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Best Spin Bikes 2019 – Ultimate Buying Guide


Spinning bikes for homeLast Updated: Jan 4th, 2019. If you are looking for buying a spin bike, then put an end to your search here. Our fitness collection of Best Spin Bikes has the best to choose from. Spinning Bikes have been trending in the fitness industries for over five years. There has been tremendous growth in the fitness industry ever since the evolving of spin bikes with classes and gyms including the style. It is a great way for building the stamina and shedding off the extra calories.

With just a session of spin bike, you can do the workout at your comfortable speed. It gives you the experience of riding on the road bike.

Spinning is an organized activity which can be done only with the help of some spin bikes, it is in the form of an exercise with the focus on strength, high intensity, endurance, recovery and sometimes involves these activities with the use of some special stationary bicycles with a flywheel mounted. This is commonly called indoor cycling.

The Winners 0f 2019 – Best Indoor Spin Bikes

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best choices available for beginners, and it includes all the features to do a fantastic workout. For fitness enthusiasts, this can be an excellent option. Easy to set-up and transport, you can make the house gym in minutes! For beginners, SF-B901 is the best option. Exercise right from your home now. Working out has never been this easier!


SF-B1001 gives you an excellent cardio workout and is a new standard of fitness. Fitness enthusiasts can work from the comfort of home with ease, convenience, and fun! The design of the bike makes it comfortable to sit and use. Also, the performance is high as any other expensive model. Beginners can pick this bike for its unbeatable comfort, high performance, easy portability, and adjustability, smooth chain drive, adjustable handlebars, and seat.!


Spin bikes are healthy alternatives to the old and conventional bicycles that we used to ride on the roads. Riding a bike on the road is very dangerous in many countries where there are no separate lanes for the bicycle riders.

So to counter such conditions, spinning bikes came in the market. So now the gyms and many homes have these spin cycle bikes or the spinning bikes. When it comes to making a smart choice or decision to stay fit, nothing beats modern indoor fitness bikes that can keep you healthy within the comfort of your home. The better the decision you make, the more good impact it has on your fitness and body.

Top 10 Best Spin Bikes Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

So here I will be giving a spinning bikes review for you to help to make the right choice. When it comes to the best indoor cycling bikes, the decision is the key because it is going to be within your home for years. So I will be taking the top 5 choices and give a brief review of them.

Choosing a right spin bike is critical, so with this guide, you can be sure to find your ideal spinning bike according to your needs and budget. Sometimes used spin bikes can also be a choice and they can also fulfil your sole purpose of buying a bike.

It is a cheap and affordable choice who wants to buy the best without spending more. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the good spinning bike for yourself.

Why is Spin Bike important at home?

In this running world, you hardly get time to think about yourself. Most of us succumb to the stress, daily life’s hectic schedules and we don’t take time out for ourselves and in the process, we lose our health and fall back regarding fitness. In the long run, you will get many issues because of being unfit, you will eventually lose confidence and will also find it hard to get back into your shape.

If you want to make an investment which you will be happy for, then purchase a spin bike right away. It’s crucial for you as well as your family to stay fit. You can exercise in your free time and manage exercise routines as a part of your daily life.

Top 10 Spin Bikes Comparison (2019)

Product NameRatingsWarranty
DimmensionsSee Price
Keiser M3i Cycle (For Pro’s)9.5/1010 Years49 x 26 x 45$$$
PROFORM 290 SPX9.0/105 Years27.5 x 16.5 x 47.5$$
Sole Fitness SB700 (Editor’s Choice)9.5/10Lifetime42 x 21 x 40$$$
Schwinn IC28.0/105 Years45 x 23 x 49$
SF-B1110 (Editor’s Choice)9.5/101 Year42 x 35 x 10$
SF – B9019.0/101 Year48.5 x 20 x 46.5$$$
Spinning Spinner S1 (Beginners)8.5/101 Year (Parts)60 x 20 x 57$$
SF-B14238.5/101 Year41 x 35 x 10$
Marcy XJ-3220 (Low Budget)8.0/102 Years Parts41.8 x 32 x 9$
Bladez Fitness GS II8.0/10n/a47.5 x 20 x 43$

1. Sole Fitness SB700 Spin Bike (Our Top Pick)

sole-fitness-sb700-exercise-bikeSole Fitness SB700 is undoubtedly among the best indoor exercise bikes in the market, if you are opting for a well-equipped bike with amazing features. It features a heavy wheel which enhances the stability and provides a road feel with amazing adjustability and lifetime warranty for frame and parts.

The Sole Fitness SB700 is ideal for cardio workouts. It has brake pads which gives you a knob resistance making it a safe exercise bike.

The seat is cushioned to make you comfortable and you can adjust it up and down, fore and aft according to your needs. It has the foot straps pedals.

It has an efficient design and performance wise, It will be lasting for years. Also, Sole Fitness SB700 is a great offer for your money worth because it comes with a lifetime warranty of 3 years for frame and parts.

The flywheel of Sole Fitness SB700 which weighs 48 pounds allows smoother resistance and can be effective for training over a long distance.

Sole Fitness SB700 spin bike has LCD wireless integrated which allows you to check the number of burning calories, RPM, resistance power, the covered distance, your speed rate and the exercise time. It is light and can be managed easily. It helps you in keeping the track of your progress promoting you to do more workouts on a regular basis.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike which arrives as a two-layered box is easy to unpack and assemble. It is easily transportable to places.

Sole Fitness SB700 Spin bike comes with a guarantee of 3 years for parts and lifetime warranty for frame. It only takes 20 minutes for assembling the parts.

Sole Fitness SB700 Specifications:

Overall Rating:9.5
Type:Spinning Bike
Flywheel:48 Pounds
Warranty:Frame – Lifetime
User Weight Capacity:300 lbs
Dimensions:42 x 21 x 40 inches

2. PROFORM 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer (Editors Choice)

proform-290-spxProForm 290 SPX is one of the leading contenders in the market of fitness with its amazing quality and contribution for the treadmill marketing. It has created a new trend for exercise bikes.

This spin bike, ProForm 290 SPX gives a new working out way along with the ProForm trademark.

The exercise bike has an efficient chain drive, adjustable resistance, a comfortable seat and amazing resistance.

ProForm 290 SPX Spin Exercise Bike is a portable and ideal bike for performing cardio workouts. However, it misses some features like the monitoring of heart rate, set of workout programs and built-in displaying. The chain drive is complemented with an adjustable cushioned seat and cage pedals.


  • The cushioned seat that makes you comfortable and it’s adjustable
  • Upright along with Chain Drive
  • Flipping feature for users with advanced usage
  • Portable and Compact
  • Handlebars with no-slip and adjustable gripping
  • Tray with a holder for a water bottle


  • No monitoring of heart rate
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt system for display
  • No pre-defined options for workouts
  • Limited warranty for labour and parts i.e, 90 days

ProForm 290 SPX is for productive workouts for cardio. The bike has a quiet and smooth operation because of the amazing resistance.

Also, the exercise bike, ProForm 290 SPX is portable and has transport wheels. However, it lacks to be the exercise bike with advanced features.

ProForm 290 SPX spinning bike is for all types of fitness challenges and will help you in burning the unwanted fat.

The handlebars with no-slip and the gripping help the users in getting a comfortable workout.

It increases the stability by keeping your feet fixed in a place with the toe cages. A holder is available for storing the water bottle.

ProForm has a trial period of 30 days. If the user is unsatisfied, he can call up 1-866-896-9777.

It is portable with transport wheels. Also, you can adjust the seat horizontally or vertically to match your needs.

If you are looking forward to an exercise bike with an affordable bike and the basic features, ProForm 290 SPX will do a good job. It performs well even under intense usage.

Proform 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Specifications:

Overall Score:9.0
Type:Indoor Cycle Trainer
Flywheel:20 KG
Warranty:Frame – 5Years, Parts – 90 Days
User Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Dimensions:27.5 x 16.5 x 47.5 inches

3.Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle (Recommending)

keiser-m3i-indoor-cycleThe all-new spectacular Keiser M3i bike: Every time a new exercise bike is launched by Keiser, there is going to an overwhelming response among the crowd, just like how it happened with all new Keiser M3i.

The recently updated version of M3i has a lot of functional and style elements there were common to its predecessors. However, M3i has been equipped with more sophisticated features like wireless and Bluetooth facilities.

With excellent features, the Keiser M3i indoor cycle stays ahead of its competitors. As a result of decade-long research combined with manufacturing experience accompanied by feedback from well-known fitness clubs and trainers from around the world, Keiser designed this third-generation, award-winning indoor cycle.

Keiser M3i is the first exercise bike to feature Bluetooth facility. This intelligent indoor cycle can partner with Bluetooth handheld. With an application, riders will be able to transfer data to their tablets or phones from the M3i computer.

The handlebar and V-shape combo accommodate any kind of rider. The rust-resistant model with the rear flywheel and steel hardware can withstand any kind of weather. The low-maintenance, belt-driven function delivers smooth & quiet operation.

Keiser offers multiple options for customizing the M3i spin bike. With frame painting and upholstery colour options, riders can get the bike that best suits their personal tastes or facilities needs.

As with every indoor cycle and spin bike, people want the ones that offer workouts as tough and intense as they want. However, when they buy exercise bikes for homes, they will also want them to properly fit into their homes, and not create issues with other family members. Well, the M3i is one such spin bike!!!

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Specifications:

Overall Score:9.5
Type:Indoor Cycle
Resistance:24 Levels
Warranty:Frame – 10 Years
Item Weight:150 pounds
Dimensions:49″ L x 26″ W x 45″ H

4. Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike (Best Value)

schwinn-ic2-bikeSchwinn IC2 Bike comes from an enterprise holding expertise of over a century. It stimulates the feel of real-life riding giving you a hard-pedalling and controlled environment – right from your house! It is customizable to match the desires of riders.

Also, the high inertia of Schwinn IC2 spinning bike gives you resistance levels in the rising increments helping you to burn calories quickly.

It has facilities like distance, LCD, speed, RPM, and calories counter along with the fan, MP3 and bottle holder.

Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike has pedals adjustability, and it is made with inspiration of giving the feel of outdoor cycling. The handlebars can be adjusted from multiple positions.

The saddle is oversized to give the padding comfort. It has a fan integrated along with holders for MP3 and Bottle. The resistance levels of Schwinn IC2 Bike is high. It was accustomed to a flywheel of 31 pounds for giving direct gear driving.

It has an integrated LCD display which helps you to know the time, RPM, speed, distance and also calorie counter. Schwinn IC2 helps you in tracking your daily progress which helps you in aiming and achieving your goals. A fan is also provided with the bike adding to the advanced facilities.

The seat can be adjusted for the comfort of the rider, and anyone can cycle quickly using this system. Also, the handlebars can be adjusted for multiple positions.

Schwinn IC2 Bike has a warranty on the frame of 5 years; electronic parts hold a warranty for a year and three months guarantee is given for wear parts.

Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike Specifications:

Overall Score:8.0
Type:Indoor Trainer
Flywheel:30 lbs
Warranty:Frame – 5 Years
User Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Dimensions:45 x 23 x 49 inches

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Spin Bike

sunny-health-fitness-sf-b1110-indoor-cycling-bikeSunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 promises to give you fun and convenient indoor cycling. It is made from durable plastic and solid steel, and it can quickly move from place to place giving you easier storage. It has complete adjustability for handlebar and seat giving you one easy workout for burning the calories.

The adjustable resistance too can help up in conquering many challenges. The chain drive mechanism is quiet and smooth. The company delivers quality fitness products from over a decade.

Sunny health and fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike is a heavy duty bike which can withstand continuous hours of a regular workout without much wear and noises.

The bike has a long and better flywheel than any other bicycle in its class. It has the chain based system as compared to other bikes which have a belt drive system.

The bike has a detachable transport wheel and thus has more portability. Sunny Health Belt Drive SF-B1002 is an excellent hope spinning bike. The bicycle is a very straight forward bicycle much similar to an outdoor bike. The belt drives give the bike a smooth and silent operation without any disturbance.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 spinning bike gives you adjustability for the handlebars allowing the riders to adjust the position for their comfort. It has toe clips pedals along with straps. The seat is adjustable and can be moved up and down, forward and backwards.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 also has an adjusting knob giving you incredible resistance with the brake pad. The flywheel is a weighted disc weighing 20 kgs (44 lbs) and works in an efficient manner.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 is a high-quality product which comes with adjustability for handlebars and seat. Also, it is compact and portable. The chain drive mechanism used by the bike is a smooth and quiet operation.

You can easily move it to places and also change the positions according to your comfort. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 comes with a guide for an efficient workout.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 has a warranty of one year for the frame and about 90 days for the parts.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Bike Specification:

Overall Rating:9.5
Type:Spinning Bike
Flywheel:44 lbs
Warranty:Frame – 1 Year, Parts – 90 Days
User Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Dimensions:42 x 35 x 10 inches

6. Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-B901

Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness - SF-B901Sunny Health & Fitness, a standard in the Fitness industry raised their level of products with the Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-B901. This Sunny spin bike has advanced features like cranking system, a massive flywheel, smoother chain drive.

Together, they produce excellent results for a fantastic workout. Also, the accommodation of the bike is a plus; it fits users irrespective of their sizes because of the large padded seat and the handlebars adjustability to give you a comfortable experience.

The transport wheels provide the portability to bike; it can be moved quickly from one place to another.

A very affordable spin bike, Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is very light and compact design. The bike is also excellent looking and very new and fresh in design. It supports all kind of persons be it beginners or the expert one, so it’s all in one complete for all of your family.

Although the bike has a little problem with the resistance brakes, during high strenuous work-out the bike makes some screechy noises. This can be a little frustrating for some, but overall it is a good affordable buy.

It also offers features like resistance adjustability, a thick frame and easy mobility using transportation wheels. The bike has stability, and it won’t create movements during the exercise, it ensures the safety of the rider.

It supports a maximum weight of 275 pounds. The flow of the left pedal has to be performed in the counterclockwise direction. Listening or watching TV is possible with this bike which delivers you a noiseless workout.

Its affordable cost and also helps you in burning that unwanted fat and drive you to fitness. Pro Indoor Cycling Bike – SF-B901 will give you an outdoor experience. It can be used for homes and gyms because of its support for many riders. You can achieve your goals of fitness right from the premises of your home.

Although the bike has a little problem with the resistance brakes, during high strenuous work-out the bike makes some screechy noises. This can be a little frustrating for some, but overall it is a good affordable buy.

7. Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Bike

spinner-s1-indoor-cycleThe new bike to join the series of Spinner Sport is Spinner S1. The spinner S1 comes with easy adjustability and a unique design for storing in the less accommodative places; it will be the best solution for homes without much space. It consists of a large diameter, large tube, along with a saddle-contoured which has vertical and horizontal adjustments.

The fantastic design and the hardware of Spinning Spinner S1 allow for a smoother and comfortable ride without compromising on the quality.

Apart from the innovative design, the bike also features a heavy flywheel which enables a fluid stroke to deliver a pleasant bike experience for every ride. Using the programs of the bike and Spinner, you can become a pro and ride smarter with the tools.

As a complimentary, you will also get four spinning DVDs to get the best results. The DVDs consists of spinning programs related to Tone and Train, Energy, Turning and Burning for Maximum results. The guide which comes along with the bike will also be helpful to get fit and reach the goals of fitness.

What makes the Spinner S1 unique? The fabulous design of Spinner S1 gives comfort, as well as works best, will trigger you to exercise. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year. The handlebars have rubberized grips preventing slipping, and includes an emergency stop. The padded seat has adjustability and can be changed according to the comfort of the user. The fender protects flywheel and brake from the moisture. The no-slip feature enhances the safety of a user.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

sunny-health-fitness-sf-b1423-belt-drive-indoor-cycling-bikeIt’s not easy to get an efficient workout in limited conditions, but Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike can make you achieve your goals, it is easily portable to places.

The bike is versatile and can be used for many challenges, with the handlebars, adjustable seat and the resistance levels offered by the flywheel. The cushioned seat can be adjusted. The LCD displays distance, time, speed, calorie counter.

The pedals are cage-styled and it has a bottle holder. The maximum capacity supported by the bike is 250 lbs. The resistance is accustomed to press-down brakes. The flywheel offers a quiet and smooth operation.

It’s not easy to get an efficient workout in limited conditions, but Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike can make you achieve your goals, it is easily portable to places. The bike is versatile and can be used for many challenges, with the handlebars, adjustable seat and the resistance levels offered by the flywheel.

The cushioned seat can be adjusted. You can shed off about 200-400 calories just by exercising for 30 minutes every day. It is also cost-effective and saves your money. The pedals are cage-styled and it has a bottle holder.

The maximum capacity supported by the bike is 250 lbs. The resistance is accustomed to press-down brakes. The flywheel weighing 40 lbs offers a quiet and smooth operation.

9. Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer

marcy-xj-3220-club-revolution-cycle-trainerMarcy XJ-3220 can be your ideal choice for burning fat, exercise for losing weight, toning your muscles, and for the target quads like buttocks and hamstrings. The comfortable seat can be adjusted according to the body type to get a perfect position. The handlebars made with rubber foam are adjustable.

Marcy XJ-3220 spin bike also comes with a holder for water bottle; the frame is free of corrosion and rust. The pedals of basket cage have adjustability. The maximum capacity is 300 lbs, and it holds two years warranty. It’s the best choice if you want a gym in the home.

Marcy delivers a fantastic cardio workout experience in your comfortable position. The frame is constructed using durable steel and its resistant to corrosion and rust because of sturdy points and power-coating. The seat is designed ergonomically for providing ease and comfort.

The saddle gives the bike a road-style experience; handlebars can be adjusted vertically too. The construction and durability of the frame make the equipment a safe and easier bike to control. The pulley can manage a maximum weight of 300 lbs even in a stand-up posture.

Marcy XJ also has a mechanism of quick-stop and the momentum of the wheel can be halted easily within seconds. You can enjoy and get the benefits of a workout right from your surrounds without compromising on anything along with the road bike intensity because of the manual resistance. Different terrains can be stimulated easily now using Marcy XJ. It has a warranty of 2 years. Read Full Review Here

10. Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle

bladez-fitness-fusion-gs-ii-indoor-bikeBladez takes your cardio workout to a new level with its Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle. A renowned name in the market of road bike manufacturing since 1909 gave modifications to their top seller regarding handlebars, frame, the holder for water bottle, seat, graphics, and paint which will help you in conquering your fitness goals more quickly.

BF Fusion GS II Spin cycle has well-designed sports seat adjustable, adjustable handlebar, heavy and ultra smooth flywheel of 40 lbs. Three piece Crank system for pedalling. Bladez Fitness provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a year for the parts.

The heavy flywheel offers an ultra smooth experience giving you a natural feeling along with a consistent momentum during workouts. The frame is made from steel and is oversized for providing stability and strength.

The resistance can be adjusted, and it also has an emergency brake to halt within seconds. The handlebars give a racing style comfort because of its adjustability up, down, fore, and aft. The up, down, fore & aft adjustability of the seat provides a comfortable fit for users irrespective of their body types.

The sports pedals along with the toe baskets offer a safer and improve the efficiency of a workout using the pull and push motions. The saddle is designed for delivering exercises for the longest time. You can stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle in the holder. The bike is also easily portable for changing the surrounds of workouts. Keep your progress on track using the LCD screen and push the fitness goals ahead. Read Full Review Here

Final Words

A Spinning bike helps you in achieving your fitness goals; it helps you in burning the extra calories of your body. Things to check before purchasing a spinning bike, its resistance, adjustability, and advanced features. Can it work under complex conditions? Does it have LCD? Is it resistant to corrosion? Also, you need to check if it sets for all body types for multiple users especially if you are taking it for house and gyms. Well, we hope our list of recommended products will help you in finding your right bike. Do stay tuned for some more fantastic reviews on all kinds of bikes!

Guide to Buying a Best Spin Bike 2019

A spin Bike is an exercising machine majorly designed as a substitute for delivering close to the real experience of riding a bike outdoors. It has become the latest trend in fitness markets. Our guide to buying a spin bike lists you the things to consider before you purchase the spin bike.

1. The ‘Q’ Factor

Q Factor determines if your bike is close to performing a real bike or not. Q Factor is calculated basing on the distance existing between the attachments of pedals on both the sides. The lower the Q factor of the bike, the closer it’s to perform like a real road bike. But, experts suggest a bike with more Q factor for a rider with wider hips. Q factor ranges from 155-175mm.

2. The heaviness of Flywheel & Drive mechanism

The weight of flywheel changes the momentum of the pedals. If a wheel is heavy, it gives a smoother experience like the road bikes. The usual range is 14-20 KGs. The drive chain mechanism should run efficiently without making noise. For the best workout experience, you have to buy a bike which is heavy and has a smooth drive mechanism which makes less or no noise.

3. Seat position and Handlebar adjustability

It is similar like handlebars usage, to get the most of your workout; you should have a comfortable position which is possible only with an adjustable seat. The adjustability to the front and back up and down plays a key role in working out for all types of riders. If the purpose of your bike is at home, it should be adjustable to users of all sizes and heights.

4. Levels of Resistance

A spin bike offers two kinds of resistance – magnetic and friction. Friction resistance is due to the pressure on the flywheel and magnetic using a strong magnet. A magnetic resistance bike doesn’t have to replace pads frequently like Friction. The resistance levels determine if a bike can perform for vigorous workouts.

5. Transportability
A spin bike should be easily portable with transport wheels. Transportability ease allows you to move the bike from a place to another without much difficulty

Benefits of having a Spin Bike at Home

benefits-of-spin-bikesAn indoor cycling spin bike is comfortable, cost-effective, helps you achieve your fitness goals. An indoor cycling bike comes with various benefits than just giving you fitness. Here are some of the things you get when you own a spin bike:-

– Saves Cost, Time for Traveling and doesn’t interfere with your schedule

If you want to hit the gym, then travelling might at times cost your schedule. With your spin bike, you don’t have to go around. You can achieve fitness right from your home. It saves you money, time as well as travelling hours. Also, much do your gym classes cost every month?

If you have a bike, it will be profitable in the long run. An indoor bike will save your gym fees, your travelling cost and time, and also you shouldn’t have to disturb your personal schedules to fit in the gym timings.

– Bike of your choice

You don’t always get the bike of your interest if you are going to the gym. When you have a bike at home, you select a model which you like and also all the features that come with it. If you are a gym person, you might also know that the bikes will be occupied by riders. You will not get the same bike always, too. You can select your bike and it will boost your chances and interest too.

– Selective surroundings and avoid crowd

You wouldn’t have to do fitness goals with a lot of many people; you shouldn’t have to bother much about the clothes you are wearing or anything. Also, it will encourage your family to exercise often too. It will help them to spring into action seeing you. You can play music or watch tv while doing the workouts which improves your workout experience because it enlightens the mood, gives you a pleasant atmosphere.

– Health & Cleanliness

There is a chance of you falling sick when the bike in a gym is uncleanly. Especially, because of the germs on the handle because of people suffering common cold or such. You can maintain the cleanliness of your bike without having to rely on gym bikes. You can have a risk of getting germs from bikes or the gym surroundings. If the bikes aren’t maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, chances of getting health issues are high.


Spin bike usually supports all body types and can be placed in homes, and gyms too. The reason why spin bikes make an ideal choice is, they raise your heart rate and keeps the momentum. Exercises are fun, and you can kick start your cardiovascular workouts in a more enthusiastic manner with spinning bikes.

However, be selective while choosing the right bike for you. Read through the bikes and make your ideal choice. Just an hour session will burn calories up to 900. Just one session! Choose the bike from our best spin bikes collection and start exercising already at your own time and place. We hope our guide to buying a spin bike is helpful in finding a perfect spin bike for your needs.

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