Techni Sport Carbon Gaming Desk Review


Don’t like gaming desks where you have to keep your keyboards on the same level as your monitors? The Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk might be what you are looking for.

Most gaming desk products offer one flat surface to keep your gaming rig. Tech Sport Carbon is a unique product that comes with elevated display shelves. And it wouldn’t cost you a fortune to benefit from this feature.

Another big challenge when buying a gaming desk is finding a product that offers enough space to justify the price. Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk is designed with several innovative ideas to offer gamers the space they require.

The review below has all the details you need to decide whether this Techni gaming desk is for you. Keep reading to learn more:

TECHNI SPORT Gaming Desk with Adjustable...
  • High-tech carbon fiber laminated MDF top and durable steel leg construction
  • Ample room for your monitor, PC, laptop, gaming gear and more
  • Ready to assemble construction: hardware included
  • Dimension: Desk 23.5"L x 47.25" W x 41.5"H, some assembly needed;
  • 5 year Limited Warranty, ships in 1 box


  • Elevated shelf
  • Flexible assembly
  • Lots of accessories
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable


  • Plain design
  • Mediocre cable management
  • Limited monitor support


This gaming desk only weighs only 42 pounds. It’s definitely on the lightweight side. It’s quite portable compared to most gaming desks with accessories.

Though lightweight, this desk is relatively stable as long as you don’t put too much equipment on it. You can keep one or two monitors on the desk, but no more. To be on the safe side, place the tower of a desktop computer on the floor and not the desk.

The steel legs offer good support up to a certain weight. If you are just keeping a dual-monitor gaming rig on this desk, then you should be fine. Just take care not to push the weight limit.


The Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk doesn’t have the most pleasing looks. It’s entirely painted in a drab black color. This desk doesn’t have cool artwork or pulsing lights. Aesthetics is not the primary appeal of this gaming desk, but rather the features.

Even so, some gamers may prefer the simple black finish. It would certainly fit well in a home office. If you already have a gaming rig that lights up like New Year’s Eve, then you may not care that the desk lacks the standard gaudiness.

This gaming desk has steel legs and an MDF top. MDF is a material made from fiberboard. It lacks the sturdiness of plastic or glass. However, the desktop is quite stable and sturdy. It feels very much like wood. The desk is wonderfully coated to prevent corrosion too.

The dimensions are a 23.5-inch length and 47.25-inch width. The desk is 41.5 inches tall. This doesn’t count the display shelf on top, which significantly increases the surface area.  In addition, the desk has a number of attachments on the sides and underneath.

The design is well thought out. It offers gamers plenty of space and some flexibility. You can choose to attach the accessories or not. You can also detach the display shelf if you don’t like it. This level of flexibility is a major plus for gamers who love altering their battle stations.

Cable Management

Cable management options are not awesome, but not inadequate either. It comes with a rack under the desk where you can place power cables as you like. There’s also a game case to keep extra items, including cables.

The desk lacks any grommets, holes, and a dedicated cable tray in the back. Therefore, this desk fares in the middle range when it comes to cable management. But it’s definitely better than having nothing.


The biggest feature on the Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk is the elevated display shelf. It can hold a dual-screen monitor or a 43-inch television screen. You can keep a desktop monitor on the shelf and a laptop on the lower desk.

There are certainly a number of attachments that gamers will like. This desk has a cup holder that attaches to the front, and a headset hook that attaches to the side. There’s a storage rack underneath the desk. A minimalist charge tray attaches to the side as well and doesn’t take up too much space on the desk.


Assembly is surprisingly easy. The desk is shipped with everything you need to assemble all the parts. Follow the instructions to get things right without having to unscrew and re-screw multiple times.

You would have to strictly follow the instructions to attach the basic parts of the desk. That is, the steel frame and the lower desktop. Once that’s done, you can choose to attach the accessories or the display shelf. You can customize the desk as you like. But keep in mind that you can get the best out of the Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk when it’s assembled as the manufacturer intended.


The Techni Sport Carbon gaming desk is great for gamers who want a display shelf and a lot of accessories. It won’t blow your mind in terms of cable management or weight support. It is more than adequate for the needs of the average hardcore gamer.

This desk sports a simple design but incorporates many elements. You can enjoy a lot of space on this desk. It’s easy to assemble, and you have some flexibility in placing attachments. Sure, it can do with more features, but for the low-end price, the Techni Sports Carbon offers great value.

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