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FIXD Review : Excellent Active Car Monitor


fixd reviews These days there are very high hype in the market about FIXD, and if you are reading this, you probably know about the Fixd active car monitor device. After doing a lot of research, here in my Fixd review, I m going to share my own personal experience with FIXD.

Let’s start with understanding what is FIXD? So, The FIXD is an active car monitor that is manufactured to give real-time updates about the health of your vehicle. Fixd is a hardware and software-based device which is sold by Georgia-based Fixd Automotive. The device alerts you if any error it identifies within 60 seconds. That means any car can be a smart vehicle after installing this device.

The hardware device takes information from your vehicle and sends it to the app on your smartphone. If Fixd encounters any issues, then you can give those data to your mechanic. Fixd also works as a maintenance reminder tool. It means you need not to worry about your next maintenance date. Additionally, FIXD’s will also able to determine your mileage

Let’s have a brief look at Active car monitor

Plugs directly into your car OBD-II port and sends information to the FIXD App.


It connects with the FIXD Sensor to help you know about your car.


The FIXD App permit you to analyze the health and status of every car in the family by using FIXD App .


You will quickly start understanding your vehicle without any tech knowledge.


Connect via Bluetooth to your phone


It has an excellent customer service team and online support 24*7

How Does FIXD Work?

There are two parts of FIXD device: the App (iOS and Android only) and the sensor.

Its sensor dimension is 2″ long, 1.65″ wide, and .78″ in thickness. And this sensor plugs into the OBD-II port which is available on all gas-powered cars whose manufacturing is after 1996.

Note: According to the company’s FAQ, FIXD is also compatible with gas-powered trucks purchased in the U.S. having GVWR less than 14,500 lbs. But till now it does not work with electric-powered vehicles or diesel-powered vehicles.

The sensor is small in size. Its compact design makes it unnoticeable while it remains plugged into the port at all times. From there, it gathers all the data related to any check engine light and sends them via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where its app will translate the information into:

  • The seriousness of the problem which encountered.
  • The outcomes of continuing to drive with that issue.
  • With a 2-3 sentence description of how the problem affects the rest of the car

active car monitor

You can install this sensor in multiple vehicles to monitor the health and status of other family members car’s. Also, you will receive mobile push notifications whenever a new problem is encountered.

Till now FIXD device is limited to check engine lights only. But according to the device’s FAQ, they are working hard on expanding it’s the capabilities. In future, they will include features like service reminders, TPMS, ABS, by licensing manufacturer-specific codes

Does Fixd Really Work?

Yes. But it is not the final solution. Do not think that you are going to save your all money. I want to clear this thing that FIXD can do translate everything for you. But to really fixd a serious problem you have to take your car to a mechanic. I have personally tested this device and it is really amazing.

Fixd only senses the reason of check engine lights. Fixd can’t help you if any of the following things occur:

  • When TPMS light pops up
  • When ABS light pops up

If you find any of these lights on, just go to a mechanic and let him diagnose your vehicle. Fixd is designed to read error codes that are sent to your vehicle’s OBD-II system, not to remove any problem of your vehicle.

If you are curious to know that what is your vehicle suffering from and what the check engine light is trying to tell you, In this case, Fixd is really the best device in the market.

After using it you will be able to sleep better – yes, seriously works – knowing that your check engine light is off. If you consistently ignore your check engine light, It will create a big problem one day.


Which Type of car problems can Fixd identify?

As per its manufacturer company claims, the sensor is able to detect 6,800 maladies which can affect your vehicle which leads check-engine light on.

Although FIXD does not list all those things that its app can find, it only lists major issues, such as your O2 sensor has failed or whether your engine oil temperature is very high. It will also alert you when your vehicle has a bigger problem that you should bring it to the mechanic.

Also, the app provides you the option to clear your check-engine light issues, if you have determined all the problem whatever it encountered is not specific. You can also use this FIXD to clear other dashboard lights, like ABS, TPMS, Airbag, Stability Control and Maintenance.

Which cars work with Fixd?

To use Fixd, all your vehicle needs is an OBD-II port. If you’re using any vehicle that is built in 1996 or later, the chances are very high that your car will compatible with Fixd. You will mostly find the OBD-II port near or under or around your glove box. But, If you are driving a car that was manufactured before 1996, unfortunately, FIXD will not work with it.

Advantages What You Will Get After Using Fixd

  • You will get Check Engine light information and know which type of repair is needed.
  • Its Maintenance timeline will tell you when your service is due.
  • Mileage detection that works to tell you about potential maintenance requirement based on the vehicle mileage.
  • Vehicle history that maintains in-depth, running log of your vehicle’s history.
  • Continuous monitoring alerts you whenever Fixd detects any problem.
  • Multi-vehicle control to properly monitor your as well as your family vehicle’s needs.

What I encountered after using fixd is finally, I am able to diagnose my own car for far less than I was charged by the mechanics.Now I go to the mechanics with knowledge of the problem.

Is there any negative aspect of FIXD

Not really. Reading my FIXD review you will see that Fixd works as expected, but it also has some limitations (As I have already mentioned in this article above). Apart from this, I just hope that that the company will work on fixing those issue. One of its major con is FIXD being out of stock instantly.

Know More About FIXD App

Fixd’s app is where you’ll come to know about your car. You can use the app to analyse the status of your car and can see if there are any problem listed in the app. Because some of the errors could be indistinct, So FIXD lists them in a separate tab and gives the descriptions of each one.

Also, the app notes the severity of the problem so you can easily determine just how important the warning is. For example, if your vehicle O2 sensor fails, then your car can consume very high amount of fuel for only few miles, and Also there is the possibility that your car will not clear a state emissions test.

Also, Fixd app gives you a visual timeline of mileage so you can determine which type of maintenance you should do. And the Fixd app can send you the push notifications of every problem so that you can keep your eyes on your car health.

The Fixd app can work flawlessly with multiple cars. All you have to do is just put a sensor in each of your family’s vehicles, and you will able to monitor them too. By using the app, you can select the vehicle you want to diagnose.

How much does Fixd cost?

If you want just one Fixd device, you can expect to pay approx $59. Fixd offer 2 sensors for approx$88, that means you can save 50% effectively on one of the units. If you want to buy 3 Fixd sensors, you’ll pay approx $118 that means Buy 2 get 1 Free.

Fixd offers 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Fixd is shipped from Georgia, Atlanta, so that you can expect a fast shipping time if you are living anywhere on the East Coast.

Where You get the FIXD device?

Unfortunately, You won’t be able to find Fixd everywhere. The company sells the sensors on its Official website and at Amazon, Walmart, and several other stores

What Is the FIXD Maintenance Club?

To add a bit more value to owning a Fixd system, the company now offers a service that is the Fixd Maintenance Club.

Under the membership, you use the fixd to see what’s wrong or when you need an oil change or new air filter, but after identifying the problem you have to go to the garage to get the work done. But instead of having someone else do your car work, you can send your vehicle information to Fixd company, and through its Maintenance Club, the company will send you the parts you need to do the work by yourself.

Additionally, Fixd will also send to you all the specific maintenance items which are based on your upcoming maintenance work. Fixd’s incredible service allows you to select by yourself when your maintenance kit should ship.

The membership plan is Club is completely free, but the company will charge for the parts. Prices may vary, depending on the parts you need and the maintenance work.

What About the FIXD Vehicle Protection Plans?

Fixd also offers Vehicle Protection Plans. After subscribing this service you can get services like 24*7 roadside assistance, 24*7assistance for key replacements in case you lose your key. ItsTitanium Plus Protection plan gives you roadside assistance, tire, key/remote replacement, wheel protection, paintless ding repair and windshield protection.

Here is the pricing plan of different services which comes under Fixd Vehicle Protection Plans.

Fixd Roadside Assistance: $49
Fixd Key Replacement Plan: $69
The Fixd Full Vehicle Protection Plan: Yet to come

How is FIXD different from other devices?

Fixd is not the only device which is available in the market that can monitor your vehicle health. A few products — such as Verizon’s hum+, CarMD, Zubie Key and others — all these connect to your vehicle and use an app to give you details about the vehicle.

The Fixd sensor somewhat gets benefits from its retail availability at the world’s largest retailers — this is what not all of its competitors can match. Also, Fixd’s app is one of the best-designed programs for this purpose.

Its company claims that Fixd is very efficient in breaking down problems into very easy and understandable terms. It not only gives you a code or technical description but also alerts you to the seriousness of the problems. Also, it reminds you what can happen if you continue the drive with the problem.

Final Verdict On FIXD Review :

FIXD is whether the right choice for you or not totally depends on your requirement and the factors you consider most important. FIXD’s purchasing price is approx $10 higher than other similar types of device, but it is a one-time purchase no any further fee is needed.Also, it included the several incredible features (such as no Wi-Fi access, IFTTT connectivity, different app choices, and so on)

At just $59 USD for one FIXD Active Car Health Monitor, it’s far less expensive than regularly going to a repair It can possibly save you a huge number of dollars over the long run. Is our Fixd reviews article is beneficial for you? If yes please let us know in our comment section.


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