Logitech’s New VR Stylus Is Launching In February 2021


Logitech, the reputed manufacturer of different types of mice for computers, is now poised for a big breakthrough. It is coming out with a new addition to its product range and there obviously is quite a bit of excitement surrounding it. Yes, it is a fact and Logitech’s new VR stylus is launching in February 2021. This is a high tech product that uses a steam-driven VR tool. This is suitable for all those who want precise pointing. It also can be very useful for pinpoint drawing both for professional as well as for enterprise use. According to experts and those who understand these types of the stylus are ready to support this product fully and they believe that it will be a game-changer in more ways than one. Let us therefore try and learn something more about this stylus from Logitech and what the special things are that it might offer to the users.

Some Basic Technical Information

As mentioned above, the VR Ink Stylus runs on steam. However, there are a few things that are quite unique about this product. It is quite light when compared to traditional Vive wand or even the popular index knuckle controllers. The total weight of the VR styles is just around 62 grams. However, it requires either Vive Pro or Vive, Valve Index or even the industrial Varjo headsets. Additionally, it also would require the base station that is being used by Vivo. However, if you look up the information about this product from Logitech, they recommend that the users go in for the Steam VR 2.0 base stations. Many of us are aware that these were released alongside the Valve Index.

How About Uses & Reactions From Customers

The initial reaction according to a few customers might suggest that this stylus would have very limited use. Further, there are a few who believe that it may not be suitable for gaming purposes. While there is a debate still going on about the actual use of this stylus, there are a few things that cannot be ignored. When it comes to commercial applications, it is quite possible that a more precise input might be required. This is all the more true for 3D and CAD modeling, artworks and even for blueprinting. When it comes to painting programs, it might be better to go in for 3D modeling suite Maya, Tilt Brushes, and a VR CAD designer. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that Mindesk supports VR Link and this indeed is good news. It allows the users to have much greater precision when compared to a bulky wand controller. This is just the feature available during launch and as things move forward you can expect something more also.

What About The Price?

Yes, there is no doubt that the price could be a big and stumbling block. The Pilot Edition of the stylus is being priced at a whopping $750 and it could be more in some countries like the United Kingdom because of currency fluctuation. The price in the UK is expected to be around $975. This is just the base modes and you will not be getting other software like base stations, headsets or even less expensive software like Tilt Brush are a part of this price. If these are also to buy these as a package you will certainly end up spending around $2000. You also have to spend on consumables by way of VR Ink Mat that is needed for the stylus to work as a 2D input. This is sold separately.

The Road Ahead

There is no doubt that we are well and truly into a world of third-party VR inputs and that indeed is good news. There is no denying the fact that Steam VR is well and truly an open platform and it compares exceedingly well with other alternatives like Oculus. These alternatives allow for the use of various inputs that have VR as the main guiding tools. But the moot question is whether it is worth $750. Yes and no. Enterprise products often come with a very heavy price tag, when compared to their counterparts. But at the end of the day, we have to bear in mind that it is a stylus. It may not write on a flat plane and you should have a writing mat and that does cost quite a bit of money.

The Final Word

Despite the information provided above, if readers and prospective customers believe that it could be useful for them, you have the choice of pre-ordering the VR link stylus using the Logitech site. Shipping is supposed to commence from February 2021.

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