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What to Look for When Buying a Survival Flashlight

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One of the absolute necessities any survivalist will tell you is a must-have is the survival flashlight. One of the biggest issues, however, is with the large variety of styles and models available. Many buyers simply get overwhelmed with all the different functions and features, that they often choose the wrong flashlight for their particular needs. Here is a breakdown of what to look for when buying a flashlight for survival purposes.

The Purpose of the Flashlight
Before choosing which flashlight is best for you, make certain to understand what purpose you will be using it for. Is it going to simply be packed away in your vehicle for an emergency, is it for a camping trip, is it for safety around the house, or are you going to use it for a variety of different purposes? If you plan on spending significant time in the woods, then there are several things you must consider when shopping around for a flashlight.The Brightness of the Flashlight The brightness of a flashlight is rated in candlepower and lumens. Brighter is not always better when it comes to a flashlight used for survival purposes. The brighter the flashlight, the more resources it requires. A bright survival flashlight requires battery changes more frequently. The higher the lumen rating on the flashlight, the brighter you can expect the beam of light to be. When you are looking for a mid-weight flashlight that packs a very powerful beam of light, consider the Streamlight UltraStinger. This flashlight is perfect for getting you through the woods and still being able to signal for help if necessary. If you are looking for a light that is simply the brightest and will give up your location easily, consider the Humvee HMV-40MIL-110. With a million candlepower, the rescue team will have little trouble finding your location.

Humvee HMV-40MIL-110 40 Million Candle Power...
  • HID (high intensity discharge) 35 Watt Xenon spotlight that provides up to 40 million candlepower
  • 4 super bright LED assist lights, twin LED tube lamps & emergency color blinking light
  • 12V sealed battery that will act as an emergency vehicle jump starter
  • 12V connector cord and AC/DC adaptor for battery charging or you can even charge your cell phone
  • Sturdy base and directional bearings
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The Size of the Flashlight
Size matters when you are in a survival mode because you don’t want to be carrying around a giant flashlight when you have several miles of terrain to travel. For long trips through the woods, you want a flashlight like the Surefire LX2 LumaMax. Considered one of the best tactical flashlights because of the size and the LED light it produces. When you are hunting or tracking through rough terrain, you want a survival flashlight that is bright enough to give you the ability to walk safely, and not too heavy that your struggling to use it. As the power of the flashlight increases, so does the size. Consider a wind-up flashlight when you want a quality beam and do not want to have to travel with several battery packs on longer journeys.   The Bulb Type of the Flashlight
Consider which type of bulb your flashlight will need because they all have different purposes in a survival situation. The LED, xenon, and halogen and three types of bulbs to choose from. The LED will run for long periods without a battery change and are extremely efficient. The xenon and halogen bulbs are much brighter and with that power comes more frequent batter changes. Since the batteries are being consumed at a faster rate, you are required to pack more weight in your backpack to keep the light running during your journey. Consider before you enter a survival situation all the criteria of the flashlight ahead of time. The last thing you need is a low powered beam when you need high power or a flashlight that needs frequent battery changes when you’re on a long hike. The better quality flashlights usually cost more money, so keep that rule of thumb in mind when making your decision. So if you are looking for the best survival flashlight to add to your bug out bag, then take a close look at the torch you are going to rely on in the most treacherous of times. Or maybe you are just trying to find the right light for a survival kit for the car, it never hurts to study up and get the best one.  

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