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Price: Over $400

A Cheaper but Equally BadAss version of its More Expensive Counterparts (Yea, I’m looking at you, IO Hawk)

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Get Your Rove on with the MonoRover R2

If you are in the market for a mini two-wheel scooter or an IO Hawk, then you better fork out a hefty $1800 for one. If like me, you have don’t have that kind of money, no need to despair! The good manufacturers in China made MonoRover R2 which is basically a cheaper but equally badass version of its more expensive counterparts. As you can guess by now, it is more affordable; in fact, you will just need to pay $600 for one which can sometimes go less if you shop from Amazon. The bottom line is that you will still get a durable and great looking scooter that you can use easily on a regular basis.

Needless to say, these are going to be some of the top sellers come Christmas, so if you haven’t got one yet, then better start wheedling mom about it. Since the price tag is relatively cheap and it comes with a year’s warranty, it may not be a hard sell if you play your cards right. If you are independent, then better start saving today for one quickly; these run out of stock fast!

What exactly is the R2?

The R2 is basically a transportation solution that can rove over surfaces just like any other. Think of a Segway without the handles, huge tire, and humongous size. It features a smooth and sleek design along with not 1, but 2 motors that offer a mobility experience unlike any other. Riding one can be a thrilling or relaxing experience depending on the way you prefer to ride it.

How does the MonoRover R2 Work?

Just like a Segway but without the handlebars and way smaller. All you have to do is stand on the footplates and place slight pressure on the toes to make it go, go, go! Want to turn? Just lean in the direction you want to go and presto! It will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will not get bored cruising for at least 3 hours straight. The Rover works best indoors though so I’d think twice before taking it for a test drive outside. But, you can look great while riding one in a convention or at most save your poor legs from tiring out in a theme park.

Since this is a self-balancing scooter, it will take you at most 30 minutes to stand and ride on it without stumbling or coming to a stop. Once you get addicted to it like I was, balance will come easily and you may even be able to turn it a full 360 degrees if you practice hard enough.

Like other mobility two-wheeled scooters, the MonoRover R2 balances and moves with the help of gyroscopic technology, which pretty much powers the Segway as well. Each footpad has a sensor under it that senses pressure from the toes and uses the charge generated to move the device forward and back. Since the sensors are extremely sensitive, it won’t be long before riding the MonoRover will become second nature.

Where can the R2 Rove?

As mentioned before, the MonoRover R2 can perform at its best on smooth surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, a carpet, but I wouldn’t take it on a dirt path or grass if I were you. However, dry and a pebble free dirt patch will do. Riding on mud is a big no-no for obvious reasons! If you have to have your adrenaline fix, then you can drive it at night up an incline or down one.

The blue LED lights in the front and the back will make you look cool as anything while making sure you don’t get run down by passing motorists. Plus, whatever you do, don’t try to ride it on an incline that even cyclists have trouble going over. It will not end well, my friend.

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  • Once you order your own unit, you will get the board along with its charger and instruction manual. The 158 Watt Li-ion batteries take less than 2 hours to charge at most and will hold out for 10 to 12 miles if the Rover is ridden continuously till that time.

Even if it does and you find yourself up a creek without a paddle (read, without cab fare) you can carry it and hoof it back home without breaking much of sweat since it weighs 250 lbs at most.

  • Needless to say, riding on the MonoRover R2 is way better and way quicker than walking. Besides enhancing mobility, the in-built gyroscope takes care of the rider and the rubber foot pads allow the rider to keep a firm foothold on the device which also makes dismounting easy.

However, it can come to a stop or wobble if it encounters a curb or an obstruction of any sort. If you come across one, just lean back a bit to brake, turn it by adjusting your weight to the right or left and lean forward again to move.

  • If you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere when you are on your MonoRover R2, then better keep an eye on the battery level which is in the shape of an icon. Just like your cell phone indicator, this one will also turn red when it is about to give out so you better plug it to a power supply quickly.

In fact, you can also take it with you to the office and charge it there with the adapter if you have a mind to. It can be used every day and you just need to charge it fully before going to bed if you want to use it in the morning.

  • Since it is so stable, this hoverboard with wheels can provide a stable platform if you want to make videos on the go. The in-built gyroscope will keep you upright but do practice making a dummy video before taking that expensive camera to a busy boardwalk.

All in all the MonoRover R2 is a great option when it comes to modern transit. It can be used by the young and the old and storing it is way easier than storing a cumbersome Segway. Affording it won’t be a problem and it can easily become your favored pastime if you take care of your unit properly. Give it a go and see it turn heads as you rove down the street.

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