Pros and Cons Of A Racing Style Gaming Chair


Are you considering purchasing a racing gaming chair? Should you even care about what you sit in while you game?
The answer is yes! And if you’re considering buying a racing gaming chair, read on. We’re going to discuss the pros and cons to make shopping for a gaming chair easy.

The fact is, a whopping 63% of American households have an avid gamer at home who plays more than 3 hours a week. That’s a lot of time to be sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Long enough to cause some serious back pain and other issues if your chair is unsupportive.

For the serious gamer, a gaming chair is non-negotiable. It’s the perfect addition to your setup. Maximize your gaming experience by adding the ultimate comfortable throne.

The latest gaming chairs have tons of great features. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of the latest gaming industry trend.

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A Racing Gaming Chair: The Pros and the Cons

First, let’s cover the cons of a gaming chair. Then we’ll talk about the pros — and completely remove your inhibitions about whether it’s worth it.

The Cons

  • Price

An awesome gaming chair is going to cost a pretty penny. The lower end chairs cost just under the $100 mark, which is a steep increase from a basic office chair. The price range for a racing gaming chair varies dramatically, with the top of the line best PC gaming chairs clocking in at just below $400.

Are they worth it? Read on to the “Pros” section to find out why we think so.

  • Portability

A lot of these gaming chairs aren’t light. Some of them weigh in around 50 pounds! If you move from room to room with your gaming system and chair, this is a factor to consider. It’s basically like lugging around a toddler hauling one of these babies around.

  • Size

These things aren’t small. If you’re used to throwing a bean bag into a corner to create space, a racing gaming chair will change all that. Be prepared to have a designated gaming space that will be constantly occupied.

These three points could definitely make you reconsider purchasing a gaming chair. But does the bad outweigh the good? Let’s talk about why a racing gaming chair can be an excellent addition to your space.

The Pros

  • Comfort

These chairs are designed for maximum comfort. And this doesn’t just mean feeling good. We’re talking better posture, less back pain, and improved circulation to the lower body.

Not only will the chair offer you more support, they’re designed to be better for your health over long sitting periods. Gamers spend hours in their chair. Investing in comfort, support, and quality will benefit your long-term health and virility.

That’s worth the price tag.

  • Improve skill

That’s right, you read that correctly. Having a good gaming chair can improve your mad skills.

How? By taking the focus off discomfort.

Being uncomfortable is very distracting. It makes it easy to lose focus and motivation. You don’t want that — be the best you can be, and get an edge over your opponents, by purchasing a proper chair for your gaming experience.

  • Aesthetic appeal

Let’s face it, traditional office chairs are straight up ugly.

Gaming chairs, in contrast, are flipping fancy. They are designed to look awesome in any space and often have a futuristic or race-car type design.

The options for the look of your gaming chair are endless. They come in every color, adjustable design, and material you can imagine. Point being, there is a perfect gaming chair out there just for you.

  • Wicked features

Most desk chairs are just that — a chair. Nothing else. But not gaming chairs.

There are a ton of market features to choose from when picking a gaming chair. A lot of designs include extras like:

  1. Built in speakers
  2. Vibration technology
  3. Adjustable armrests, headrests, and back
  4. Wireless TV connect

These features really set gaming chairs apart from traditional desk chairs. They allow you to take your gaming experience to the next level. Enhance your gaming by choosing a chair that has features important to you.

  • Compatibility

Because these chairs are designed explicitly to optimize your gaming, some of them have cool compatibility features.

A few of these chairs can connect to several components of your rig. There are chairs that connect directly to your gaming console for wireless interaction to your game. Some can even connect to a steering wheel to specifically enhance racing games.

Lights and audio players are included with some gaming chairs. Some of them even have a DVD, CD, or music player built in.

Other gaming chairs are designed exclusively for PC play and have armrests with built-in mouse pads.

Most gaming chairs are also customizable. This means they can have certain parts swapped out to meet your specific requirements. Some examples of this are:

  1. Chairs with replaceable bases. This allows you to choose wheels, a swivel base, or a stable non-slip base.
  2. Removable armrests. You can choose what style of armrest you would like, and have multiple options to swap out for different gameplay.
  3. Attachable footrests. Having this allows you to improve your leg circulation and adjust your feet positioning for maximum comfort.

The possibilities are endless… there is definitely a gaming chair that would benefit your preferred gaming experience. Not only are they comfortable, a quality chair is completely customizable.

Ready, Set, Game

It’s official: we’ve decided a good racing gaming chair has awesome value. To sum it up, here’s a list of the pros versus the cons:

  • Cons — Price, portability, size
  • Pros — Comfort, improved skill, aesthetic appeal, cool features, compatibility

The need to enhance gaming comfort and experience is key. A great chair may not seem important, but in reality, 155 million Americans play video games. Their health, comfort, and level of fun is important.

We’ve given you the best trending gaming advice you can get: invest in a great gaming chair today and experience all the benefits it can give you. Not only will it save your back and benefit your health, but it can also create a whole new level of gaming that you’ve never experienced before.

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