LeviBoard Offroad Review


Price: $999 – $1,099

  • Made for Off Road Riding
  • Cool Design
  • 9-12 mile range on a max 2 hour charge

Nothing is more thrilling to a speed junkie than cruising on a long, smooth stretch of road. If you are on a LeviBoard or a Segway on the other hand, that could get pretty boring and fast! That was my frame of mind when I was searching for a LeviBoard that could not only outclass its handlebar counterpart (the Segway i.e.) but could zoom along any boardwalk at speeds of at least 12 mph.

That was when I came across the LeviBoard Offroad, a LeviBoard that could overcome all types of terrain, but is as smooth and easy to maneuver as its Original counterpart. But first, a little bit more about this amazing mobility device.

Offroad LeviBoard

Even though the Segway eased mobility, lugging one around that could weigh a massive 260 lbs can do a number on your back and forget about carrying it up an incline! Additionally, since most of us rely on our upper body strength to remain upright while clutching the handlebars, the ride can seem awkward at best. This is what the LeviBoard or two way scooter, does away with altogether.

The contraption weighs at most a mere 26.4 lbs and you can zoom along a smooth boardwalk at a comfortable 12 MPH easy without toppling over. So if you are looking to up the ante on your skateboarding, but don’t want to look like the next Paul Blart while doing it, then the LeviBoard Offroad should fit your style easy.

Look Ma’! No Hand-lebars!

Of course, the first thing you will notice about these hoverboards on wheels is that they come without any additional attachments and that includes handlebars. It’s been designed accordingly though. All you have to do is stand on one and tilt ever so slightly forward, backward and sideways to make your LeviBoard move where you want it to. Some slight and intuitive body movements will be sufficient to make it go where you want without any extra effort.

Being the adventure junkie I am, I instantly fell in love with this feature in my LeviBoard Offroad. Besides making me look oh-so-cool, it took me just 5 minutes to learn how to use it.

The name is apt since I literally felt as if I was floating on air, even on an uneven boardwalk and with the intuitive maneuverability; I was able to dodge the little old lady that always tries to whack me with her walking stick when I skated past her. Long story short, she never hears me coming now and we are both better for it. The kids loved it too and would spend hours pretending they could control it with their minds, like mini Charles Xaviers on steroids.

It’s actually pretty amazing how fast the Offroad LeviBoard can go, even on uneven terrain. The device responds instantly to my slightest body movements and responds instantly to the slightest adjustment in foot pressure. So, when you turn your head and upper body at the same time, it pretty much moves along with.

So, we have learned that with an Offroad LeviBoard you:

  • Just need to place slight pressure forward on the feet to move forward
  • Do not need handlebars to keep your balance on a moving LeviBoard
  • Avoid pedestrians with ease without shouting ‘Left!’ like a maniac.
  • Convince your kids to spend time in the great outdoors/fresh air
  • Make people stare – hopefully in admiration if you have decent balance
  • Look awesome when off-roading on a LeviBoard


Those were just some basics that this amazing contraption has in store for you if you choose to buy it. To really know if the Offroad LeviBoard is worth the investment, you need to go through the nitty gritty specs and see if it offers the ultra comfortably maneuverability that it promises.


Like other LeviBoards such as the Original and Transformer, the LeviBoard Offroad comprises of an aluminum alloy frame which is sturdy enough to withstand all types of terrain. The wheels are 10 inches long and can be inflated with ease in case you get a flat – yes, it’s possible especially if you prefer to cruise on an uneven boardwalk or down dirt country roads for instance. Additionally, the transition from road to off-road is as smooth as silk due to the sturdy tires and the extra friction they offer.

Off-terrain capabilities

As the name implies, the Leviboard Offroad is designed to overcome rough terrain which is why it can provide a smooth ride whether you are cruising on gravel, dirt, grass and even a surface that is covered in a slight layer of snow.

Maximum Speed

Even though it may not provide the speed you can get from a skateboard, the Leviboard Offroad can cruise along a comfortable 6 to 9 MPH or 10 – 16 km/h at most for those lazy afternoon cruises for some much needed fresh air. However, it can go up to 9 to 12 MPH depending on your weight, the type of terrain you prefer to take it on and temperature as well.

Load Capacity and Incline

The Offroad LeviBoard is built for strength so it stands to reason that it can support max 290 lbs whether it is going uphill, across or on an uneven surface. If you live on an incline or want to go up one, then you better make sure it’s 15 degrees inclined at most if you don’t want to fall flat on your face; that’s the maximum incline the Offroad can offer. However, since it is so compact and weighs at most 33lbs, you can pretty much take it anywhere you want.

Charge and Battery

If you can wait for your smartphone to charge to the max before using it, then you will have no problem waiting for your Offroad Leviboard to charge. The 36V and 4.4 AH Li-ion batteries take 45 – 120 minutes max to fill up with enough juice for 3 hours of non-stop cruising.

Tires and Dimensions

The Offroad Leviboard is 29.4” long, 13” wide and 13” high and comes with 10” tires that are inflatable and strong enough to withstand days of wear and tear. Plus, like all LeviBoards, this one also comes with some really kickass LED lights in the back to take your cruising to the next level!

3 Axis Gyro sensors and Accelerometers

As fancy as those names sound, they aren’t difficult to understand at all if you are a fan of LeviBoards. There is a reason why you can balance so easily on one, and no, it’s not because you have a great sense of balance. The gyroscope and accelerometer will determine your position and orientation on the LeviBoard the moment you step on it and give it the information it needs to balance you accordingly. In other words, it will respond when you shift your weight on it in the slightest so you won’t topple over regardless which side you are shifting to.

Moving on the LeviBoard Offroad is quite easy, but expect jelly legs the first time you step on one. However, once you get a hang of it, you’ll have a hard time getting off what with the fun you’ll be able to have. Cruise at night with the badass LED backlights illuminating your magnificent cruise and you’ll remain safe on the road and off.

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