Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno L-Shape Desk Review


Computer desks for gamers and professionals are available aplenty online. But most of these products fail to live up to expectations most in regards to the solid construction. The Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno promises not just a wobble-free computer desk, but a really good looking one too.

This stunning glass computer desk looks more expensive than it actually is. If you are tired of plastic computer desks, this may prove to be a great alternative. What’s more, the L-shape makes up a large desktop, akin to having two desks together.

But does this computer desk really suit your needs? See below for all the details you need.

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner...
  • Dimensions: 29" H x 51" L x 20" W
  • Accommodates multiple monitors
  • Includes universal CPU stand
  • Includes 1 desk
  • Join two desks for even more game space


  • Spacious
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Heavy, no wobbling
  • Safety glass desktops
  • Keyboard tray available


  • No cable management features
  • Assembling can be a pain


The Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno weighs 57 pounds or about 25 kilograms. It’s not too heavy but is certainly on the heavier side. The item box, when shipped, weighs as much as 60 pounds.

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable desk, this is definitely not it. The Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno weights more than a wooden table of the same size. The reason is the steel frame, intended to add sturdiness to the structure.

The heaviness certainly offers a great advantage in terms of sturdiness. This is one of the best wobble-free computer desks you can find. The steel frame can support the weight of a computer and multiple monitors. Sure, it might be hard to move. But the stability is absolutely necessary when you want to keep expensive equipment on the desk.


The Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno is designed in an L-shape to support corner placement. Unlike most L-shaped desks, the corner segment on the Walker Edison is curved. It won’t fit neatly in a corner, but it offers excellent aesthetic appeal.

The rectangular section of the desk is 31 inches long and 20 inches wide. The curved corner is 20 by 20. You can assemble this computer desk without the curved corner. However, this would make the desktop less spacious.

The desk is supported by a powerful steel frame. The metal is powder-coated to be rust-resistant. The desk has a slide-out keyboard tray and a stand for a desktop CPU. The desktops are made from tempered, safety glass. The material is polished and beveled.

The glass is largely scratch-resistant, but that does not mean the glass is scratch-proof. Another problem is fingerprint markings. All glass without a special coating is susceptible to this. As long as you keep a glass cleaner cloth in hand, it should not be a major issue.


There are two main features this desk offers: space and looks. If you don’t want a standard gaming desk for your room or home office, the Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno offers a reliable alternative.

The glass desk is definitely pleasing to the eyes. It will go well with any modern interior décor. It doesn’t have any shiny lights or gaudy decorations. This will please professional or semi-professional users.

The other big advantage this computer desk offers is plenty of space. You can place a gaming rig and still have space to keep accessories. The desk is sturdy enough to support the weight of a desktop CPU and two or three monitors. There’s a separate stand for the CPU under the desk if it takes up too much space on the desk.

Cable Management

While very good-looking, the Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno doesn’t offer much in terms of cable management. The desk doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes or openings to snake your many cables through. But the glass surface is great for sticking equipment that would help you manage all the computer cables.

The desktop is spacious enough to handle a bunch of cables. If that’s not enough, the underside has a square structure you can theoretically use to keep cables organized.


This computer desk is shipped in pieces and you will need to carefully assemble everything as the instruction manual says. The instructions are relatively straightforward, but you would have to pay close attention to get everything right.

You would need a screwdriver to put everything together. This desk has hex bolt screws, so a hex bolt wrench would be suitable for your needs as well. When assembling, make sure you have all the parts arranged correctly. Chances are high that you could end up using the wrong screw in the wrong place. If this happens, you would have to detach and reattach, which would make the assembling process a bit more complicated.

If you are good at putting together modular furniture like this, the whole process should take about an hour. It’s safe to set aside two or three hours to assemble this, depending on your skill level.

Remember, this desk is quite heavy. So assemble everything at the place where you want it to be. Moving after assembling would be a difficult task.


The Walker Edison D51Z29 Soreno is a beautiful, glass computer desk suited for both gamers and professional users. It offers plenty of space to keep a multi-monitor rig. The sturdy steel frame can support the weight of the equipment.

What it lacks in terms of cable management, it more than makes up for in space and aesthetics. This desk may not be for some gamers who want lights, dark colors, and artwork. But for others who want a practical and chic solution, this would be a good choice for a computer desk.

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