Black Corner Desk


Black Corner Desk

The black corner desk has become more commonplace, and it’s the preferred choice of stylish gamers. Of course you don’t just choose them because of the color but their features and functionality. For a full-fledged gamer you want it to offer space, be comfortable and ergonomic, but how do you decide which one to purchase?

You could spend hours going through reviews, but we have done the work for you here. The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk has received a lot of favorable reviews, so we decided to take an in-depth look and find out if it’s really as good as they say.

Black Desk


  • The Soreno surface has a bevel tempered safety glass and a highly polished reflection.
  • The desk is supported by a solid frame for heavy duty use. The steel components on the desk have a powder coat finish for extra durability.
  • The Soreno comes with a keyboard tray which you can slide and mount for convenience.
  • This L shape desk works fine together, but you can disconnect the desks and use them separately.
  • The Soreno measures 51 W x 20 D x 29 H inches. The surface is expansive but the physical dimensions of the desk save space.
  • A CPU stand is included so you can use the surface space for other items.
  • The Soreno was designed as a corner and L shaped desk. However it doesn’t have any shelves and drawers. This is actually an advantage because all the items you need are within easy reach.
  • Both desktops are 21 inches deep.
  • The Soreno offers several configuration options.
  • The desktop finish is evenly applied and perfect for a gaming mouse.
  • The keyboard tray is large enough not just for your keyboard but other controllers.


  • The Soreno looks way better and sharper than your typical black computer game desk. It has a professional, sleek look that should satisfy your aesthetic needs.
  • The Soreno is much stronger than it looks. At first glance the streamlined frame looks weak, but it’s actually strong. If you’re going to use the Soreno for gaming, there is more than enough space for your games, headphones, speakers and so on.
  • The Soreno also makes for a good home office desk. It is perfect for a laptop and you can put a lamp beside it. The desk surface also leaves you with enough room for a printer and other documents.
  • There is sufficient clearance for your shins and legs for even tall individuals. There is a cross beam on the Soreno but it isn’t going to get in your way. This is a common complaint with L shaped desks but the Soreno is an exception.
  • The Soreno is built for heavy duty use. You can place several monitors on the desk and it isn’t going to collapse. If you’re a digital artist and have to use two monitors, the desk can handle it without giving way.
  • The workspace is more than sufficient for most gamers, both hardcore and casual.
  • The glass edges are angled in such a way you don’t get scratched.  Overall this is a great black corner desk.


  • There is no cable management feature built in for this black corner desk. This is not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice if there was one.  Cable Management can still be done with proper techniques.
  • The desk legs and limbs are hollow. We already pointed out that they are strong and durable, but you have to be careful not make a hole in it. For gamers who are careful however, this isn’t going to be a concern.
  • There is no way you can add a cupboard, hutch or drawer.  However this really isn’t a big issue since there is plenty of space already available.

Comparison with Other Black Computer Desks

The Walter Edison is a very capable desk for gaming, but you’ll want to make certain it’s as good as the others, if not better. We decided to compare the Soreno with the Altra Parsons Deluxe Desk, Black Oak and the Tangkula Computer Desk.

The Altra Parsons is modern looking with good desk surface and shelves for your stuff. While it’s a good all-around desk, the design is not specifically for gaming. Some have also complained about the height (being too high). With the Soreno, your arms are at the right positon, essential for gaming.

The Altra Parsons takes just a few minutes to assemble, but the construction doesn’t appear to be as solid as that of the Soreno black corner desk. You may have to spend time adjusting the legs so they don’t wobble. Lastly, the edges are at an angle of 90 degrees: if you play a lot of games it could make contact with your wrists.

The Tangkula Desk is another functional desk that can serve the needs of a gamer and home office worker. There is good surface space and there are several drawers included, though they may be more suited for work than play.

If we talk about capacity, the Tangkula might seem to offset its not being an L shaped desk with the drawers. However the Soreno makes it much easier to get what you need. And if you read the reviews for the Tangkula, you will notice there are more than a few complaints with the instructions.

While the Tangkula and the Altra Parsons Deluxe Desk are good, they are more of the all-around type. The Soreno on the other hand, is perfect for gaming because the work surface is expansive and it is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Black Corner Desk Verdict

Gaming and computer desks are no longer what they used to be. Function is of the essence of course, but now they’re stylish pieces of furniture as well. Just like with most other furniture black is the preferred color. The demand for black themed computer desks has led to greater demand but with varying results.

If you want a black computer gaming desk that you can depend on, the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is one we can recommend. It not only looks stylish but there is sufficient space for all your gaming requirements so it’s a good buy.

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass
List Price:$86.29
You Save:N/A

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass

BrandWalker Edison
Departmentoffice products
Is Autographed0
LabelWalker Edison
List Price$86.29
ManufacturerWalker Edison
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity1
Part NumberAZ51B29
Product GroupFurniture
PublisherWalker Edison
Size29″ x 20″ x 51″
StudioWalker Edison
TitleWalker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black with Black Glass
Warranty30 Day Manufacturers Warranty Against Defects

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