L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk


L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk

Are you looking for an L shaped gaming computer desk? Well you’re not the first as other gamers have been using it as well. The reason for it is obvious: an L desk provides extra space so you can set up your gaming station just the way you like it without getting cramped.

But the question is which L shaped desk should you get? There are a lot of these L desks, and while they may look the same the quality varies. A desk that has gotten our attention is the RTA Products Techni Mobili L-Shaped Computer Desk, so is it good enough?

RTA Products RTA-3806-M615, Dark Wood
263 Reviews
RTA Products RTA-3806-M615, Dark Wood
  • Heavy-duty MDF panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer in mahogany finish
  • Long and short sides of desktop are interchangeable left or right
  • Keyboard is interchangeable left or right
  • Elevated corner accessory shelf
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Gaming Computer Desk


  • The desk is constructed from high-quality medium density fiberboard, underscoring its strength.
  • The mahogany finish has been applied in such a way it won’t peel off.
  • The L shaped desk is constructed with precision. The point where the desks connect is firm and doesn’t wobble at all.
  • A keyboard tray is included for your convenience and it is large enough for most types of keyboards, whether they’re regular or for gaming.
  • The upper shelf on the desk can be used as storage for different gaming accessories.
  • The desk legs are made of steel and provide support for the entire structure.
  • Some assembly is required but all the hardware required is included.
  • Instructions are provided so you can complete the set up with little difficulty.
  • The desk measures 44 x 33 x 6 inches, giving you lots of space to play games comfortably while keeping the footprint respectable.
  • Each piece has been reinforced so the unit lasts longer than your typical desk.
  • This L desk is reversible, allowing you to configure it just the way you want.
  • These desks are shipped in quality packaging so it arrives without damage.


  • The desk is spacious. If you have never used an L shaped desk before, it is literally like having another desk for your stuff.
  • The RTA is a multifunctional desk. It is ideal for gaming and there is more than enough surface space for your game discs, mobile devices, modem, and so on. However, you can also use it for home office work. You can use the shelf and the rest of the desk for your printer, documents, and computer.
  • The desk is sturdy and built to last. It weighs 64 lbs. and that should give you an idea of how much weight it can handle.
  • The mahogany finish looks nice and won’t come off provided you don’t spill any chemicals on it.
  • Cleaning the desk is easy: you just need to wipe the surface with a clean cloth and that’s it.
  • The MDF material used for the RTA Techni Mobili is of the highest quality. The medium density fiberboard found on other gaming desks tends to peel off quickly even when taken care of. With the RTA Computer Desk, you’ll be able to use it for a long time.
  • The desk surface is even and should not cause any problems with their movement and response.


  • All L shape desks need some assembly, and this is no exception. While the instructions are clear for most people, there are those who find the manual somewhat confusing. If you have had experience with setting up L desks before, it will only take minutes to set this up.
  • Some reviewers say it’s better if you use another screwdriver because the one that comes with the RTA is too small.
  • The screws have to be tightened just right. You don’t want it too loose, but don’t tighten it too much because it could damage the screws.
Gaming Computer Desk

Comparison with Other L Shaped Computer Desks

The RTA Techno Mobili is a solid well-rounded game desk, but there are many others like the Gibson Living Belmac C Frame Computer Desk and the HomCom 61″ L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk. So does the RTA L desk as good as these?

The Gibson Computer Desk looks sturdy, and its steel frame support is comparable to the RTA. However, the glass surface is not as responsive as the RTA. It should work fine with most game mice but if yours is unique, there might be some problems. The Gibson surface is nice yes, but in terms of longevity, we give the RTA the edge.

Both the RTA and Gibson require some assembly, but the directions for the RTA are easier to follow. The Gibson has an instruction guide but it tends to be vague in some areas that make assembly frustrating.

As for the HomCom 61”, it looks like an L shaped desk, and you do get decent desk surface space. However, there are some issues with it. The most common complaint is the support bar as it goes up to your knees. This has been the complaint of people who just have knees of average length, to say nothing of tall individuals.

The HomCom desk surface is good, as is that of the RTA. While the RTA provides sufficient space for your CPU and other gear, the HomCom holder, which is under the desk, doesn’t offer enough space for a full CPU tower. As far as the finish goes the HomCom and RTA both look good, though the RTA looks like it’s more durable.

The bottom line is the RTA is a good gaming desk. It may not look that much different from other L shaped desks, but it’s actually one of the best ones available.  For casual gamers, any of the three will do, but if you need a lot of space this is what you will need.


If you’re serious about gaming, the surface area should be one of the primary considerations. If you’ve got a complete gaming rig that includes several controllers, and you want access to your games, you need more surface space than a regular desk, which is what the RTA Products Techni Mobili L-Shaped Computer Desk gives you.

This is one L shaped gaming computer desk we recommend without hesitation. It is well designed, spacious, and durable. Whether you’re a casual gamer or one who spends hours playing, this desk will be up to the task.

VIP Suite Ergonomic Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk Workstation – Mahogany List Price: $222.02 Price: $222.02 You Save: N/A

Computer Desk


Very nice workdesk! 5 out of 5

By M. Weng

Color: Brown Verified Purchase

This desk looks great and has a lot of desktop space. I just received it last night and it was very easy to install. Took me over 3 hours but I was doing it by myself and decided not to use an electric screwdriver to prevent overtightened screws or damages, yes call me cautious 😛

Anyway, the thing that impressed me from beginning to end for the installation was the well-packaged parts and especially very well-labeled parts leading to major ease of installation. The instruction manual is very well-detailed and points out exactly which part number and screw number to use at each step. Very idiot-proof in my opinion. All pieces arrived in great condition. The keyboard plank had a minor scratch on the rear surface but nothing to really upset me about. One screw did not have its head indented properly so I couldn’t use the Phillips screwdriver but thank goodness a bag of spare screws was included for each of the approximate 8 screw types. This is a nice luxury I rarely see other manufacturers provide.

My only other gripes about this desk are that:

1) The corner surface’s single straight leg support seems to fall a little short. Maybe it’s my uneven floorboards but I had to untwist the leveling wheel to its maximum support distance.

2) The 4 front legs also tend to be a bit sharp. During shipment, they are covered by a black plastic sheath/protector. I usually wear slippers at home but I plan to drill holes into the sheaths and re-insert them before screwing the circular feet back in so that I would not accidentally cut my toes or feet when moving about at the desk. They should have made the plastic sheaths gray with openings at the bottom to let use simply attach the table feet right into the legs.

All in all still an excellent product and willing to give it 5 stars.

Great desk – here are some dimensions 5 out of 5

RTA Products RTA-3806-M615, Dark Wood
263 Reviews
RTA Products RTA-3806-M615, Dark Wood
  • Heavy-duty MDF panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer in mahogany finish
  • Long and short sides of desktop are interchangeable left or right
  • Keyboard is interchangeable left or right
  • Elevated corner accessory shelf
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

By Homeschooling mom

Color: Brown

What a find this l-shaped gaming computer desk is! Even though it is bargain-priced (although I bought it at another online retailer), it is sturdy and hefty and not at all cheap feeling.

It turned out it was pretty close to exactly the dimensions I needed for my corner space, although I ordered it not knowing for sure (I saw different numbers at different retailers and some numbers I couldn’t find at all). To save others the wondering, here are some useful approximate dimensions:
The total length of the left side: 57 in Length of the left side beginning at the front edge of the right side: about 33 in The total length of the right side: 66.5 in Length of the right side beginning at the front edge of the left side: about 42 in Depth (front to back) of each side: 23.5 in Dimensions of corner piece: 25.5 in x 25.5 in (note: the corner piece is bigger than the depths of the two sides, so what would be the right angle between the two sides is actually cut by a diagonal between the two sides – if that makes sense)

The rolling cart can be completely independent of the desk (my husband was giving our small dog joyrides on it).
The keyboard drawer does not need to be installed.
While the desk is three separate modules that just slide together (and can slide apart), my husband couldn’t figure out an obvious, easy way that the two sides could be interchanged.

My husband is about average when it comes to putting things together, and it only took him a couple of hours to assemble it, with no frustration and no trips to the hardware store.

I got it with the intention of having my two boys do their schoolwork at it, one on each side, and using normal size chairs, it is a little tight; each of them has to be working at the very edge of their side to not have the chairs bonking. An extra six inches on one side or the other would have made it perfect in that respect, but it probably wasn’t meant for two people to use at the same time.

Great L-Shaped Gaming Computer desk!

Satisfied 5 out of 5

ByAmazon Customer Color: Brown|Verified Purchase

This arrived in less than 48 hours after I made the purchase, delivered to my door via FedEx. I placed the order on Monday afternoon, standard shipping option, and it was at my door Wednesday morning. The product was not damaged, scratched, or nicked. Incredible service from this vendor.

It took ~3 hours to assemble using the instructions, at a leisurely and thorough pace. A more experienced assembler could do it much faster. All parts accounted for, and a bag containing an extra space for each piece of hardware, just in case one were to be missing. A small Phillips screwdriver and a double-headed wrench are included, in case you don’t have the tools. The instructions were clear, simple, and easy-to-follow, including optional branches for those who want to switch the sides and/or the placement of the keyboard tray.

p>Desk is sturdy and has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Weight limits for each section are listed in the manual but it is plenty sturdy for everyday office use, computers, monitors, lamps. Surfaces are smooth and it looks beautiful in my office for something self-assembled and at this price range.

I have a 27″ monitor and my keyboard sitting on the long side, and my printer sitting on the short side. This leaves me plenty of room for hardcover art books, papers, my coffee mug/snacks/dishes, pen holders and paperweights, and a lamp. I could easily add a second monitor if I wanted, without cluttering the space at all. This desk could hold three large monitors, easily. My full-tower PC case is sitting on the caddy. I chose to keep it at a 45-degree angle, under the corner section, simply for aesthetic reasons (and central cord access), but a full-tower on the caddy will fit under any part of the desk with room to spare. The caddy itself is not long, so my tower runs off the front of it slightly but this is hardly an issue. If anything I prefer it because it allows extra air to come in under the case. The caddy has two locking wheels in the front to help it stay stable on hard floors. Great L Shaped Gaming Computer Desk.Buy Now

VIP Suite Ergonomic Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk Workstation – Mahogany List Price: $222.02 Price: $222.02 You Save: N/A

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