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​Atlantic Gaming Desk

There are casual gamers and then there’s the serious, hardcore gamer. If you belong to the latter group, nothing less than the ultimate gaming computer desk
will suffice. Sure you can put your desktop or laptop on any desk, but we know that’s not good enough. With speakers, controllers, large screens etc. you need a dedicated battle station, so what’s available?

Ultimate Gaming Desk

We have seen quite a number of gaming desks, and one of the most talked about is the Atlantic Gaming Desk. So is the one for the ultimate gamer? How does it stand up as a gaming computer station? Better for a laptop stand or a pc desk for gaming?  We conducted a thorough review and this is what we found out.

Gamer Desk Features

  • The desk comes with a TV stand. The stand measures 15.5 inches x 7 inches x 6.25 inches (WxLxH) and can support a 40 lb. 27 inch flat screen TV for serious gamers.
  • The desk measures 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches.
  • The Atlantic Gaming Desk has space for your laptop, a headphone, a couple of speakers and a couple of controllers.
  • The speaker brackets measure 4.25 inches x 5 inches.
  • The desk has enough space for a gaming laptop and 5 games.
  • The back shelf acts as storage for your mobile phone and other portable devices.
  • There is a wire storage drawer where you can store papers and pens.
  • A power strip holder and charging station are included.
  • The desk finish is carbon fiber.
  • The levelling feet are adjustable so if necessary, you can make adjustments to improve stability.
  • There are wire management trim plates included.
  • The desk is constructed from steel rods with a smooth silver coating.
  • Some assembly is needed but instructions are provided.
  • The maximum work surface is 40 x 23.5 in.
  • From the floor the desk clearance is 29.5 inches.

Ultimate Computer Desk – Pros

  • Lots of space: we don’t need to repeat the features posted above, so it’s enough to say it meets the needs of even the most demanding gamer. If you have several PC and video games the desk gives you quick access to them.
  • The desk is sturdy: the metal construction is firm and stable.
  • In spite of its features the desk has a small footprint.
  • The desk also has a large cup and headphone holder so they’re within easy reach. Both the speakers and the headphones in fact, are accessible so you can have your choice. As for the cup holder, it has a generous size.
  • The flat panel stand is elevated so you can use your laptop and TV simultaneously. If you want to watch TV or just play games you can do so with ease.
  • The charging station lets you charge mobile devices while playing games.
  • The desk is perfect for gamers, but it’s also ideal for adults because it keeps everything organized. For gamers it represents convenient access, while for parents it’s all about reducing clutter.
  • The speaker brackets are just the right size and should be compatible with most speakers available today.

Atlantic Gaming Desk – Cons

  • Just like with most other gaming desks, some have reported difficulties with the assembly. The instructions are clear for most people but some have had real problems. This can be avoided if you just keep the parts separate and follow the guidelines.
  • If this is your first time to assemble a gaming desk, some patience is required. But if you have a screwdriver and follow the illustrations step by step it’s going to help, though it does take time.
  • The speaker holders are compatible for most types, but they don’t work well with the vertical types. However for most gamers the brackets should suffice.

Comparison with Other Gamer Desks

Now let’s see how the Atlantic Gaming Desk compares with a couple of other computer gaming desks, the BHG L Shape Computer Desk and the Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk.

The BHG is a good L shaped desk, and the design means there is lots of room for your gaming stuff. There’s a keyboard tray and there’s an upper shelf too. However the BHG doesn’t have much in the way of features specific for gamers such as the speaker brackets, cup and headphone holders or a charging station.

The BHG can be used for gaming as well as work, and the shelves are good for storing a printer, books and other accessories. But for gaming, you’re better off with the Atlantic Gaming Desk. If you’re just a casual gamer then the BHG should suffice. But if you’re a hardcore gamer and want all your controllers within easy reach, the Atlantic Gaming Desk will be more appropriate.

The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk is well-designed. The lower shelf is where you place the CPU tower and there is enough space for your games and other items. However it’s not as dedicated to gaming as the Atlantic. Can you use the Origami for gaming? Yes you can, but don’t expect a cup holder, charging station, TV stand or the other features on the Atlantic.

The Origami is like the BHG in that it is a serviceable desk. It is multifunctional and can be used for work and play. While the Origami has no real problems, it doesn’t come with the extras that the Atlantic Gaming Desk has.

Judging from the two comparisons, the Atlantic Gaming Desk holds up well. If there is such a thing as a desk for gamers this is it. While you can do other things here, there is no question what the Atlantic is for.


Games have become more complex. Back then all you needed was a computer with a keyboard and mouse. But now there are lots of different controllers and components which you need for that immersive gaming experience. For this reason the standard desk just isn’t enough anymore.

Any way you look at it, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is the ultimate gaming computer desk. It’s got a lot of space, and there is enough storage for all your gadgets and controllers. No desk is perfect, but this is as close as it gets and well worth the purchase. If you’re a gamer we recommend this.  It’s a great gamer desk!

They also now have the All-in-one Professional Gaming Desk Pro, which is a slightly bigger ​black desk for gamers.

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