VR In 2021 What’s Going To Happen?


In 2021, the popularity of virtual reality is expected to grow gradually. The sale of headsets like Oculus Quest from Facebook increased in 2019. A few VR headsets were also released in the same year for PCs like the VIVE Cosmos, the Valve Index, and Oculus Rift S, etc. but all of them have their pros and cons. Moreover, the rumors of the release of PSVR 2 in the near future were also hot in the market. The battle of supremacy is expected to continue in the market of VR in 2021.

Many companies are involved in developing new technologies for potential growth in the sale of VR devices. The demand for these new technologies can be great in the tourism sector or to improve the experience of the visitors. It may also help in increasing the popularity of social platforms. An exciting time for VR in 2021 is expected as on the basis of previous success, upgrades in Oculus Quest have been announced by Facebook which can change the upcoming time for VR.

Evolution of virtual reality in 2019

Several new headsets for virtual reality were released by many companies in 2019. Some of these were entirely new whereas some were the upgraded versions of the existing headset. In spring 2019, as the next step from Facebook, the release of Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest was critically appreciated by the fans of VR. Out of these two headsets, Oculus Quest gained more popularity than the other as standalone headsets can be used anywhere without requiring a PC to support it. On this occasion, the sale of VR compatible standards, as well as inexpensive video games, also increased by nearly 300%. A significant increase in the sales of the VR ecosystem, the Valve Index and Vive Cosmos was also noticed during 2019.

VR headsets expected in 2021

After the release of VR headsets for HTC, Valve, and Facebook in 2019, the release of any new headset is not expected at the beginning of 2021. However upgraded versions of the previous headsets can be released by the companies. For instance, in 2021 the introduction of hand tracking in the Oculus Quest has been announced by Facebook to use the feature of internet tracking provided in the existing headsets. In order to connect Oculus Quest to PC, Facebook has also announced the prospective release of Oculus Link. It is expected that the future of VR in 2021 will be shaped by such developments.

However, VR headsets of different types can be released by various companies this year. The standalone headset VIVE Focus from HTC can be upgraded to make it more powerful like its other headset for PC, Vive Cosmos, by updating its hardware without affecting the market of the PC compatible headset. In order to compete with Oculus Quest, HTC can reduce the cost of its upgraded VR headset.

Similarly, the upgrading of PlayStation VR, the VR headset from PlayStation is also expected in 2021. Moreover, after being inspired by the success of its previous headset, it is expected that Sony may release its long-awaited headset PSVR 2 along with the release of PlayStation 5 in 2021. The release of this new headset by Sony may give a boost to the market of VR in 2021.

Development of VR market in 2021

A steady all-round improvement in the VR market is expected in 2021. The release of the Oculus Quest and the increasing sales of video games in 2019 was the first indication in this direction. But, until new games are not introduced in the market any abrupt improvement cannot be expected in the VR market.

Moreover, it is not easy to track the statistics of the market as sometimes the potential of certain headsets seems to be overwhelming whereas sometimes not. Still, steady growth in the VR market is expected in the near future with the help of some other technologies.

According to the CTO of Hexagon Geosystems, Burkhard Boeckem, the industry has grown up to the next level with the help of 3D mapping and laser scanning technologies. The need for instant and accurate data increased with the increasing complexities in the projects. The teams will work more efficiently and faster with the help of new mobile and lightweight devices.

Thus, the future is bright for VR in 2021.

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