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Imagine purchasing a flashlight that has met the hand’s free task illumination requirements. The Sidewinder flashlight has done just that. You also have the ability to purchase this particular flashlight in different models. These different models have different light configurations. One of the nice features is the hand’s free option. You can attach the flashlight to your belt or clothing and still be able to see what you need to see. The ability to tilt the head 185° makes the ability to see the area a lot easier. Depending on what you are using the sidewinder flashlight for these two features can prove to be very valuable. There are three different models available for you to choose from. Each of these models has different light configurations. You can choose from the military model which consists of the light configurations: White/Red/IR-IFF/Blue LEDs. The aviation model consists of the light configurations of White/Green/IR-IFF/Blue LEDs. The last one is the sportsman model. The light configuration for this model is White/Red/Green/Blue LEDs.

How many times have you dropped your flashlight only to break the lens? It is a common thing to do. The sidewinder flashlight is equipped with a polycarbonate lens which is unbreakable. The lens is also scratch-resistant. At the push of a button, you are able to enable or even disable the illumination source. With lithium “AA” cells you will find that they will give an extended operation no matter what the climate is. They have the capacity to withstand temperatures from
-40F to 150F. This particular flashlight is also waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The battery life of your flashlight will vary depending on the different LED lights you will be using. It will also vary in the amount of light output that you use, as well. An excellent example is if you are using the White C4 LED and using a low (5%) output you will have 100 hours+. If you are using the 5MM Green LED (527nm) and using the low (5%) output you will have 150 hours+. You will find that there are 4 different output levels as well as a strobe level.

If you purchase the military or aviation model you will find that moving from the lowest output to the highest output in 4 steps. The sportsman model, when turned on, will be on the highest output and then you will move it down to whichever output you would like it at.

If you have a specific model that you are using then you have the ability to lock it into place. You will use the pull-to-turn locking knob. This will help in preventing it from being accidentally switched or changed. This will also allow you to select from the 4 illumination sources that are available.

Purchasing this particular flashlight will offer you numerous features. Aside from choosing from one of the three that they have to offer you will also receive the hand’s free ability. You will have to enjoy the ease that you will have when replacing the batteries and the waterproof feature, as well. This is an excellent product with individuals in mind.

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