8 Important Features to Look For in Gaming Desks


Out of the over 150 million Americans who play video games, only serious gamers realize that every part of the gaming experience is important.

Gaming desks are the base of your activity with the controls in your hands. A great desk can make a difference in those final minutes before achieving your goal.

On the other hand, a bad desk could limit your abilities when you need them most.

Choosing the right desk for you comes down to looking at traits across different kinds of desks. Here are the most important factors to consider.

1. Price

Before you go looking for desks, you need to ask yourself about money.

How much are you willing to spend on a desk?

The most expensive gaming desks can cost hundreds, and maybe even thousands of dollars. If you are in that price range, there is a world of opportunity in front of you.

Some of the desks with the best overall rating cost just under three hundred dollars.

Still, it’s possible to get a quality desk for less than a hundred dollars. Before jumping ahead to other traits, you should think about your range.

Then you can think about exactly how it will fit into your room.

2. Size of Desk

Size is a no-brainer when it comes to picking gaming desks.

If it fits, great! If you can’t even get it into your room, you’ll need to send it back.

Despite how simple that sounds, it’s easy to make a mistake when figuring the width and length of your desk. It’s possible you might forget.

To be sure, take out a tape measurer and determine the dimensions of the space that you will put your desk in.

That way, you will be able to whittle down your options. That will make picking among different desks even easier.

Those dimensions will help you answer your next important feature question.

3. Shape of Desk

Gamers’ desks come in all shapes and sizes.

Some popular desks like the Arozzi Arena have a rectangle shape and a small inlet for you and your chair.

Others are meant to fit on a corner. Many are a combination that will only work in some rooms.

It’s important for you to know what kind of shape will work best for your room.

Take a second to envision the desk in a place where it fits best. Once you have done this, you are one step further toward picking the best desk for you.

Then it’s time to get even more specific.

4. Storage Space and Gaming Desks

The look of gaming desks is definitely important. You want the desk to look a way that makes you feel comfortable showing it off.

But you shouldn’t sacrifice functionality for that look.

It’s important to consider the space your machines will need to ventilate as they heat up late in battles and missions.

Your desk will hold a lot of equipment that fuels your gaming experience.

On the surface of your desk, much of the basic equipment will hold a spot. That includes your monitor, among other components you should choose.

Take a second to consider if your desk will store other equipment. Where will the console go? Do you need to put any wires out of sight so they don’t get in the way?

If so, you should consider buying a desk with drawer space. These desks are perfect for someone with a lot of gaming equipment.

Because, as you know, there are a whole lot of games to play out there.

5. Height Adjustment

The great number of games available to play means you have to be light on your toes, ready to change things up.

As you work down the list of the best video games ever, or maybe the more popular ones, you will find that different angles work best.

How do you switch things up?

You can take on this issue in two ways. One is to buy a chair that has adjustable height.

With the right chair, you will be freer to move around as you see fit. But an even better solution includes a desk with adjustable height.

A desk with adjustable height will make things easier on your neck when you need to lookup more than usual.

Or if you just want to switch things up. Because you should be planning to spend a long time at your desk.

6. Usability

Gaming desks are meant to be used quite a bit.

That means your desk should make your long term experience as good as possible.

Some desks are designed for the comfort of the seat. You should look for a desk that encourages good posture and helps you avoid back pain in the long run.

Good gaming desks can help you avoid the world of chiropractors and physical therapists.

That will let you focus on the outer qualities of your desk.

7. Desk Material

Your desk will be a part of your room, and you should want it to fit in.

There is a wide range of materials that gaming desks are made out of. These include wood, glass, and everything in between.

What color do you want your deck to be? What texture do you want it to have?

Besides that basic question, you should also remember that desks can get big. You might not order a concrete desk, but other materials can be hard to carry.

The task of getting your desk into your house and in the right room is only the first part.

8. Assembly

Of course, when you press “click” to purchase gaming desks, there is one step that happens before it looks like it did in the photo.

You need to get that desk together!

The assembly process might be easy for some gamer folks. After all, hand-eye coordination is a necessary skill in both gaming and construction.

Still, if you’re constructing it by yourself, you should look closely at your gamer desk before purchase.

That will allow you to be sure that it’s not too heavy or complicated for you to do.

Pick your Desk

Now, you are more prepared than ever before to navigate the world of gaming desks.

With the right traits in mind, you will end up with a desk that will improve your gameplay.

Continue reading for the best information on all things gaming.

Good luck choosing!

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