The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Great Gaming Desk


Fall 2017 is going to be a big one for gamers.  With the upcoming release of the Xbox One X, games and accessories will be flying off the shelves.

However, you cannot become an elite player without the ultimate gaming desk.

The most serious gamers utilize a specialized desk as their personal cockpit.  In this arena, gamers can host multiple consoles, large monitors, networking equipment, headsets, and other critical accessories.

Did you know that the gaming industry does more than $21 billion in hardware sales per year?  Moreover, the PC gaming market is widely expected to grow in future years.

With all that hardware on the streets, enthusiasts will need a gaming desk to raise their play to the next level.

Here we have developed the ultimate buyer’s guide for gaming desks. After reading, you’ll be locked and loaded for the next digital battle.

How Much will you Spend on a Gaming Desk?

Before shopping, you will need to know exactly how much money you are working with.

The cheapest desks range from $30 to $50. However, they also give you the least amount of desk space.

At the high end, gamers will spend roughly $200 to $250.  In addition to more desk space, this will also give you more features. This includes the ability to mount your monitor. You can also adjust the height of the desk.

Your budget will also dictate how you approach other key considerations.

What are Some Other Key Considerations for Buying a Gaming Desk?

One of the most important considerations is whether you prefer to sit or stand while gaming.

Some gamers are so involved that they cannot sit down.  Others prefer the comfort of sitting down — especially since some games may last for hours.

If you do prefer to sit, you will need to purchase a gaming chair as well.

Another key consideration to keep in mind is where your desk for gaming will be setup.  Do you need a corner or L-shaped desk?  How much open space do you have to work with?

If you are handy and committed, you can build an epic, custom gaming desk like this extreme gamer did.

Other considerations include storage space, quality, and assembly time.

You will need a place to store games and accessories.  The desk that you select should have a shelf or drawers to accommodate these.

The best gaming desk designs will allow for storage without sacrifice the primary desk space.

In addition to storage, you will want to purchase a desk manufactured with quality materials that are made to last.  Cheaper materials may not be rated to hold the weight of all your hardware.

Important Factors for Buying the Best Standing Gaming Desk

The most optimal position for your monitor is eye-level. So, you will want a flexible design for a standing desk.

For instance, the X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter allows you to adjust the desktop from 7 to 16 inches high.  It is very easy to lift as it comes with an air pump system.

Another great option is the Mount-It! Standing Desk.  While the prior option allows you to adjust the entire desktop, the Mount-It unit allows you to simply adjust the monitor height.

With this mount, you can adjust the monitor position both vertically and horizontally.  In addition, the monitor can be tilted up 45 degrees or down 13 degrees.

Perhaps the coolest feature is that the Mount-It unit is compatible with either one or two monitors.  This versatile design is great for any room, as you can use a full motion range to even fit in a corner space.

Standing gaming desks are known to be physically demanding on your lower body, specifically knees, and feet. One gamer, who trialed with a standing desk for over a year, purchased an anti-fatigue mat on Amazon for $20.

This same gamer also insisted on a wireless headset as you will be significantly more mobile than a sitting desk.  Considering this, a wired headset could restrict your movements and cause distractions while gaming.

Ultimately, these are two additional factors that those who purchase a standing desk will have to keep in mind.  Two items, an anti-fatigue mat, and a wireless headset must be purchased in conjunction with the desk to make for the best gaming experience.

Important Factors for Buying the Best Sitting Gaming Desk

Purchasing a sitting desk comes with a new list of considerations.

First, and most importantly, you will need to purchase a good gaming chair as well.

The best gaming chairs have a few things in common.  They have a high backrest to support your back and neck over hours of gaming.

They also are comfortable, recline, and feature cool colors to differ from a typical, black office chair.

In addition to a great chair, the best sitting desks will come with a host of features.  Take the Atlantic Gaming Desk as an example.

First, it adds another layer with a monitor stand that sits above the rest of the desk.  Second, it comes with a charging station so all your electronic devices can power up while you play.

Every gaming consideration is covered in Atlantic’s design.

There are various hooks for controllers and headphones.  There is a tray to hold external speakers.

Plenty of storage space is built into the desk design.

The desk has an elevated storage rack that allows you to horizontally store video games without sacrificing desk space.  In addition, there is a storage drawer to put extra accessories.

There is even a cup holder on the desk leg so that you minimize the risk of a spill on your equipment.

Get The Most Out Of Your Desk

The best gaming desks have multiple layers to maximize usable space.  For example, check out the design of the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk.

This desk offers 3 levels, one level both above and below the primary desktop.  Multiple levels allow gamers to stay free of distractions and store accessories out of the line of sight.

There are plenty of considerations that go into purchasing the best desk.  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us for advice on buying the best desk or chairs.

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