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I’m Brian and welcome to my Flashlight Reviews Blog! Why did I choose to blog about it? A flashlight is every man’s best friend, so much so, that the market is filled with torches.

I was looking for a few flashlights to suit my different needs and activities. Then I realized that I had a huge mountain of information on many flashlights. So, I compiled all my findings, experts’ recommendations, owners’ reviews and friends’ experiences together. I just thought that it would save you a lot of time and hassle if you can find everything that you need to know about flashlights right here!

Hope you enjoy exploring my world of flashlights!

How to Pick the Best Torch

Did you know that the name “flashlight” has a slightly humorous history? In the early days of the dry cell, the power of a dry cell battery was very limited. To save it from discharging quickly, the flashlight was operated intermittently and just long enough to check out the environment; hence the name “flashlight”.

Now, let us go back to the important information. There are about 4 basic types of flashlights: incandescent, fluorescent, LED and hybrid.

  1. Incandescent
    This is the most basic, old-fashioned flashlight. Comes in several different types, going from least to most bright: General, Krypton, Halogen and Xenon. The price rises in sync with the brightness. Brighter bulbs do not absorb battery juice any faster than the dimmer bulbs, so it has been said that it’s more worthwhile to go for xenon at all times.
  2. Fluorescent
    This is usually the emergency go-to lights in the factories at work. The downside to it is that they’re usually bulky and inconvenient.
  3. LED
    LED lights are the latest ‘in’ products. The battery life last many times longer and the bulbs never burn or need replacing. It’s expensive, though, to get one that shines very bright.
  4. Hybrids
    Many headlamps and handheld flashlights are a combination of regular incandescent bulbs and LED lights. If you choose to get this type, use the incandescent bulb as little as possible, because it drains battery life 10 times faster than the LED mode. So, this might not be a great choice looking at it either way.

What suits you best?

  • If you need bright light but a short battery life, xenon is ideal.
  • If you are all right with mediocre brightness but want a long lasting battery life, fluorescent might be a better bet.
  • If you need light that last days without a battery change but do not mind a pretty weak light, try LED. This is better in situations such as emergency cases.

My Flashlight Reviews

One flashlight which is perfect for one may not be the best for another. This may be due to the fact that they all have different specialties and capabilities which make them distinct and unique. As such, I’ve picked some different flashlights which I believe are best in their respective categories.

Below are my top picks:

For the House and Basic Needs

  • The Best LED Flashlight – This is something you’d want around your house during a blackout.
  • The Best LED Household Flashlight – This flashlight being rated as best household flashlight in couple reviews sites, a bit dated but still a great choice
  • The Best Travel Flashlight – small and compact, can fits into just about anything, a purse, your glove compartment or even backpack. It’s a high-tech and rugged tool in one!
  • The Best Rechargeable Flashlight – For those who hate replacing batteries.
  • The Best Key Ring Flashlight – Something to light up the car compartment or key hole in the dark.
  • The Best Compact Flashlight – Very cheap and portable. Just the flashlight to keep in the car or purse.

For Outdoors and Special Needs

  • The Best Tactical Flashlight – Mount this on your guns for better aim.
  • The Best Self Defense Flashlight – For hunting and working with both hands.
  • The Best Law Enforcement Flashlight – Hefty and long for an added measure of security.
  • The Best EDC Flashlight – Compact and small enough to carry on your person every day.
  • The Best Fire Fighter / EMT Flashlight – Clips on coat and cuts through the smoke.
  • The Best Emergency Disaster Flashlight – Waterproof and proven to withstand abuse.

If you would like a complete summary click here, or go to my blog for more reviews and recommendations!

Quick Guide to Best Flashlight Features

For starters, you’ve got to know what your expectations are for the flashlight that you want to pick. That should narrow your long shopping list. I’ve sorted the many things you need to look for in the best flashlight:

  1. Go for Reliable Name Brands
  2. Brighter Isn’t Always Better
  3. Do Not Compare Flashlight Brightness Just By Lumens
  4. Lighting Needs
  5. Consider the Cost of Batteries
  6. Consider the Availability of Batteries
  7. Climate
  8. Efficiency
  9. Best Reflectors
  10. Durability
  11. Warranty
  12. Light Color
  13. Assembly of Flashlight
  14. Replacement

If you want more details or clarification on the each of the following points, click here.

That should do it! By reading all these, I hope you won’t fall into any flashlight follies. I hope you have enjoyed your tour and do visit my flashlight blog for more.

Have fun looking for your best flashlight and have a good day.

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