Kinsal 55 inch Gaming Desk Speed Series Review


Buying a gaming desk at an affordable price these days can be a trying exercise. Not all products out there offer the support and features the usual gaming rig requires. The Kinsal 55-inch Speed gaming desk, therefore, stands out.

This gaming desk offers a number of great benefits, a lot more than what one would expect considering the mid-range price tag. Gamers get a lot of desktop space and a bunch of attachments to make playtime hassle-free. Read the review below to learn more about the Kinsal Speed desk:


  • Highly stable
  • Lots of legroom
  • Many attachments
  • Great cable management
  • Waterproof mouse pad


  • No keyboard tray
  • Cannot support more than one or two widescreen monitors


The Kinsal 55-inch gaming desk weighs 55 pounds. It’s not very heavy in terms of gaming desks. This desk only has a supporting steel rod and not a whole steel frame. The rest is made from thick PVC plastic.

Despite the lack of a steel frame, this desk doesn’t wobble. It can handle heavy weights as you would expect from a gaming desk.


The Kinsal is designed with a wide desktop. The desk is 55.1 inches long and is 23.6 inches wide. It’s not too big, but there’s plenty of space thanks to its length. It’s about 30 inches tall. The desk is not height-adjustable, so this standard size fares well for the average-sized gamer.

This desk is made of PVC and steel. The desktop is supported by a hefty steel tube. It’s powder-coated to prevent corrosion. The desktop is PVC and the attachments are plastic. The plastic parts are lightweight. However, the steel tubing adds much-needed stability and sturdiness to this desk.

The desktop is wide enough to support a dual monitor gaming rig. It can support up to two separate monitors, depending on the size of the screen. It can certainly support a triple-screened monitor. However, if you have three or more separate monitors, the desk might not suffice.

Design-wise, the desk is relatively simple. The ease of use is due to the attachments that come with it. In terms of stability, this desk passes with flying colors.

As mentioned earlier, this desk lacks a whole steel frame. That’s quite perfect in practice because there’s a lot of legroom underneath. There aren’t any shelves or anything of the sort getting in the way.

Cable Management

The Kinsal Speed gaming desk offers several excellent features for cable management. Mainly, there are two grommets—round-shaped holes—on two corners of the desk. You can pull cables through the holes from the underside without dragging them over the desktop.

After that, there’s a small storage shelf underneath to keep your power cables. You can keep the cables off the desktop and off the floor. It’s rare to get more than one great cable management feature with a gaming desk. For this alone, the Kinsal Speed is worth every penny.


Putting this desk together is not rocket science. As long as you follow the given instructions, it should be a breeze. The packaging comes with everything you need, including screws to reattach the pieces together.

Most of the parts are plastic, so it’s easy to move around. If you use the wrong screw, it won’t break your back to disassemble and start again.


Regular computer desks don’t work for gamers, who need desks full of features. The Kinsai certainly has plenty of features that hardcore players can like.

There are several cool features to take note of here. Mainly, the cup holder and the headphone hook. When you don’t want your headphones to create unnecessary clutter on the desk, you can neatly place them in the hook. It certainly saves you the trouble of having to buy a cupboard to keep all your gaming stuff.

The cup holder is not an essential feature, but some gamers can’t live without this. This type of cup holder can retain the standard size coffee cup. It’s not big enough to hold something like a mug. But if you get your hands on a store-size soda cup, this holder would definitely keep it away from your sensitive electronic equipment.

One major feature gamers might like is the massive mouse pad that comes with the desk. The king-size mouse pad covers this Kinsal so you can conveniently use a wireless mouse. It’s big enough to not have annoying ridges. Also, the mouse pad is waterproof. You can quickly wipe off any water that lands on it. (But don’t assume that the waterproof mouse pad would protect your non-waterproof mouse from moisture.)

In addition to all of the above, there’s a gaming shelf that doubles as a charger on the desk. You can keep items like VR headsets on the self. It has four USB ports to charge items like a phone, a wireless mouse, or a handheld console.


Kinsal 55-inch Speed desk is a great option for hardcore gamers with small to mid-size gaming rigs. The desktop is quite spacious, even with a dual-screen monitor. It comes with a number of desirable attachments gamers will find useful. More importantly, this desk offers a truly amazing cable management system.

It’s stable and is capable of supporting the average gaming rig. You can fit multiple monitors on the desk, as long as the screen isn’t wider than 25 inches. The downsides are really minor. It doesn’t come with a keyboard tray, but the desk provides enough space to keep your keyboard. All in all, the Kinsal Speed desk with worth investing in.

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