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The VertDesk – My Gaming Setup

Gaming Setup
Best Gaming Setup

This is my own gaming desk setup
and the reason why I’m including this is because not only have I had this for almost three years, but this is still my favorite gaming setup even until today for several reasons.

Number One:

It’s motorized giving me the option to lift and lower whenever I want.

Number Two:

This is the main reason, the surface area. It’s 72 inches in width making it one of the few if not the only motorized desk that wide. Even until today, I haven’t come across another motorized desk that comes close to 72 inches. I love having all that space since I have a bunch of stuff on it and I feel like it doesn’t really limit my ability to add whatever I want later in the future.  Great for any gaming setup.

Things I Like

The enormous surface area. 72 by 30 inches to be exact.
Ability to lift and lower the desk with a press of a button.
Extremely sturdy and well built. This table has been through hell the past two and a half years and it still works like new.

Gaming Setups

Things I Don’t Like

The price. It’s extremely expensive ranging up to almost 900 bucks depending on the configuration you get.
No dedicated cable management raise or drawers, so you have to be creative when it comes to cable management. What I did with mine was pick up a cable Raceway and slapped it on the roof of the desk and routed the cables through it with the help of cable clips, 3m tape, and velcro straps.

Cable Management Gaming Setup
Cable Management

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Use it for your gaming setup : VertdeskTM 30″ x 60″ Electric Adjustable Height Desk


A Budget Friendly Option

StandDesk Review

If you must have a motorized desk, my second recommendation would be the StandDesk
gaming desk setup. It’s more affordable and comes with a cable management track and drilled holes making it a lot easier routing cables through. It’s also smaller measuring at 56 x 26 inches.

See StandDesk gaming desks here: StandDesk

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