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Have you been searching for the best ‘’L’’ shaped desk for gaming? As any serious gamer will tell you, a regular desk just won’t cut it. Aside from your computer there are a lot of accessories you need, and wouldn’t it be more convenient if they were just within reach?

That is what you would get with a quality L shaped desk, but which one should you buy? One desk that has been getting a lot of good buzzes is the Computer Desk PC Laptop Table from Best Choice Products. But is it as good as they say?

Best Choice Products L-Shape Computer Desk...
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Best Choice Products L-Shape Computer Desk...
  • The spacious tabletop is made out of tempered glass for a cool, clean look
  • The tempered glass keyboard drawer saves space, while a metal stand can hold a computer tower
  • Crafted with a sturdy steel frame, designed in an edgy architectural look
  • Great for studying or working on projects with plenty of space to focus
  • Overall Dimensions: 51"(L) x 20"(W) x 29"(H); Tabletop Capacity: 110 lbs.


  • The desk is constructed from sturdy, beautiful wood that gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance.
  • With dimensions of 59” (L) x 55” (W) x 29.5” (H), there is more than enough space here for a large CPU tower, a good-sized monitor, and a host of other gaming gear.
  • The desk comes with detailed instructions for the assembly. All the tools and hardware needed to assemble the table are included as well.
  • The desk places emphasis on function, but there is no compromise when it comes to design. The impression you get is it has a somewhat architectural style that is suitable for gaming as it is for the home office.
  • There is a computer tower stand and keyboard drawer included. These are the kinds of features you’d only get from a quality desk and they’re present here.
  • The center of the desk is nicely curved, providing a smooth transition for the L shape, and the construction is solid.
  • The keyboard tray measures 12″ x 20″ so it should work with most gaming keyboards.
  • You can switch the desks around, another testament to its flexibility. This may not be something you will do often, but it’s a nice feature to have.
  • The frame supporting the wood surface is made from solid materials. As many customer reviewers have attested, it’s of good quality.


  • The desk offers lots of space, period. If you have been using a standing desk for a long time, the difference is like night and day. There is just more space to put whatever you want on it.
  • The desk is as suitable for gaming as it is for office work. There is plenty of space for a computer, printer, books, etc. Whether you use a desktop or a laptop there is plenty of room here.
  • The desk is ideal if you’ve got limited space in your room. The desk surface offers a lot of space, but as far as square footage is concerned the footprint is pretty compact.
  • The wood surface looks and feels solid. It isn’t as expensive as others, even if it looks expensive.
  • The keyboard tray and CPU tower stand are well-placed.
  • The desk is configurable: you can have a long desk at the left or right.
  • A smooth surface is necessary for gamers and that’s what you get here. Moving your mouse along the surface is smooth and even.
  • A close look at the construction shows how well made it is. The points where the desks link is tight. Even if you grip it there is no wobble, and it doesn’t feel flimsy.


  • There is assembly needed. Some reviewers say it only takes 20 minutes to assemble, while others say it takes more than an hour and two people need to assemble it.
  • There are a few complaints about the instructions, and it could be better. They’re detailed yes, but it could have been clearer. The images are clear enough, but there could have been more information especially with the keyboard tray installation.
  • You need to pay close attention to the information about the screws. A few reviewers have gotten confused. While there are some who have complained about the instructions, most have been able to put it together without a problem.

Comparison with Other Computer Desks

Let’s compare the Best Choice Products Computer Desk with a couple of others, the 60 inch L Desk from Fairview Collection, and Deluxe Tempered Frosted Glass L Shaped Corner Desk from Techni Mobili.

When compared to the Fairview, the Best Choice Products is four inches narrower and an inch shorter. However, that refers only to the physical footprint as the desk space isn’t that different. Both have a keyboard tray and compartment for the CPU, though the Best Choice Products tray is more conveniently placed.

However, the two biggest differences between the two are the price and durability. The Fairview costs way more than the Best Choice Products in most retailers, and yet a lot of people have been complaining about the desk not being for heavy-duty use. For the price alone the Best Choice Products is the better option.

As for the Deluxe Tempered Frosted Glass L Shaped Corner Desk, it’s a solid, well-designed desk. Like the Best Choice Products it is well built, but it occupies more space so it may not be suitable if you have limited floor area.

The glass surface on the Techni Mobili looks nice but it has problems. Optical gaming mouse doesn’t work well and is choppy, whereas the wood surface on the Best Choice works seamlessly.

The Techni Mobili keyboard tray has sharp edges so you have to be careful when using it. There are also some complaints about the assembly instructions on the Techni Mobili desk.

Overall we have to give the Best Choice the edge over the Techni Mobili and Fairview. When it comes to quality, style, and functionality, the Best Choice Products L Desk is as good as they come.


Back in the early days of gaming you only needed a small desk as that was enough, but not anymore. Now the computer is the most basic equipment as most users have an assortment of gaming mice, surfaces, speakers, headsets, modem, etc. A single desk isn’t enough and you’ll need an L shaped desk.

The Best Choice Products Corner Computer Desk PC Laptop Table gets our nod as the best “L” shaped desk for gaming for many reasons. It is spacious, beautifully designed and compared to other desks, it’s sturdier and more affordable.

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