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If you are an avid gamer who spends long hours in front of the computer, then you will need a gaming desk to make every gaming experience a comfortable one.

Since this is the platform where you will hone your gaming skills, it is important that you get a gaming desk that provides stability and convenience in helping you stay calm and make the right decisions when you’re just about to nail your opponent.

While there are very few desks specifically built for gamers, there are still several types that provide a good platform in facilitating an effective gaming setup than others.

When choosing a computer desk for gaming, below are the top 5 gaming desk ideas you should take into consideration when narrowing down your options:

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1. Space

Whatever your choice of gaming computer desk is, consider a table that will give an ample amount of room for your laptop, monitor, CPU tower, console and other gaming peripherals.

These devices should be set up in a fashion devoid of chaos so you can focus on your gameplay. Having more space also cuts down possible clutter and helps you to be organized.

2. Desk material

There are several types of computer desks, each having their strengths and downsides. If you’re looking for something traditional, you can go for the wooden type of desks.

Some of the common type of wood material you will find are particle board which may have issues when it comes to durability. The maple, oak or pine types are sturdy yet would be heavy to move around.

If you prefer a contemporary style of computer desk, on the other
hand, you can check out the glass computer desks which makes a great modern addition to any home interior.

Glass desks are usually supported by either a wooden frame or steel frame. The downside of this type of desk is that it requires more cleaning than its counterparts owing to fingerprints and oil smudges.

Since the glass tends to be more fragile than other materials, choose a model that is tempered to avoid breakage.

Generally lightweight and portable, PVC and steel desks are supported by a steel frame. This type can lag behind in terms of stability and durability but is an ideal choice if you intend to move the furniture frequently.

3. Ergonomics

Spending a lot of hours in front of the computer brings certain conditions that plague both gamers and office workers alike: back and neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

When not addressed, these conditions might likely lead to chronic pain and eventually slow down productivity and cause persistent discomfort – which even pro gamers are not immune to.

One way computer desks address this problem is the different elevation of the keyboard. Some feature a pull-out keyboard tray while others feature an adjustable keyboard tray which you can adjust the height according to the level suited to you.

4. Desk design

The design of the desk can either slow you down or make your game plays comfortable and convenient. Some include cable grommets that aid in keeping your cords away.

Others include holes that help you manage wired peripherals. With cable management, you can avoid the common problem of gamers: a chaotic looking space.

If your chosen desk does not include cable management, you can improvise by installing rubber grommet desk inserts so you can conceal those cables and transform your desk into a clean and organized one.

5. Fit

Consider where you will be setting up your gaming desk. If you have a large space, then the traditional straight desks will work fine for you. But if you have a limited space, you can try going for an L shape desk that will work perfectly in a corner.

This type of desk is also a favorite among gamers since you have more room for two or more monitors.

Choosing the right gaming computer desk is not a walk in the park. But you can make the decision process by considering the above gaming desk ideas.

After narrowing down your options, visualize how you will set up your computers and peripherals and do some research so you know your purchase will be worth it.

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