Leviboard Original Review


Price: $599

The first Leviboard model

Tested and Reliable

Energy Saving

Nothing Can Beat the Original!

That’s what I thought when I first stepped onto the LeviBoard Original, one of the first designs the LeviBoard brand came out with for a two wheeled scooter. If you can afford this baby in college, there is no way you will ever be late for another lecture again and look super suave at the same time. The board offers a smooth ride and excellent navigation and you don’t have to do much to ensure both. But first, let’s get the technical details out of the way to see what you really get into when you get a LeviBoard Original:

Intuitive Control

To ensure riders can get the optimum levitating experience, the makers of the LeviBoard Original used cutting edge technology along with simple physics to enhance balance. This includes turning support technology that requires a whole other section to explain (which I have, further on) but know this, the Original will not let you fall unless you have balance issues yourself. Just saying…

Maximum Speed and Endurance

If you are a speed junkie, then you better stop right there, but if you want a comfortable ride, then the 6 – 9 MPH this two wheeled scooter offers will prove satisfactory. Plus, it can cover 9 to 12 miles easily if it is fully charged along with 3 hours of continuous cruising. So, if you want to just head to the local store for a pack of gum or milk, no need to rev up your car. Just cruise on down on the LeviBoard Original and never face parking troubles again!


The LeviBoard Original is extremely sturdy since it is made from an aluminum alloy frame that can withstand immense punishment. The tires are 10 inches long and can be inflated in case they are punctured or lose air (yes, it’s possible to get a flat on a board now). Regardless of the heavy duty material, the LeviBoard Original offers a smooth ride over smooth boardwalks as well as roads and can surmount small bumps without tipping its rider.

Load and Battery

The Li-ion batteries take at max 120 minutes to charge and since the battery is based on smart technology, it will monitor and regulate charge during each ride to maximize usage. Plus, even though it looks fragile, it can support approximately 260 lbs in weight easy. You may feel slightly uncomfortable when you ride it for the first time, but once you get used to the sensation, you can ride it for 9 to 12 miles easily.

Resistant to the Elements and Environment friendly

This hover board also comes with an IP54 rating which basically means that it is weather, dust and debris proof. Take it out on a drizzling day and it will work just fine, but I would discourage you from riding into puddles or during storms. The board does not come cheap after all. Plus, since it runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, it does not leave a carbon footprint so come drizzle or shine, you can remain the envy of friend and foe alike by travelling in style on your own LeviBoard Original.

Load Capacity and Incline

No need to worry if you are a big guy or large for your size. The LeviBoard Original can support a massive 290 lbs whether it is going uphill or down. If you live on an incline or want to go up one, don’t try to surmount it if it is more than15 degrees inclined; that’s the maximum angle the Original can remain functional on. However, since it is so compact and weighs at most 33lbs, you can pretty much take it anywhere you want.

How to Balance on a LeviBoard Original

If you can balance on a skateboard without moving it forward, you can stand your ground on a LeviBoard Original. It will do the rest and you can thank Physics for that. Even though you won’t have anything to hold onto when you are riding one, the board will maintain your balance easily. That’s because each comes equipped with Accelerometers and Gyroscopes which are super sensitive.

In-Built Gyroscope and Accelerometer

An Accelerometer is a small device that measure non-gravitational speed or acceleration. The one that is built in the LeviBoard Original measures the vibrations from the board and uses them to move it forward. It’s not magic! The stress the microscopic crystals in the accelerometer feel during vibrations generates a voltage that powers the board and makes it move forward.

The same is the case with the Gyroscope but this device uses the Earth’s gravitational pull to determine orientation. The design comprises of a rotating disk which is mounted on a spinning axis which in turn is mounted on a more stable wheel. In other words, as the axis turns with movement, the disk or rotor remains at rest according to gravitational pull, giving the Leviboarder a natural sense of balance.

Real time Usage

Confused? These two components may sound similar but they are as different as night and day. Perhaps real world usage of the abovementioned features may offer a clearer explanation. Take accelerometers for instance. As discussed, these offer an orientation of a platform according to the surface of the Earth. Once that surface starts to move or you tilt forward on your LeviBoard, the reading changes and in the case of a LeviBoard offers the charge needed to move it forward.

This technology is not new. In fact, it is integrated into iPhone 3GS’s compass app and shake to undo feature for obvious reasons.

Similarly, a gyroscope is used in aircrafts to indicate its rate of rotation across the roll axis. That’s just a fancy way of saying that it aids the pilot in keeping the plane level when it is spinning or rotating so that he knows which way is up! By identifying an actual value until the aircraft, or in this case, the LeviBoard Original stabilizes, it indicates orientation to ensure a wobble free ride. Of course, you still have to practice a bit to take full advantage of those features, but once you do, you won’t have anything to complain about.

The main difference between the two is simple; one determines rotation while the other influences momentum. Both work together in the LeviBoard Original and fulfill each others’ faults to minimize wobble and maximize fun.

If you are a fan of the Back to the Future franchise, then acquiring the LeviBoard Original will be a dream come true for sure. You may have to practice a lot more than Marty did, but it will be worth the hours of fun you will have.

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