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dxracer computer desk

Finding a good gaming desk is imperative if you want to obtain comfort and retain a very good time regardless of the situation. The DXRacer Gaming Desk is one of the latest models on the market, and it manages to provide you with a rather distinct, incredible job and one that you will enjoy quite a lot, to be honest.

What you will like about the DXRacer computer desk is the fact that it looks very well. In fact, it comes in a multitude of colors and tones. You have white, green and many others.

You have the ability to decorate your home or find a desk that suits your needs and expectations. Things like this will impress you a lot, and it just shows the resounding quality that this particular product is capable of offering, that’s for sure.

Aside from that, the design is similar to most of the other gaming desks out there. It’s designed to have a modern look, and it also bolsters on simplicity. It doesn’t bring in front of any major features, but it does look cool, and it does help you replace the wooden desk in style. This is expected, considering that we are talking about the DXRacer Gaming Desk.

DXRacer is a company widely known for its gaming chairs, so adding in a gaming desk to its product range was expected.


DXRacer GD/1000/N Gaming Desktop Office Desk
  • Double Triangle Design, Strong and Durable
  • High Quality ABS+Wooden Desk Board+Steel Rod Frame
  • 10 Degree Slope
  • Massive Wire Management
  • 360 Degree Rotatable, Easy to Move


Right off the bat, during the DXRacer Desk review process, we noted that the desk is rather heavy. Even if it seems light, it is very heavy. But this is good because you will place your computer here. So you do want stability and very good quality. In the end, this will come in handy.

80 lbs are quite ok for the desk, as this makes it very sturdy. It is heavier than the chair. But the benefit is that you can adjust it in any way you want. Obviously, the DXRacer gaming chairs will take advantage of this, since they are already adjusted to the perfect level for the DXRacer computer desk.

Also, it’s important to note that assembly is not that hard. Once you figure out where everything goes, results can be rather incredible in the end. Overall, you can’t be happier with the way they approach this, and the value on its own is indeed an amazing and rather unique one.

DXracer cable management

Wire management

There’s a reason why we created the DXRacer desk review. Before you buy DXRacer desk, we want to make sure that it can suit your needs. And a reason behind
purchasing any desk is surely wire management. The idea is that most gamers have desktop units with lots of cables. These can make it very hard to have an appealing computer. The answer is simple; the DXRacer
Gaming Desk does come with a very good cable management system.

They integrated a lot of holes that you can use specifically for cable management. You can quickly place at least 13 different cables, all of which go seamlessly under the desk. It shows just how much quality you obtain here and the value is indeed second to none.

Offering so many options is a great idea, and DXRacer does bring in front lots of cool options in this regard. It just manages to bring you a very good set of results, and it works amazingly well for what it sets off to do.

computer desk review

Features Review

The surface materials are very durable. You will see right off the bat that the DXRacer Computer Desk is built to last. You will be quite impressed with how much space you have to use. A thing to note, which we found during the DXRacer Desk review process, is that the usable space is a bit lower than the one shared in the specifications. Not a huge problem, but one that you may have to face at some point.

Despite the lower working space, you won’t feel any limits. There’s lots of space to move your hands around, and overall you will not be pushed or forced in any way. This helps take things to new heights, and the value is indeed amazing because of that.

Another interesting thing to mention is that the front end does provide you with lots of space for your elbows. The wrist rest area is designed to help you stay in a complete state of relaxation when you use the computer. Obviously, this is a nice change of pace and one that does bring in front a unique system that you will enjoy quite a bit.

The DXRacer Gaming Desk has a very stable base, one a lot stable that you may imagine. It doesn’t look very stable in pictures, but the DXRacer Desk review process has shown us that the quality and the build as a whole is very good.

There is no floor damage, and the floor is safe. You won’t have to deal with any scratches at all. Even if you have faux wood floors, you will find that the desk is designed with safety in mind and it does work very well. The value is indeed there, and the overall quality is designed to bring you the very best results and efficiency at all times.

It’s nice to see a great combination of design and performance from a DXRacer computer desk. This shows that you may want to get a racing desk since it does give you the type of quality and features that every gamer needs. Plus, it just looks amazing on its right, yet one more thing to add to the list of outstanding things offered by this product.

During our DXRacer Desk review test that spread over multiple days, there was no sign of hand strain or any type of damage. Your posture remains intact if you use the right chair and you will see that the model seamlessly integrates with the chairs offered by the same manufacturers.

They did a very good job at allowing you to create a unique gaming experience. This shines because of that, and the value is indeed second to none, to be honest.

Simplicity is key here, and even if you need assembly for this product, you will find that overall it does a very interesting job at delivering quality and value in one single package.

dxracer pc gamer desk

Extended work surface

This is maybe the best thing about the DXRacer Gaming Desk. It allows you to get extra support for the forearm. Most decks don’t allow you to do
that, so in the end, the overall results are rather confusing. This is not the case with the model presented in this review. They did an astounding job of allowing you to keep your arm comfortable.

Gone are the days when you wanted to use a mouse or write but had a hard time maintaining the forearm in a comfortable position. It’s certainly a nice change of pace and one that manages to bring you lots of interesting benefits.

Also, the double triangle design is focused specifically on increasing the overall structural power of this unit. It works great right off the bat, and it just shows the sheer value and quality that you can obtain from this product. People that like quality, as well as performance, will find the DXRacer Computer Desk a solid investment.

A thing to note is that the unit supports up to 110 lbs. This means you can easily be creative and focus on getting a rather impressive setup without having to worry about anything. This is the sort of experience that will bring you tons and tons of value. You can stay away from the gaming desks that seem feeble and just not that good for supporting your content.

You get a much better value, and results can be amazing in the end.

They did integrate a steel rod frame inside the unit. This just makes the process a lot better than ever before, and you do get to have a very impressive value thanks to that. You will see that this enables the unit
to hold items well and without any hassle.

DXRacer gaming desk


When you want to buy DXRacer desk, you always want to see if the purchase is worth it or not. Well, the DXRacer Gaming Desk does deliver all you want from a good gaming desk and so much more.

It has an excellent, premium quality material and they did make sure that the entire setup is rather stable and a pleasure to use. Another thing to keep in mind here is that they also bring in front of a magnificent cable management system.

If you always want to take care of your cables in a proper manner and need ample space for your gaming or writing setup, you will see that the unit delivers on its promise. It’s sturdy, designed to come with a variety of color builds, and in the end, it just looks amazing in its right.

Just consider giving it a shot and the experience can be a very distinct, delightful one! If you want a new computer desk and you are looking for premium quality, the DXRacer Gaming Desk is right up your alley. So, don’t hesitate and buy DXRacer desk right now, it is worth the investment!


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