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If you are tired of walking around everywhere and are looking for other options besides the Segway, then the mobility scooter, aka the IO Hawk will not disappoint.

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The Hawk Has Landed!

If you are tired of walking around everywhere and are looking for other options besides the Segway, then the mobility scooter, aka the IO Hawk will not disappoint. Sure, the Segway has handlebars that even a newbie can handle (no pun intended), but it can do a number on your back if you are standing still on it for a while. This won’t be a problem on the clean and handlebar-less IO Hawk since it’s basically an electric skateboard that runs on intuition. This allows riders to move around and balance more naturally.

Features and Surprises

The IO Hawk is basically a hoverboard with wheels. It has a significantly smaller footprint compared to the massive Segway which makes it easier to store and it can support a whopping 280 pounds easily. The design comes in badass black, white and red only for now, but you really won’t want any other colors once you see it in action!

The footpads are designed to be super intuitive so all you need to do to move the board forward, is shift your feet a little either left or right. The surprising thing is that you can actually make it spin a complete 360 degrees continuously if you shift in just the right way and it can go as fast as you normally walk (6 MPH max)


‘Levitating’ never felt this good!

In other words, it’s like a skateboard but instead of propelling yourself forward using your feet and legs, all you have to do is lean slightly forward to place the pressure those toe pads will need to generate a charge for the board to do its thing.

If you have to cover a lot of ground on foot, then this baby can get you there in no time and without tiring you out. The IO Hawk can cover up to 12 miles at most on a full charge so if you want to walk further, it will still get you partway there and conserve your energy at the same time.

At most, this self balancing board measures a mere 22 pounds and is 24 inches long so you can pretty much carry it around wherever you want. The board shares its name with the company behind its creation and has all the charms of a Segway without the cumbersome handlebars. This just proves that public transportation is taking a drastic turn for the convenient.

Take the electrical bicycles for instance or even the electricity charged car from Ford. All of these options are just another way for us to realize that eco friendly can be trendy and way more convenient than their polluting counterparts.

Speaking of convenience, movement on the IO Hawk is extremely easy as it will easily move forward and back in the direction you wish to turn when you lean that way. Yes, you will get the shakes when you ride one for the first time and might even stumble, but an hour’s practice will have you rolling down the boardwalk. No hatin’!

Coast smoothly and Safely with help from the Safety Features

On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t take it over a steep incline. At most, the IO Hawk can tackle inclines that are slightly steep and can last for 10 to 12 miles on a single 3 hour charge. But, if you encounter a crack when you are going at modest speed, you have to avoid it or risk toppling over. Plus, it would also be a good idea to have fare for a taxi if it rains.

Yes, the charge time is extensive, but it will be worth the hours of fun you’ll have. If you prefer a more sedate pace, you can just charge it for an hour.

One of the best and brightest ideas the makers of the Hawk had was to place LED lights on the rear of this mobility scooter as a security feature. This is quite necessary since the board makes absolutely no noise when it is gliding along, which can be dangerous at night or during dark hours. With the lights ablaze pedestrians and oncoming traffic can spot you from miles away and you can coast to your heart’s content without wheering off course to avoid them.

Even though the Segway became the preferred mode of transportation for those who can afford them, they did not speed up the revolution of compact mobility as fast as the mobility scooter did. It may be a while till we get the jetpack and flying cars, but at least the IO Hawk can make Back to the Future come alive for us! The only thing the Hawk does not do is fly but we still have our fingers crossed for that jetpack.

Small Learning Curve and Well Worth the Expense

Even though this two wheeled scooter features self balancing technology, it still takes some time to get used to. For instance, once you get on one for the first time you may automatically assume that it will move forward when you lean over rather than fall flat on your face. This mistake can cost you a nose and your dignity if you are not careful, but since you won’t have far to fall, you can keep both intact and just blush like crazy.

However, once you get the hang of it, you will wonder whether you ever needed handlebars. The ride will seem intuitive and since it has a zero turning radius, you can maneuver it any which way you need to go. Of course, that does not mean that you should forego safety gear completely. Do the smart thing and wear helmets as well as knee and elbow pads when you are riding one. Even though the fall will not be far, you can still skin your knees and elbows if you take a tumble while going full tilt.


The IO Hawk does not come cheap though. Get ready to fork over a hefty $1800 if you want one, but if you can, then the cups of Ramen you’ll have to contend with for a month will be well worth the expenditure. At best the Hawk is a great mobility option indoors such as for conventions, amusement parks or in large workplaces that are based on an open floor plan. It has received a lot of amazing reviews, so buying one won’t be a disappointment later I can guarantee. Even if you don’t ride it too often, the light glossy finish and wide tires will look totally rad in your garage.

All in all, the IO Hawk can bring much needed fun into long, boring walks and change how you connect with the world. If you are an enthusiast it will take at most 30 minutes of practice to master it and coast into the sunset.

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