What You Need to Know When Shopping For Gaming Chairs


As a matter of fact, we all spend a lot of time in chairs. But the one we spend the most time in should be the most comfortable, right?

If you are a gamer you certainly spend hours in front of your computer. Thus, you need to make the choice of the right gaming chair seriously.

Take your game to the next level buying one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

Combine convenience with a number of attractive features that you’re missing out on.

Complete your gaming desk setup and gain a whole new experience.

Are you ready? Here’s everything you need to know.

Types of Gaming Chairs

There are different kinds and styles to choose from, depending on your personal preferences. Find out what suits you the most:

Rocker Gaming Chair

If you prefer to sit closer to the floor, rock your game in one of these. This type sits directly on the floor with no legs or wheels and it’s used exclusively for console gaming.

They are very comfy and allow the user to rock back and forth. They also have all the lumbar support for your back muscles.

Many of these come with a number of super features, depending on your budget.

The best ones come with a built-in wireless system, RCA stereo inputs, built-in speakers and subwoofer, memory foam padding, etc.

Pretty much everything you need in order to enhance your gaming experience.

On the downsides, you can’t swivel left to right. Also, some hardcore gamers that spend many hours playing claim that it might get uncomfortable.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

If you like the rocker style but want to get a bit off the ground here’s what you are looking for.

The pedestal gaming chair comes with all the rocker’s features plus an additional pedestal under the seat. You may sit up higher and also swivel around.

Built-in speaker, Bluetooth capabilities, and everything mentioned above can be included, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

They are commonly used for console gaming but sometimes at a desk, too.

Ultimate Gaming Chair

PC Gaming Chair

The structure of a PC gaming chair is very similar to a normal office or computer chair in order to deliver better ergonomics.

Armrests, back support, lumbar pad, wheels, and other features make them the best chairs in terms of mobility and comfort.

On the highlights, some computer gaming chairs are made by real racecar seat materials. With others, you can even recline and catch an afternoon nap.

This is one of the most popular products in the category, with dozens of options on the market.

Click below for the top gaming chairs of 2017 buyer’s guide:​

PC Gaming Chair

Racer Gaming Chairs

Take racing games to a whole new level. As expected, some of them come with a real race car seat.

They are comfortable and support your body. If you already have all the accessories needed you can just buy the seat and the steering wheel framework.

If not, the whole package can have the steering wheel, pedals, and a shift knob for the best experience.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

Maybe not the best choice for PC gaming. They also lack some features like built-in speakers or posture support.

But who can resist being so comfortable in front of a gaming console?

If you look for something casual but special, this might be the right choice.

Features of Gaming Chairs

Now let’s see all you can get in detail:


An aspect that you should certainly consider before buying is the quality of the material.

First of all, everything should be of high quality, especially if you’re spending a big amount of money.

Then you need to decide between leather or fabric. For example, leather chairs will be more durable than the fabric ones.

On the other hand, you will sweat more in a chair made of leather, which can be annoying if you play for many hours.

Best Chair for Gaming

Comfort and Posture

Given the amount of time you spend in a chair, being comfortable is essential. You don’t want any stress on your body when playing and relaxing.

This is why you should keep in mind ergonomics when searching for a gaming chair. In sum, look for:

  • Height control
  • Tension control
  • Backrest lock
  • Seat pan slider

System Compatibility

Importantly, make sure that the chair you will buy is compatible with your system.

Most gaming chairs will work with any gaming system, but still, there are some exceptions you need to check.

Size and Space Saving

Before committing to a chair make sure it is the right for your size. Whether you are tall or short, you want a chair to properly fit into.

Also, compare its dimensions to the dimensions available in your space. Ensure that it’s not too big and avoid future troubles.

If you need extra space when not playing, many of them can fold up and tuck away. Extra features include:

  • Built-in speakers
  • Sub-woofers
  • AFM technology
  • Wireless receiver/transmitter
  • Bluetooth
  • RCA stereo outputs
  • Vibration motors
  • Cup holders and side pockets
  • Padding and pillow cushioning
  • Massage and heating pads


Above all, make sure that you get what you pay for. It’s important not to get disappointed with your shopping decision.

It’s definitely worth spending an extra amount but surely you want to be happy and satisfied with the product.


Either you’re a casual or a hardcore gamer you spend an important amount of time sitting in your chair.

It’s undoubtedly important that it meets all your needs and it’s not bad for your body.

All this information will help your research and get you closer to the right decision. Your gaming sessions will be more enjoyable than ever!

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