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Price: Over $300

From Manufacturer : X3 makes it simple to travel/commute and just have fun! Designed for enjoyment, great for first time AirWheel riders or younger ‘AirWheelers’. Set in waterproof housing, and featuring high-quality functioning and safety mechanics. X3 delivers responsive movement to the users lean. Forwards to go forwards, side to side to turn, and backwards to slowdown.

Take your Freewheeling to the Xtreme with AirWheel X3

The AirWheel first came into existence as an electric unicycle brand when it launched the AirWheel X3. Incidentally, it is also considered the lightest in the line and the newest version has been launched with a bigger battery and better technology. The unit is also reported as being very family friendly (at least my kids say so) and weighs just 21.6 lbs so even a pre teen can carry it with ease. Here are a few more things this bad boy can do:

Smart Balancing System

When we say smart, we mean smart. The AirWheel X3 is designed to detect when the rider tilts forward and back. The uber sensitive gyro sensors will be trained on your movements so when you bend forward or back, the engine will accommodate in kind by balancing you on the board and by turning the X3 accordingly. This motion keeps the X3 stable whether it’s being ridden by a seasoned veteran or a clumsy novice.

Needless to say the AirWheel has been designed for fun that I wish could last for hours without stop. Unfortunately, even though it takes an hour to charge at most, the unit will last for 45 to 90 minutes max before it has to be recharged.


One AirWheel to rule them All…

There is a reason why the X3 is considered to be the best entry level electronic unicycle in the market. Besides allowing riders to have a great time, it is best for children, features waterproof housing along with state of the art safety mechanics. To top it off, it’s also very responsive to movements; all I had to do is lean forward to go in that direction, side to side for turns and back if I wanted to slow down (no backpedalling I’m afraid). These along with the following features have made the X3 one of the best self balancing electronic unicycles in the market when it came out for the first time.

  • Speed – capable of giving 11.2 mph or 18 km/h
  • Range – can cover 10 to 14 miles or 15 – 23 km
  • Charge time – 90 or 45 minutes.
  • Load – can handle over 264 lbs or 120 kilos
  • Tires – 16 x 2.125 inches
  • Motor – 1000 W
  • Charger – 100 to 240 VAC custom charger
  • Size – 14” x 8” x 17.7”

Some of the best features of the X3 are that it is lightweight and water proof so you can take it out on rainy days without fear of damage. The design is wear resistance, but the unit will last longer if you take care of it as well. The battery is quite energy efficient so it might give you more than 90 minutes of unlimited performance if it is charged to its full potential.

It’s so super silent that I bet you can ride it in the library without the librarian being the wiser. Speaking of safety, the AirWheel X3 has been designed with a speed limit of 18 km/h to prevent injuries. In other words, if you try to make it go faster, the unit will slow down and lean back automatically till it’s back to its normal and safer speed. The same is the case with the battery. Once the unit’s charge falls down to 15%, all of its 4 LED lights will start to blink along with a beeping buzzer. The battery indicator is bright enough to illuminate the charge left as well.

How the X3 Works

Most people manage to learn how to ride an AirWheel X3 in a day or 30 minutes minimum if they are not novices at wheeled sports. If you want to speed up the learning process, you can start off with the training wheels that come with each unit. The gyrosensors will keep it upright anyway, but better to be safe than sorry I always say. Not that I ever had to use the training wheels….

As mentioned before, the AirWheel responds to your body movements to move forward, back and brake. It also reacts by the way you place your weight so if you tilt your weight to the right, it will respond in kind. The normal cruising speed is 8 mph and is quite comfortable as well. You may have to speed up a little to go up an incline, but try not to go over slopes that are angled more than 15 degrees.

The batter can be charged a total of 1800 times before it would need to be replaced and it is now available from Samsung. Whichever battery you use won’t last long if it is not used smartly. The best way to conserve charge and make the battery last longer is to go at moderate speeds, so keep those races to a minimum! Frequent stops and starts will also consume more battery than is used.

Each unit is delivered with a small charger which can work on both 230 and 110 V along with a prong cable. The unit can be charged completely if its charger is left undisturbed when it is plugged in for 90 minutes. If you can’t wait more than an hour, then you’ll have to contend with 80% charge max. The LED lights will let you know how much charge is left when you are riding and the unit will start blaring once it runs out of charge. Don’t worry about falling off though.

Once it runs out of charge, the AirWheel X3 will slow down itself and let you off rather than dumping you off. All you have to do after that is turn it off, reset and hail a cab if you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. Like all vehicles of its kind, there will be some safety concerns, but they can be minimized if you practice enough and read the safety manual that comes with it.

Price and Safety

Buying the AirWheel X3 can burn a hole in your pocket. With a staggering $400 price tag, you have to be pretty comfortable off to afford one or sell an organ, whichever is safest. When you do, make sure it remains an investment for your mobility by keeping it stored safely and try to keep it on the boardwalk at all times. This includes wearing safety gear such as knee pads, elbow pads and helmets to keep yourself scratch free as well.

Even though the X3 is unlike any other vehicle on the road that does not mean you should ignore local traffic laws and regulations. Be considerate of other pedestrians on the boardwalk for one thing by keeping the speed moderate and floor it only when you see an open or clear pathway. They have just as much right to walk there as you do!

Try not to let others try out your AirWheel X3 unless they are experienced at riding one or have read the manual beforehand. Doing so otherwise can result injuries and complicated lawsuits that can make you say goodbye to your precious unit. Oh and whatever you do, power off the X3 first before picking it up. Those tire tracks don’t come off easy, trust me.

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