A Guide To Picking The Perfect Gaming Computer Desk


Are you looking for a new gaming computer desk?
We know it’s not the most exciting purchase, compared with a new 4K monitor or the latest graphics card. But it’s a vital part of your gaming experience.

After all, no matter how ridiculous or incredible your rig is, a rubbish desk is going to make the experience uncomfortable, cramped, and will ruin your fun.

Here’s how to pick the best gaming computer desk from today’s range.

What Shape Are You After?

There are three main types of desk shape:

  • Standard
  • L-Shaped
  • U-Shaped

An L-shaped gaming computer desk is a very popular choice among gamers, as it provides enough space for more than one monitor, memorabilia, and so on.

In a home office, you can also choose to use one side for paperwork and the other for computing or gaming.

U-shaped desks work well for hardcore gamers too, but they take up a lot of space. This is often not viable in many people’s homes. They’re also more expensive than standard or L-shaped desks in most cases.

However, if you’re a serious gamer and there’s space for a U-shape, we suggest you go for it. There are loads of nooks and crannies in these to store controllers, gadgets, and games. You can turn it into a proper gaming ‘station’.

A standard shape can work for smaller rigs, perhaps in a smaller apartment. They’re a practical solution in that context. But you can’t have a standard shaped desk that overly long. It’s simply not practical for a large gaming set-up.

However, just because they’re standard, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. These desks are available in a huge variety of shapes and colors.

You might even fancy an adjustable desk that you can raise to work and lower to chill out with video games and movies. It’s completely up to you.

Multimedia Desks

Multimedia desks are popular with music and movie fans, music producers, and gamers.

Different models of multimedia desks offer multi-level storage space. These can fit or support things like consoles, synthesizers, and speakers – as well as your regular gaming bits and pieces.

A station that suits all your needs at once is really handy if you’re a heavy computer user. Professional designers and animators often like this type of desk, as well as sound designers.

These desks tend to look very sharp, and the extra storage means it’s quite easy to keep them tidy. However, they can be a bit on the pricey side.

What Material Should I Pick?

The material of your gaming computer desk largely comes down to personal preferences and your budget. Wood desks can look really impressive, but they don’t have the modern feeling that brushed aluminum has, as one example. Cheaper desks will be made of things like MDF and plywood, which won’t last nearly as long as a metal desk either.

It’s the classic balance between cost and longevity. A hundred bucks extra might get you a desk that lasts for over 10 years rather than 5 years.

But then again, if you’re moving house soon or are happy to replace a worn-out deck, you might not be that bothered.

Is Your Gaming Computer Desk Big Enough?

Playing games in a cramped space isn’t very comfortable. If the mouse is right up against the keyboard, you’re more likely to experience problems with a strain in your wrists.

There needs to be enough space for comfortable wrist support – it’s no good if your wrist is hovering off the table. You could even develop conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome if you don’t pick sensibly.

Your eyes might be strained too if there’s not enough space to push the monitor back a reasonable distance.

On top of this, many gamers enjoy using very large, or even multiple monitors as part of their gaming set up. You can hold maps and menus on one screen, with the main game on the other, for example.

You need an expansive gaming desk for this kind of rig. A large L-shaped desk is often the right answer for multi-monitor rigs. There’s plenty of space to arrange your monitors in a curve.

This makes it easier to keep an eye on all of them than setting them up in a ‘flat’ configuration on a standard desk.

Just please, please, please. Don’t try to run your favorite FPS on a dual monitor rig unless you’ve got monitors with ultra-thin surrounds.

Or unless you want the most embarrassing k2d ratio on the server.

There’ll be a gap – yep, right where the crosshair is.

Read Reviews

You’re in the right place if you’re shopping for a new gaming computer desk. We review loads of the best gaming desks, to help you pick the best of the best.

Picking a good gaming desk is not the easiest task.

We’re here to lend a helping hand with your choice. And we have some pretty strong choices to share with you. We’re always fair in our reviews though, and point out the problems too, so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Who wouldn’t want useful holders for their games, phone, speakers – and drink – attached to their gaming computer desk?

What About a New Chair?

It makes sense to buy a new gaming chair at the same time as your gaming desk. You want to make sure that they suit each other and give you the best experience as a pair.

So for the ‘other half’ of your purchase, be sure to check out our reviews of some of the greatest gaming chairs around.

These ensure comfort and performance, and they’re ergonomically designed to lessen the strain on your body while you play. Allowing you to play for longer!

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