Mobi Max – Stealth Review


Price: $699 – $1,199

If you want to take your pedestrian lifestyle to the next level, then you need to get the Mobi – Max Stealth.

Take Your Comfort to the Max with Mobi – Max Stealth

If you want to take your pedestrian lifestyle to the next level, then you need to get the Mobi Max Stealth. With all of the features a self balancing two wheel scooter has to offer, this mini mobile can take you from point A to point B without compromising your swag. The Mobi is eco friendly, can be stored under a bed, in a closet and in a garage without taking too much space. So, if you are a neat freak and want a better mobility option than the cumbersome bike, this handle-less scooter will not disappoint.

Besides offering superior mobility, the Mobi – Max Stealth does justice to its name. Gliding along at a max 16 km/h or 10 mph, it makes almost no noise in movement, allowing the rider to move without disturbing the peace or in my case, without informing that nosy lady next door that I’m headed out! Besides being super quite, its powerful 250 watt brushless electric motors are powerful enough to power it for a complete 3 hours of continuous movement.

On the other hand, it won’t be a bad idea to make sure you either have fare for the bus or don’t mind hoofing it back home once the battery runs out in 3 hours. The scooter will inform you when it is about to run out of juice by beeping and will automatically shut down no matter how much you press on the foot pads. Don’t worry, even if you are going at maximum speed, it won’t let you go head over heels when it comes to a halt.

Safe and Durable Ride for an Injury-Free You!

The Mobi – Max Stealth is designed to be as safe as possible for its rider; it will actually slow down and tilt back to allow you to step down safely before going to sleep. This will happen approximately 3 minutes before the battery runs out so you won’t have trouble re-charging it once you plug it to a socket.

This handy dandy mobility scooter is also durable enough to withstand small impacts. You may not be able to take it in high traffic areas, but it will do wonders on smooth boardwalks, conventions, the local theme park or the boardwalk besides the beach. DO NOT take it out on the sand, you will get stranded! The design is shock proof to an extent only and can withstand impact from small obstacles and cracks on the road.

The tires are inflatable and are 10 inches high so you won’t see them when you are riding the Mobi. What can be cooler than that? Plus, they are made from rubber not plastic so you know that it’s more than just a toy!

Special Features and Instructions

Those were some of the basic features that the Mobi Max Stealth shares with other mobility scooters in the market. What makes it stand out from them are some special features that enhance its performance such as:

Smart Self Check Stability

When you power up your Mobi Max, it will actually check itself through its active stability system to ensure whether it is at full power and efficient enough to drive. When it has determined this, it will let you know by flashing a green AS light which is based on the top of the scooter and will also beep twice to get your attention. That’s your signal to place one step on one of the footpads and then follow it by the other foot to stand upright on the scooter.

The Mobi does not have a front or a back to speak of so you’ll pretty much be dependent on your equilibrium while moving it forward back and turning it. Plus, whatever you do, don’t step on the Mobi if the AS light is flashing red! That means it is not functioning properly and you will only have yourself to blame for the consequences if you still decide to ride it. Just step off if it flashes that color and allow it to reset itself and if it does not turn green, just restart your unit.

Multiple Riding Modes

The Mobi Max boasts two riding modes for the ease of its riders, beginner and advanced. As the name suggests, stick to the former if this is your first time riding a self balancing hoverboard; the footpads’ sensitivity will be toned down to allow you to adjust yourself to the unit and to minimize accidental spills.

When you are ready to show that boardwalk whose boss without embarrassing yourself, switch to the advanced mode to make the unit more responsive to your movements. To do this, press the button based on the bottom of the remote control and the unit will beep indicating it has switched modes. That’s the little lightning symbol. In order to switch modes again, press the button again, but do so before getting on! The unit will always beep to let you know when the modes have been switched correctly.

Remote Control, Battery and Power

Speaking of remote control, the Mobi Max Stealth comes with a wireless remote or button at the bottom which is basically its power button which has a 3 min timer for shutoff. Each unit also feature LED safety lights that blink as you ride and according to the data it receives during each excursion. As mentioned before, it also features an AS or active stability light which will turn red or green once you step on the self balancing scooter.

What was not mentioned before is that the Mobility Max actually checks its gyro sensors, battery and system to ensure it is fit to ride. If it is, the light will turn green like the battery light if it is fully charged. A rapidly blinking red battery light means the unit is critically low in charge and you better plug it in before it stops completely. Chances are you will not see the light before it is too late, but don’t worry, the frantic beeping will provide ample warning.

The Mobi Max comprises of 10 cells in its Li-Ion battery which its balance charger tops evenly off each time it is charged to ensure it lasts for a long time and to increase the time you can have fun riding it. The charger is universal which means it can be plugged in almost any socket and can accept 100 to 240 VAC. To use it efficiently, you have to make sure that the prongs are aligned properly to fit into the socket without the use of additional force.

Since it also has an in-built fan, it will not heat up when you are charging your board and you just have to unplug it when the LED lights on it turn from red to green (this indicates a full charge). However, you may not even have to do that since the charger is designed to shut off automatically once the battery is full.

Intuitive Sensors and Self Sufficient Braking System

Even though the Mobi Max typically maxes out at 10 MPH, it is not a good idea to try and make it go faster. However, most of us tend to tap into our adventurous side when we get our hands on tech like this, a fact that the manufacturers of this mobility device anticipated. This is why when you touch max speeds, the unit will tilt back and it is not a good idea to fight; this slight incline allows the Mobi Max to catch you if you are about to fall!

You can thank the incorporated Regenerative Braking Technology for that. What this means is that when you slow down to turn, to put on the brakes, go uphill or downhill, the unit actually reverses the electric motors and converts them into generators that power up the battery! How cool is that?!

This also includes a literally army of sensors whose sole function is to monitor the rider’s balance, speed and position according to the data it receives from the footpads. The gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer are 3 axis and the unit is also sensitive to the temperature it finds itself in. All of the data that these components collect is directed to the Digital Motion Processor that takes your body weight along with your momentum into account to ensure you remain balanced on your board while it is in movement at all times.

Product Description

Weight: 14 kg or 30 lbs

Incline: 30 degrees max

Max speed: 16 km/hr

Size: 26.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 12.5 inches

Duration of use: 3 to 5 hours depending on terrain, rider weight, speed, temperature, battery etc.

Charge Time: An hour tops.

Material: ABS plastic

Tires: 10 inches high, inflatable rubber

Motors: two 250 watt each

It’s clear that the Mobi Max Stealth can prove a lucrative investment if you wish for a mobility device that can improve your pedestrian lifestyle. However, take care of your unit and it will take care of you.

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