What We Want to See from Sony’s Next VR Headset


This decade started with a completely undervalued system of virtual reality, PlayStation VR and a lot of quality games at a very affordable price. It was the first step from Sony to use the ecosystem of VR in a very cost-effective manner. Now people are excited about the release of PSVR 2 which is expected in 2021. At this point, the question arises that what will you like to see in the latest Sony VR headset?

Some of the major features which you may like to see while purchasing PSVR 2 are briefly described in this write-up.

A room-scale tracking system

The tracking system is one of the major problems faced while using the Sony VR headset as it includes a camera to capture your head movements and controllers. This problem was solved in the other headsets like Vive and Oculus before PSVR even if the price of using a room-scale tracking system is a bit high.

It is expected from Sony that it will include a room-scale tracking system in its new headset if it wants to introduce the gameplay of ’Shooting Gallery’ and teleported movements that were found while using the existing PSVR. The future PSVR should be committed to exploring environments without locking your upper body rigidly with the help of its complete 360-degree movements like the weaving and ducking gameplay of Half-Life: Alyx.

It will surely be tempting for the developers of Sony who want to create a game for VR when they are aware of the fact that their vision is understood by the hardware. Moreover, to ensure that you will never hit the disconnected screen when you are fully involved in the gameplay, the cameras on the rear and front of the headset and the cameras on the controllers are expected in this new Sony VR headset.

Wireless gameplay

Most of the developers of VR devices are trying to remove wires that can easily tangle the VR payers. It can be disgusting when you know that you cannot take the desired action anymore due to constraints. This improvement will certainly be beneficial for PSVR especially when they are making it accessible for the owner of the PlayStation ecosystem at a very low cost.

The success of virtual reality depends mainly on lowering the barriers to entry like done in various other friendly tools to families. Due to the low base of players, VR is still considered an exclusive and expensive game. It can be made easier by releasing wireless VR devices like PSVR so that it can be passed easily among family members and can be used for localized gameplay to increase the user-base.

PSVR 2 can capture the market of VR if it is released with PS5, a major console, with the support of the best development studio of Sony. According to certain patents, it is necessary for PSRV 2 to go wireless as per the expectations of its admirers.

Upgraded meaningful display

The display resolution of PSRV is not good as compared to the other popular headsets as it uses a single resolution of 1920×1080 to its game players. When you use a headset then the first thing noticed is the blur and clarity of the images. So, to ensure the success of PSRV 2 it is important to improve its display as the market is becoming more graphic intensive and volatile.

A better display at a very low price has been offered by mixed reality headsets from Windows to improve HD view as much as possible. This improvement in the display of PSRV will be an additional benefit for the buyers of PS5. The next-gen console of Sony is supported by a ray-tracing power and an 8K UHD display. So, if the display of PSRV 2 is improved then it will be compatible with PS5, which will increase the player-base for Sony VR.

Updates to old peripherals

Though PSRV had a number of successful features the gamepad is one of the most exciting features of this headset. The main reason behind this compatibility with a gamepad is the impressive performance of PS Move controllers. But using it always may not be appropriate. The plasticky orb wands are the old peripheral of Sony. You can easily see the pros and cons of a system when you have used it already. So, it will be good to use PS Move controllers in the latest hardware due to its compatibility with them.

If you are expecting to get a new set of controllers in this new headset then you will have to see a revolution in the controller space that can improve the gameplay by using the knuckle kit of Valve to fully track the fingers in the VR. A similar method of imaginative input is required by Sony to change the approach of the next generation of VR games. In order to discuss the future of VR, you cannot rely on updating the old peripherals.

Some more exclusives

The exclusive games available with PSRV headset is the best thing that makes you think of owning it. For this reason, Sony creates high-end titles for the VR system it produces to give an exciting experience to the users like Blood and Truth, Arkham VR, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, Tetris Effect and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, etc.

The talent of Sony has been proved through various types of experiences in the first generation VR games by making some changes in the peripherals and hardware as well as instead of using its existing PSRV, using other platforms for creating exclusive VR games. At the launch of PSRV 2, the games with exciting titles will be produced by the ASOB team of SIE Japan Studio and SIE London Studio to make these games successful like the success of Blood and Truth and Astro Bot.

Most of the franchises of Sony VR waiting for the release of PSRV 2 do not expect Sly Cooper, Gravity Rush or Ape Escape as exclusive games for this new VR headset.

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