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Most Advanced LeviBoard

Amazing Bluetooth Sound System

Smart lights

What in Blazes is a LeviBoard Next?

Move over Tony Hawk! The next generation of mobility ‘cruisers’ has hit the market and is taking over like a storm. Popular with (former) skateboarders and frustrated pedestrians alike, the LeviBoard has quickly gained ground as a mobility aid that is as fun to ride as it is convenient. It is basically our answer to maneuvering a Segway without looking like Paul Blart. It comes without any handlebars, can be carried by a child easily and get this, is powered by a battery that won’t run out of juice for 3 hours straight!

The brand has a slew of LeviBoards to its name and its LeviBoard Next line is considered the next generation of transportation. Unlike the Offroad variety, this one is made for those who prefer a more sedate pace or just want to get from point A to point B without walking.

The Next Generation of Transportation

It was love at first sight for me. The Next sports a sleeker and leaner body and offers intuitive maneuverability that your run-of-the-mill Segway just cannot provide. It can be used every day as long as it is kept charged and can handle tight curves, slightly bumpy tracks and cracks with ease. The following are a few more awesome things this baby features:

Flexible Movement

LeviBoard Next’s sleeker body allows flexible movements and is even more intuitive to each and every move of the rider. So, it’s the same as walking but without the aching legs and twisted ankles. Floating down a boardwalk never looked this good.

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Intuitive Maneuverability

The LeviBoard Next comes with in-built smart sensor technology which as the name implies, senses minute movements of the rider while it is in motion. Whether you want to avoid slow pedestrians or big-eyed kids who just HAVE to stand in the middle of the road to see what you are riding, you can dodge them with slight adjustments in your movement.

Superior Balance

Segway enthusiasts will tell you that you need to have upper body strength and enough flexibility to steer one in the direction you need to go. This may sound insane but even though the LeviBoard Next does not have those handlebars, but offers superior balance compared to the Segway!

The super-sensitive sensors make this possible; when you lean forward, the board will accelerate automatically and when you come back to an upright 90-degree position, it will trigger its sensors and slow down to its usual pace allowing you to maintain your balance.

Slip Free

Even though you basically will be reliant on the footrests to maintain your balance you won’t slip off during a ride. That’s because each footrest in the LeviBoard Next is cushioned with a slip-free pad that offers a comfortable and embarrassment free riding experience.

Battery Friendly

The LeviBoard Next is basically your mobility buddy and just like a good friend will ensure it saves as much juice as possible by recharging its battery when you brake and when you are levitating downhill. (Yes, you can freewheel downhill and look cool at the same time.)

Let there be Light!

Like all LeviBoards, the LeviBoard Next also comes with some really badass smart lights that are based on the side of the boards. This pimped out feature does more than make you look good on the boardwalk; they act as turn signals as well. So, every time you move left or right, the corresponding light will turn on so that pedestrians or fellow ‘LeviBoarders’ behind you know when they should slow down in kind. The smart lights are also based on the bar indicator on the top of the board which will also show you how much charge is left.

Maximum Speed and Endurance

Even though you might not get the speed you can eke out of a skateboard, you can cruise at a comfortable 6 to 9 MPH on the Next. That’s approximately 15 to 20 km/h give or take. Additionally, on a full charge, the LeviBoard Next can allow the rider to cover almost 9 to 12 miles but that will depend on the terrain, the temperature, and the weight of the rider.

Maximum Load and Incline

The LeviBoard Next can take a lot of punishment, but it would be a good idea to maintain at least 290 lbs or 140 kg of weight to maintain it. Plus, if you are an adventure junkie, then you can take it down a 15° incline easily.

Charging Time

If your LeviBoard Next runs out of juice but you don’t, just plug it in and get ready to ‘levitate’ again after 40 minutes. For a full charge, charge the 36V and 4.4 AH batteries for 120 minutes. Plus, as mentioned before, the smart battery system monitors the working status of each and every component in the battery cell and also ensures that the rider has a safe and stable ride.

Dimensions and Tire Size

This hoverboard with wheels weighs a mere 26lbs and is 23 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 7 inches high at most. Even though you may seem as if you are floating on air, the board does have inflatable 6.7 inches wheels.


Most companies that offer this amazing hoverboard also offer a complete one year warranty. It’s good to know that even though the Next is made using next-generation technology, manufacturers and suppliers are not leaving any stone unturned to improve on it.

Entertainment on the Go

No need to take your expensive iPhone with you each time you fancy a spin on your LeviBoard Next. The two-wheel scooter comes with speakers along with Bluetooth 4.0 that gives new meaning to entertainment on the go!

Gyroscope and Accelerometer, Check!

These fancy-sounding features are the reason why you can balance yourself on a LeviBoard Next after a few practices runs. Long story short, the in-built gyroscope actually uses the Earth’s gravity to check orientation and keep the rider balanced while the accelerometer measures acceleration that is not dependent on gravity. In other words, it allows the rider to guide the LeviBoard with small movements by measuring the vibrations it receives from it.

In a Nutshell

So, we have learned that the LeviBoard Next:

  • Offers 3 hours worth of riding experience
  • Can make you look great during your daily fresh air intake
  • Is a valid replacement for that old skateboard you never mastered
  • Can take loads of weight without breaking down
  • Can make you look like Darth Vader, but more badass
  • Weighs way less than a child
  • A great alternative for tech-savvy kids (which is pretty much every kid today)
  • A great alternative to carbon chugging and gas-guzzling cars for a simple or small trip to the store.

And a lot of other cool features that firsthand experience will reveal. So, if you are looking for a different kind of thrill or just bored with the Segway, make LeviBoard Next your next mobility partner.

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