VR Is The Solution To The Housing Crisis


As the numbers of people seeking jobs go up each year, there are many problems and tricky situations that might crop up. On the one hand, there is a need to find out the required number of jobs to take care of those who are entering the job market each year. Further, there is also a big and silent crisis of housing for job seekers. Today, jobs may or may not be available in a single locality. Therefore, job seekers may have to move from one place to another in hordes and when this happens, there is a need for finding housing and accommodation for thousands of people. This is not an easy job and this cycle continues. It certainly puts a lot of pressure on the available urban space and the migration from small towns and the rural world to urban cities is certainly becoming a major problem. It needs to be rectified before things get out of hand.

How Virtual Reality Could Help Address Housing Crisis

This is where perhaps the role of VR or virtual reality could have a big role to play. The writing is clear on the wall and there are many experts who have spoken on this subject and it includes the famous Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook. He recently spoke on a range of topics and these are the topics and focus areas of his company over the next ten years or so. According to him by the year 2030 VR and AR will have moved towards telepresence. It could allow employees to have the convenience of working remotely from any part of the world. This is indeed great news because it could go a long way in alleviating the housing crisis. While houses may be available, getting affordable houses is certainly a big challenge and this is where the concept of VR or even AR could make all the difference. People could work from almost any place in the world using VR and it could make the need for mass migration and housing unnecessary and redundant. It could certainly play a very big role in reducing the pressure of affordable housing in populated cities, metropolis and other such huge cities with a population running into millions.

What Does Facebook Have In Mind

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook expressed his and his company’s intent quite clearly. He posted an article and he believed that he was taking a long term view as far as the future plans are concerned. He is of the firm belief that VR and AR will be major areas of focus for him and his company over the next decade and more. He has many reasons to believe that both AR and VR will become the most important and major computing platforms. They also will carry with them the key capabilities is making users feel that they are physically present with places and people, though they could be situated thousands of miles away from one another and from one place to another. This perhaps was one of the main reasons why Facebook bought over a company by the name Oculus way back in 2014 for around $2.4 billion.

How Does The Road For The Future Look Like

Facebook is quite confident that sometime in 2021, they will be able to achieve a breakthrough as far as augmented reality glasses are concerned. Once this happens, it could go a long way in redefining the relationship of human beings with technology. Should this become a reality, this technology will go a long way in removing and alleviating the inequalities that are brought about by geographical distance and the inequalities born out of it.

Why Do VR and AR Hold So Much Promise

Those who have some understanding of VR and AR would understand a few things. Both are capable of delivering a wonderful sense of presence. It gives the users a feeling that they are right there where the action is taking place. It could be in another place or with another person. This is a big leap forward instead of having devices that often take people and the situation around us out of the picture. Hence, there are reasons to believe that virtual reality and augmented reality could be helpful in being present with one another and will keep technology away. However, these are still early days and some of the devices that are perhaps around are clunky. But the writing on the wall is clear. As time passes by, VR and AR will undoubtedly be the most social and human technology platforms that will cut across geographical as well as time boundaries.

How Could It Help Solve Crisis

Let us now try and answer the main question as to how being able to be present anywhere could help in addressing the problem of ever-increasing housing costs and also address the problems created because of inequalities in geography. There is no denying the fact that today millions of people have to move towards cities because this is the place where jobs are available. There is a crowd of people flocking to cities for jobs and this obviously leads to a shortage of affordable houses in many big cities. This is resulting in the skyrocketing of housing costs and at the same time quality of living is also decreasing rapidly.

VR & AR could help here because it could enable you to live anywhere you would like and you can access and choose any job wherever it is located. However, the journey from drawing board to reality is still quite a way ahead. However, the good thing is that Zuckerberg and his team are steadfastly moving towards finding a workable and doable solution. Having said this, it also is a fact that there is a swath of jobs that simply cannot be replaced by VR and AR telepresence. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are scores of jobs and professionals that can easily be done by employees using the best of VR and AR technologies. Work is very much in progress and 2021 could see some path-breaking announcements being made by Facebook.


When we look at the plans that Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook has in place, it looks quite certain that the world of VR and AR is poised for a big change and it is going to happen sooner than later. If it can help solve the problem of housing in major cities, it will for sure be a big gift to mankind from Zuckerberg and his wonderful team.

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