What VR is Getting Right in 2020


If it feels like you have been waiting forever for VR tech, then you certainly aren’t alone. Most people had virtually given up on the technology, but a few recent advancements have generated some serious buzz.

This, of course, is because companies in charge of VR tech are finally moving in the right direction. For many years, the promises of VR were far beyond what the tech was actually producing. Naturally, the general public grew fed up and disinterested.

Now, though, it seems that brands are making good on many of the promises that they have been cashing in on. At the very least, these companies appear to be fixing the biggest problems that people had with VR tech. Let’s see what some of the major improvements are:

More Portable Headsets

Modern digital devices are sleek and lightweight – this is what the general public expects from its tech. However, VR headsets haven’t really been adhering to this rule for the last couple of years. Compared to many of the other devices in the market, they have come off as heavy and bulky. In short, no one really wanted to walk around with these headsets strapped to their heads.

Companies, however, are learning. This is why the “pancake lenses” trend is becoming especially prevalent. The design allows brands to drastically cut down on how large the headsets have to be. More and more companies are also adopting combining pancake lenses with microdisplays. This means that people can have smaller headsets without actually compromising on quality or features.

VR is Becoming More Accessible

If you were to ask the average person, you would find that they would be open to the idea of using a VR headset. However, for many years, these headsets were incredibly expensive. Furthermore, their capabilities didn’t really match up to this price tag. This is true especially when you consider the fact that alternatives such as smartphones and tablets offered up a lot more assistance.

Fortunately, this is an obstacle that VR has managed to overcome. In particular, Oculus Quest should be thanked for this. For one thing, it was launched by Facebook which already had a considerable following. For another, the price point was much lower than the previous options. As such, a greater number of people were on board with it.

Inclusion of Social Elements

If you want a trend to really catch on, then it is going to need to get social. For the longest time, VR felt a bit isolating. Sure, strapping on a headset and viewing an entirely different world could feel exciting. After a while, though, you were simply just standing there by yourself.

Newer headsets such as Oculus Quest, however, have worked to reduce this. They are now equipped with apps that encourage social experience. This means that people can now host meetings, carry on chats, and even engage in social media. Such advancement is sure to help with the popularity of this tech.

The Headset Market Will Remain Stable

The previous year marked the introduction of headsets by Valve, Facebook, and HTC. These conjured up plenty of hype. Furthermore, many people were impressed by what these headsets could do, reigniting the level of interest in VR once more.

It is unlikely that 2020 will see any new releases from other companies. At the very least, these headsets will not be in the same league as the more common options. This, however, is a good thing. Keep in mind, VR headsets need to become more familiar to the general public. Thus, it is a much better idea if they are allowed to get comfortable with brands that they know and trust.

Not to mention, too many headsets flooding into the market can make people feel overwhelmed. This is especially true if many of these turn out to be duds. With the current system in place, though, people can enjoy high-quality VR tech at decent prices. This will be one of the best ways to overcome any continuing resistance to technology.

So there you have it – this is what VR is getting right in 2020. If all goes according to plan, this year should definitely help boost approval ratings. At the very least, it helps to create a stable jumping-off platform for future endeavors.

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