Skateboard Safety Skyrockets because Hoverboards are More Dangerous!


Breaking news from the media, people are injuring themselves from falling off the most popular Christmas gift.

To hear the hysterical media describe it, hoverboards are the most dangerous invention ever for human beings.

“As of Monday afternoon, there were 70 reports of emergency room visits due to hoverboards, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

70? Seventy? In the entire country? So, about 1.4 per state in 3 days? What will we ever do to survive this epidemic as a nation?

Has anyone in these media departments ever tried a skateboard, snowboard, or wakeboard?

I’m quite sure – with no scientific backing other than having been alive a few years – that those items cause as many, if not substantially more, injuries for kids, adults, and other clumsy humans.

Chill out American Media, no need to over hype a set of completely average injury statistics.

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