital Antennas Actually Work?

Without explaining in too deep, I would like to tell you that an antenna actually works by selecting radio waves that are sent from broadcast towers, keeping the electrical information back together, and then recreating an image on your TV screen.

No matter, the signal is digital or analog, the process is almost the same. The biggest difference between the two is Digital signals can be recreated more efficiently, resulting in better picture quality.

Go through this clear tv key review article which will help you to understand more about this product.

According to its official website “cleartvkey review” following are the amazing features

Features Of Clear Tv that Company Claim

  • Watch 100s of FREE HD & Digital TV Channels
  • HD TV Antenna Plugs into Any TV
  • No Contracts, Monthly Fees, or Price Hikes!
  • Crystal Clear Picture
  • No Ugly Antenna or Wires
  • Take it to the beach or on a Boat!
  • Works as Long as You Have Power
  • Bypass Cable & Satellite Companies
  • Fast & Easy Setup—Just Plug-In!
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How To Use Clear TV Key?

Do you really know how to use a clear tv key? No. Let me tell you Clear TV Key as seen on TV It’s extremely easy to install. No extra tools or any type of programming required. Simply, plug it into the back of your tv and it’s ready to go!

Is Clear TV Key Antenna a Good Digital Antenna?

We didn’t test Clear TV Key but based on its commercial advertisement and what we came to know during our research, we conclude that it might be a good digital antenna option for you.

Yes, after using clear tv you will be able to watch broadcast TV without paying any expensive cable subscription. But installing clear tv antenna you will not be able to access any cable programming. Read below clear tv key review to understand more about it

Clear Tv Key Review

Clear TV key hit the market in 2013. The Clear TV key as Seen On Tv has a claim to give a clear HD channel that forces you to boycott the cable and satellite companies. While that was almost true, the reality of the unit was that you can receive the single same as any other hi-fi services offer. Clear TV key as seen on TV is one of the longest advertisements in recent years.

As we have mentioned above, when it was first launched in the market in late 2013, it was called Free TV Key, and you can still find that name in some Spanish language television ads.

You can, in fact, select a local broadcast channel by using this device, but you should not expect to select any cable-only channels like ESPN, Fox News, or CNN. It means you will be limited to watch whatever channels are broadcast over the airwaves in your area.

If you living in an urban area, the may be able to watch dozens of the channel. Here in Las Vegas, I am able to watch more than 50 channels with Clear TV Key, although many of those had very weak signals, or I have almost no interest to watch them.

The best part of this antenna is that you can bring it with you anywhere. All you need to have a power source you will be able to watch cable TV.

The Clear tv key is work with all the television set which is manufactured after 2006.

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Final Verdict:

Monthly cable and satellite bills will definitely frustrate you. Especially when you are balancing your budget, this extra expense can be a burden for you. Now you have an option to cut your monthly cable bills. By using clear tv key the overall performance of this unit is good also it can perfectly fit in your budget. All you need to simply plug it into your TV’s cable output. Also, the installation procedure needs no wire, and no unsightly devices to disrupt your decor. After installing the device you will instantly begin receiving top-rated broadcast programming – without paying any extra charges. After reading our clear tv key review are you planning to buy this device? For any queries please contact us. Or you want to know more about this product then check clear tv key review on Amazon.


Now you have an option to cut your monthly cable bills. By using clear tv key the overall performance of this unit is good also it can perfectly fit in your budget.

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