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Whether it is the Microsoft XBOX 360, Sony PlayStation 3, a Nintendo Wii, or even the old reliable, the Personal Computer, a computer gamers’ experience will always be incomplete if his gaming platform does not have a gaming computer desk like the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. For gamers’ sitting up all night playing through Metal Gear Solid 4, Halo 3 or Grand Theft Auto will not be as comfortable if the desk he or she is playing on isn’t comfortable. A computer desk specifically made for gaming consoles and for gaming desktop computers not only gives the gamer comfort while playing for long hours it also protects the gamer from possible injuries and complications brought about by playing games. An example of which is carpal tunnel syndrome for gamers who constantly use a non-ergonomic mouse and gaming desk. Aside from helping a gamer avoid medical complications a computer gaming desk also allows the gamer to organize the tools of his trade. For a gamer, this is one of the most important features that they look for in a gaming computer desk, because it would be a pain for a gamer to lose his mouse when in the middle of a dungeon raid or when he is being fragged by the enemy in an online deathmatch.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Black
  • The 160cm/5' 3 Inches width allows for three large monitors to envelop you in the game environment
  • The 80 cm/2' 7 ½ Inches depth gives you a huge field of play for your mouse, keyboard or other devices
  • Design of the custom mouse pad which has a microfiber cloth surface which is water-resistant. Desk Top Load Capacity : 176lb (evenly distributed)
  • Arena is available in five attractive colors, red, blue, green, white and black ; Adjust the feet to stabilize the desk ; Loosen the screws to set up the height
  • Arena is designed for easy transport since the desk top and frame are divided into three section


Gaming enthusiasts who have used computer gaming desks have also noticed an increase in their productivity. The reason for this is that a computer gaming desk is really helpful for gamers in terms of multi-tasking capabilities. For those into real-time strategy or RTS games, multi-tasking is the be-all and end-all skill to be mastered, and with the right tools, the perfect computer gaming desk and of course lots of practice, finishing up the single-player campaigns in Warcraft and StarCraft, two of the most popular real-time strategy franchises today would be a piece of cake. And for gamers who can’t be bothered most computer gaming desks today are designed in a way that there would really be no need for them to get out of their chairs or go away from the keyboard to grab a bite. With compartments for food and beverages on
them gaming desks nowadays will easily sustain the most hardcore of gaming enthusiasts.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is basically one that will help the gamer be a more productive member of the worldwide network of gamers, it allows a gamer to transcend his weaknesses and equips the gamer with the proper setup to not only frag and pawn his enemies, it would also allow him or her to give support to his allies. So for serious gamers, an ordinary table would never cut it. An Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is ideally the only way to go. There are a lot of ways and means to get gaming computer desks. One way is making your own, by using your own specifications, and although this method might sound great, it is also a bit tiring as opposed to just opening up a browser and browsing on the internet for catalogs of computer gaming desks online.

Pull Out Keyboard Trays

Pull out keyboard trays are great features of the gaming computer desk. It allows the user to position keyboards as well as the mouse in such a manner that the hands and arms are not unduly strained or stretched. Multilevel shelves in such desks help keep different parts of the computer systems at different locations like keeping the UPS, speakers, printer, and CPU on different shelves specifically made for them. Putting them in such manner will help the user not bother about their location while gaming and will help them concentrate on the gaming units in a proper manner. And while most are generally a fan of the keyboard trays for the reasons above, I personally do not like them. They are usually unstable and I feel a disconnect with the actual table and the tray. That is why I love Arozzi Arena. It is super stable, single surfaced, which never shakes or moves when your getting into it and twitching like an addict to pull of your headshots.

Addressing Space Problems

gaming computer desks will not only make the gaming experience memorable but will also help in space management quite effectively. Standard Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk has a dimension of around 56″ of width and depth as well as the height of 48″ each. Such a desk would be excellent for space management in a room having adequate space problems.

When choosing between gaming computer desks, look into additional features. Gaming Desks that can be adjusted to a specific height or level are recommended and ideal,
so as to help keep your body in the perfect position while playing games on your computer. This helps prevent the development of back pain, musculoskeletal pain, and ligament injuries or injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, it is advisable to look for desks that have sliding keyboard trays to maximize space. Stay away from gaming desks with sharp edges. They may lead to accidents.

Once you have a perfect gaming desk like the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk, look for a comfortable chair to pair it with. Make sure it enables you
to sit upright while your feet touch the ground. Chairs that can adjust to a specific height is also recommended.

Users or Gamers need comfortable computer furniture to maximize their computer gaming experience. Try to get your gaming computer desk today!


The ENTIRE surface is basically a mouse pad. You can even take off the cover and wash it to get all that spilled coffee and red bull out!

It has an awesome cable management tray under it, self-explanatory.

Great height adjustment features.

A handful of the most popular colors.

Monitor’s arms! Easy monitor arm assembly.

Overall Arozzi did it right with the Arena Desk. If you’re skeptical about the desktop cover/sleeve mousepad thing, so were we. It’s great. If you are looking for the best gaming computer desk you can find, and one that will match your color scheme, you can’t do any better than this. Get yours and show it off to everyone you destroy with it.

Description from the website:

Gaming takes center stage in Arozzi’s Arena–the all-new gaming desk.
Its huge 14 square feet (1.31 sq. meters) of rock solid surface and custom mouse pad to cover the full space liberates you to game with new intensity.
The arena is a completely new design, developed by our Swedish design team with gamers to maximize play and comfort. The 160cm (5’ 3”) width allows for three large monitors to envelop you in the game environment. The 82 cm (2’ 8 ¼”) depth gives you a huge field of play for your mouse, keyboard or other devices. And it all fits cleanly thanks to Arena’s unique cable management scheme.

Arena’s use of high density, solid construction materials means that gamers will have a stable, placid surface to work with allowing for lightning-fast responses and comfort. The customized mouse pad covers 100% of the surface and adheres tightly to the desktop with special materials. The substantial all-metal base supports it all firmly and is user adjustable for height, further enhancing comfort.

The Arena has a myriad of other features that show careful attention to detail of Arozzi’s Swedish design team and their immersion into the needs of gamers around the world. Those features include the design of the custom mouse pad which has a microfiber cloth surface that is water-resistant and machine washable. The mousepad’s edges are stitched and the pad is 5 mm thick to maximize user comfort. Finally, the whole mousepad weighs an impressive seven pounds (3.2 kg) which together with the non-slip underside means it is impervious to any random movement over the surface.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is available in five attractive colors to suit the tastes or needs of any gamer; red, blue, green, white, and black. Finally, Arena is designed for easy transport since the desk
top and frame are divided into three sections and fit into packaging easily transportable by package couriers and can be readily shipped to the homes and offices of end-users around the globe.

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