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It used to be that a glass gaming desk was something of a novelty and meant only for those who had the money to buy it. But that is no longer true as the price tags of these desks have gone down the past few years. Now is as a good a time as any to buy, but which one should a gamer get?

If you look online there are actually a lot of glass desks, but one that has managed to stay ahead of the pack is the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk from Z Line Designs. We decided to find out what the hype is about and reviewed it.


  • The L-shaped desk has a seamless construction and deigned for placement in corners.
  • The desk is made up of a reinforced steel frame. The joints are finely welded and have fortified plates for extra strength.
  • The frame is topped off by a black powder coating, giving it a smooth and clean appearance.
  • The desktop consists of a 6mm/5mm tempered glass which has been fortified for heavy duty use.
  • A slide out keyboard tray is included, and it is large enough for most keyboards.
  • A display shelf is included which can be used for displaying various items. Most use it for computer game accessories, but there is enough space here for books and papers.
  • The Z Line Belaire comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • When assembled, the desk is 60 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 37 inches high.
  • There are instructions provided to help you with the assembly. The instructions are fairly detailed so it is easy to follow.
  • A closer look at the desk shows there are four major frames, and they are welded tightly. The cross braces have the same finish.


  • The Z-Line Belaire manages to combine a relative compact footprint with a generous desktop space.
  • This is a solidly built desk. While the desktop is glass, it is very durable. Some glass desks cannot handle the weight of a large monitor and CPU, but the Z Line Belaire is an exception.
  • The glass surface holds up well and cleaning is easy. You just need a clean cloth and wipe the surface on a regular basis.
  • There are caps situated on the frame. These serve as soft coverings the edges and it’s a nice safety feature.
  • The assembly instructions are easy enough to follow. An experienced user can put the desk together in under an hour, – or in much less time – but if you don’t have experience, getting someone to help can speed up the process. Whether alone or with a helper, you just need to follow the instructions.
  • The packaging for the Z Line Belaire is good. The desk comes in Styrofoam and cardboard and they are wrapped securely. All of these are bundled in the main box.
  • The bundled hardware is packaged neatly.
  • The desktop can support a large printer or up to 4 large monitors and various accessories.


  • As we pointed out, you may need some assistance with the assembly and this could inconvenience some people.
  • The suction cups could have been better designed. You have to make sure the desk is set up properly so you don’t accidentally knock it off.
  • You cannot take the shelf down. This won’t be an issue with most but a couple of reviewers found this a bit of an annoyance.
  • The desk is heavy – that’s to be expected given the quality of the glass – so if you’re going to assemble it, make sure it’s where you want the Z Line Belaire to be.

Comparison with Other Desks

Our review of the Z Line Belaire won’t be complete if we don’t compare it with a couple of other computer desks. Let’s take a look at how this desk matches up with the OneSpace 50-JN1201 Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk.

The OneSpace 50-JN1201 has a tempered glass and is suitable for use by kids or for your home office. It doesn’t take up as much space as the Z Line, but it doesn’t offer much storage room either. It has a keyboard tray and that’s a nice touch, but really there’s no comparing to an L-shaped desk as there is just more space for your stuff. While the OneSpace is not as expensive, you don’t really get much for your money. If it is real estate desktop you want the Z Line provides more.

What about the Contempo Clear Glass Top Computer Desk? It’s a good desk, with a 5 year warranty and stylish design. Another advantage of the Contempo is its weight; compared to other glass desks it’s not so heavy so if you like to rearrange your home office frequently, this will be easier to move.

While the Contempo looks good, the materials are not that durable. The tubes under the desk are somewhat flimsy and could bend if you put a lot of items on top of it. The keyboard tray isn’t that well built either as it bends if you type fast and hard. The Z Line doesn’t have a dedicated tray but it works.

The bottom line is the Z-Line Belaire desk is very serviceable. There are a lot of L-shaped desks, but as far as quality goes this one is hard to top. While the OneSpace and the Contempo are both good, the Z Line is more effective all the way round.


Computers have become so commonplace that specialty desks have become more popular. However, not all desks are designed for use with computers. Monitors are getting bigger and more and more accessories are becoming necessary. If you’re going to invest in computers you have to make sure your desk is just as good.

The Z-Line Belaire Glass Gaming Desk is as good a choice as any. The surface is smooth and works with all types of gaming mice. Quality wise it is one of the most impressive we have seen, and as reviewers have pointed out it is built for long term use.

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