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A good gaming desk must have multifunctional features. Gamers require space, capacity, good cable management, and looks. The Vitesse 55-inch gaming desk promises most of these features.

You may be able to solve some of the biggest issues of buying a gaming desk with Vitesse. For example, gamers often find that the equipment they order online isn’t as stable as those shown in the pictures or videos. Vitesse is a rare example where sturdiness is given priority.

Expenses matter too. Once you’ve paid thousands of dollars for a first-rate gaming PC, you may not have much to spare on a desk. Vitesse is on the more affordable spectrum of gaming desks.

This gaming desk is packed with features. There are some downsides as well. Read below to learn about both the upsides and the downsides so you can decide if the Vitesse 55-inch gaming desk is for you.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style...
  • [Widen Desktop]: Further upgraded the desktop, 55.1”L×23.6”W extra large desktop provides more space. The mouse pad covers the entire surface, so don’t have to worry about running out of surface space or your mouse and keyboard being uneven in height.
  • [Sturdy & Steady Construction]: Constructed via a premium density fiberboard and a coated steel frame. Ensuring stability whilst you game. You can put multiple monitors on here and a bunch of accessories without the fear of it collapsing. T-shaped design and four leveling feet to make sure the desk to keep horizontal.
  • [More Features]: The last thing you want is to spill MountainDew all over your expensive electronics, that’s why this desk comes with a cup holder. It’s an arm reach away and can fit small and large cups, even use it to put Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in. Also comes with headphone hook.
  • [Charging Handle Rack]: Comes with a rack where you can place a couple of controllers and games for convenience. There’s also 4 USB ports for you to use. You can never have too many USB ports. So instead of reaching for your computer tower, there are ports right next to you.
  • [A+ Service]: Free replacement or parts guarantee for any quality problem within 120 days. Please feel free to contact with our customer service.


  • Spacious
  • Cupholder
  • Headset hook
  • Charging station
  • Desktop mousepad
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Spacious desktop


  • Assembling instructions a bit unclear


The Vitesse weighs only 60 pounds or roughly 27 kilograms. It’s not boulder-heavy when it comes to gaming desks. But it’s not exactly lightweight either. This gaming desk is definitely in the Goldilocks zone where it’s heavy enough to be sturdy, but also not too heavy that you can’t easily move it.

A steel frame adds much of the weight. The rest of the desk is PVC plastic, which keeps a lot of weight off. But don’t consider this a plastic desk. The PVC, though lightweight compared to steel, is just as sturdy.

If you are worried about weight, this desk may ease your mind. You can still comfortably move the desk inside an apartment. There is no material like glass desktops, that add extra weight.


The T-shaped desk does not just have a pleasing appearance. It allows users two desktops for maintaining a multi-monitor battle station.

This version of the Vitesse is 55 inches long and 23.6 inches wide. These dimensions are more spacious than usual for assembled furniture. The desktops have plenty of room to support a big gaming rig with two or three monitors.

The steel frame provides excellent support. You can hold over a hundred pounds of gear on this gaming desk.

The desk is T-shaped, so it’s not suited for corner fitting. The desk is made up of two rectangular parts you have to assemble.  Some may worry that the two parts may leave a crease in the middle. This is really not a problem at all if you assemble the desk properly. You can read more about assembling the Vitesse below.

Cable Management

The Vitesse offers a top-notch cable management system only gamers can truly appreciate. There are several features on offer to manage clutter. Mainly, there’s a mini tray to keep all your cables in place, so they don’t clutter the table.

The gaming desk comes with a smart US charging rack as well. It has four ports to simultaneously charge multiple devices at once.

The charging rack is just as handy. You can charge your phone while you play, without needing to drag extension cables on to the desk. Plus, the desk offers features like a headphone hook to keep the desktop free of messy cables. More on such features below.


Assembling a desk with this many features may seem like a daunting task. Not to worry; the Vitesse is really easy to assemble largely because everything you need comes in the box. The manufacturer includes all the screws you need and even a screwdriver.

The desk comes with an instruction manual that explains how to assemble in a step by step manner. The instructions might be a bit unclear. However, the average gamer should be able to assemble this desk within an hour or so.

The only thing to keep in mind is not to leave a crease in the middle when putting the two segments of the desktop together. If you tighten the screws right (not too hard, not too gently), this shouldn’t be a problem.


This is not your run-of-the-mill computer desk. It’s specifically designed for gamers with several really cool features in mind. Mainly, the desk has its own cup holder, gaming handle rack, and a headphone hook.

The cup holder is situated at the edge of the desk, away from the keyboard and the monitor. The headphone hook is on the underside of the desk so that the desktop doesn’t get cluttered. The gaming handle rack is on the desktop, offering gamers easy access.

The features are clearly well thought out. The placement is highly convenient for busy gamers. Essentially, the desk allows you easy access to everything you want during a gaming session. When you are not playing, there’s a place to neatly keep everything so the desktop remains neat. You can easily switch between gaming mode and regular work without creating a lot of clutter.

What’s more; this desk comes with a full desk mouse pad. That’s another perk to remove clutter. The back of the desk also has a tab for mounting a monitor. It can support both single and dual monitor arms.


The Vitesse 55-inch gaming desk is an all-round winner for gamers. It’s affordable and offers loads of features for that price.

The biggest benefits of this gaming desk are the excellent clutter-management options, spacious desktop, super sturdy steel frame, and multi-monitor support. There are extra perks like a cup holder some gamers would love.

All in all, this is definitely a gaming desk worth investing in. It should support a gaming rig that has up to 3 monitors at least. The biggest and heaviest gaming rigs aren’t suited for this desk. But the Vitesse should satisfy the vast majority of gamers.

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