Wiz Khalifa rode his golden hoverboard through LAX again, this time he dressed up and apparently was not tackled and arrested, on Friday, August 28, 2015. X17online.com

Wiz Khalifa arrested…for riding a Hoverboard!


Well, what’s better marketing than having a celebrity arrested using your product and helping land it in Fortune Magazine, CNN, Rolling Stone, etc…?

“Rapper Wiz Khalifa said he was riding a ‘Hoverboard’ at the Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend when authorities stopped him and held him to the ground.” – CNN : Wiz : “I was restrained for riding a Hoverboard

A few of the publications are still trying to figure out what a “Hoverboard” really is…Fortune Magazine called it a “auto-balancing scooter”.

Yea, that’s a sexy name, Fortune writers.  Let’s stick with THAT!   (Disclaimer, I’ve subscribed to Fortune Magazine literally my entire life, so I have nothing but good things to say about them usually!)

But Wiz is right when he tweeted, “All because I didn’t want to ditch the [technology] everyone will be using in the next 6 months. Do what you want kids

Glad to see the future is here and the TSA is completely unprepared. Why is that not a surprise?

More Coverage: Rolling Stone :Wiz Khalifa Handcuffed in Airport for Riding Hoverboard

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