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Not many of us may have come across the world Putlocker. However, whether we know it or do not know it, putlocker has been around since 2011 in the United Kingdom and their popularity is going up. There are many youngsters who are crazy about Putlockers because it has some undeniable benefits associated with it. It is capable of hosting latest movies as well as different types of TV series. Further, it also has the capability of placing the right links and at the right places. This will ensure that the relevant media can easily be found by the viewers without too much of struggle. With the right Putlocker link it is possible to watch the best of TV programs on a streaming mode without using a VPN such as Nord VPN . It also allows the viewers to be hooked to the various TV shows that are to their liking. All these are available right there on the site of putlockers.

Are you a bit confused with the above? To make matters simpler and easier to understand, putlockers can be equivalent to one huge index on the worldwide web. The good thing about it is that it is possible to search on the indexes and then select the movie, show or video that you like. Further, it also gives the viewers the chance to see the latest movies and the same is available for free. These new movies are available for anybody who is in a position to access the site.

Some Questions About Legality

However, there are some issues with regard to the legal status of Putlocker sites and therefore it would be interesting to put the same in right perspective. Fundamentally, it would be wrong to mention that Putlocker is illegal. This is because it hosts materials that are copyrighted. While there is nothing wrong in accessing the files, movies, videos and other such material available in the putlocker index, the problem arises when people start downloading the materials. This is totally illegal and since many people find out ways to illegally download these materials, there are many who believe that the entire putlocker concept is illegal and in doubt.

Any such download is viewed quite seriously by the law enforcing authorities and they could be hauled up even if the person who is downloading it is not aware or is ignorant of the law. So the best way to stay away from complications is to forget downloading the movies, music albums and other such things. There is nothing wrong if the viewers just have a look at the same using the streaming mode.

Is It Safe?

This is another common question that comes to the minds of people. Let us try and find answers to this as best as possible. The challenge and difficulty with Putlocker is that many of the service providers operate just on the borderlines of legality. Hence, they may use doubtful ways to generate income. Because of this reasons, quite often you will find that Putlocker is filled with redirects of URL, display banners, popup ads and other such things.

It could negatively impact the overall performance of your browsers in some cases it also could lead to damage to your hardware and the software that are installed in the computers or other such devices. There have been many instances where the computers and hardware systems have been ransacked by different types of viruses such as Trojan, Ransomware and a host of other such malicious software systems that slip into the computers because of Putlocker.

At times you could be in for some annoying things such as redirect to many foreign sites every time the links gets activated. Many users also have complained that it also could lead the users to some dubious bitcoin mining programs and various other malwares. These are very tough and in some cases almost impossible to identify and they will for sure bring down the speed of the computer and even cause damages to it.

Legality Questions Still Are Not Addressed

Though basically the legality of Putlocker is still under a cloud many of them are using it. However, they should bear in mind they are doing so at their own risk and there could be quite a bit of problem coming their way should they be hauled by the law enforcing authorities. The punishments for flouting the law vary from one country to another and therefore you must be aware of the consequences before using it.

What is The Way Forward

Because of the inherent risks associated with the use of Putlocker it is quite obvious that not all people are happy with it. They would rather prefer staying away from it altogether or they might be on the lookout for some other alternatives. Hence, it would be better to have a look at various alternatives to Putlocker that is considered safer and perhaps even as efficient as this option. Without wasting too much of time, let us straight get away into the task of choosing various other alternatives of Putlocker.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix often advertises itself as a platform which allows the users to watch different types of movies without the need for paying any money for it. The main objective is to provide the viewers with the chances to have a look at some of the latest movies. The good thing about Popcornfix is that the movies are of excellent quality and the download speeds are also quite impressive. It has a wide collection of movies covering almost all the genres that one can think of. It also allows the users to shortlist the movies and videos based on genres and therefore you will not be wasting too much of time looking up the list and then identify the movies that might interest you.

2. Los Movies

This is considered to be a very good and interesting alternative to Putlocker and it has been around for quite some time now. It has a huge and impressive list of 2000 page catalog of some of the finest movies apart from TV shows that attracts viewers of all genres. The good thing about this alternative is that the movies and other such videos are intelligently indexed. It also shows you a list of all the movies that are trending right now. The site also lists the subtitles and the movies in some instances. However, like Putlocker it does have some irritating popups. If the users click on some popups by mistake it could turn out to be a highly irritating experience and you could end up landing in some of the most suspicious and dubious websites. You can overcome this problem to some extent using adblock while a dedicated popup blocker could be a better option.

3. 123 Movies

There are many who are particularly in love with 123Movies. It is considered to be good because it seemingly offers something special to its viewers. It is known for its wonderful and large collection of different types of Asian dramas, anime, and of course some of the best cartoons that you will ever be able to come across. All the contents are that are available on this site are provided by third parties, who do not have any affiliation Therefore from the legal point of view, the users could be on a stronger footing. But it would be advisable to make use of VPN sites and if you look around and do some research, it will not be long before you are able to come out with the best of VPN alternatives.

4. Watch online Series

This could be the best alternative to Putlocker if you are a TV serial enthusiast. It is for those who are keen on watching each and every episode of some of the most exciting and popular mega-serials. It is popular because it has a list of almost all types of TV shows, serials and other such presentations that are hugely popular across thousands of people. However, there is a word of caution. There is again the nuisance of popup ads and you have to overcome this with the right ad-blocker. Without this you will be redirected to unwanted sites and it will not be long before your computer hardware and software is damaged by these unwanted sites.

5. SolarMovie

Though there are many alternatives to Putlocker SolarMovie perhaps has something special to offer to its viewers. Yes, it does have some of the finest collections of movies and not many such sites will be able to match Solar Movie. Additionally, many young viewers are attracted and perhaps even addicted to Solar Movie because of the quality of design of their site. It gives the required information as soon as you open the site. The most trending movies can easily be seen. It also shares information about the various movies that have been viewed the most on any particular day. It also allows users to register themselves and these registered users can make requests and also make a list of their own favorites.


We believe that the information available above can help the readers to understand Putlocker Better. Further, it would have also been helpful in identifying the grey areas of this site as far as legalities are concerned. There are also other issues with regard to popup when one chooses Putlocker. However, this is a problem that is common with all such sites. The above list of five alternatives is just for the purpose of giving the readers some idea on the subject. If you do your research, it is quite obvious that you will be able to come across many such alternatives.

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