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EVO IX Fitness Indoor Bike Review

EVO IX Indoor Bike

Looking in search of an indoor trainer bike that will deliver an excellent workout experience like the outdoor bikes? Well, you can finalize the Evo Fitness Bike. The different sway frame of the bike is a rare feature in the spin bikes.

The frame movies with ease and helps you in working out on your core muscles without losing the balance and gives a close to real bike feeling. The features of the bike give you comfortableness for the workout. The seat is ideal and fits for all body types.

First of all, this Evo bike is the best fitness regime and provides facilities that aren’t available in many of the spin bikes. The bike also has a wide variety of feature for ensuring the performance of workout is at its best.

Additionally, the advanced computer screen of Evo helps in tracking the statics of workout, allowing the user for doing the workout more efficiently and motivates them to reach the goal. There are also some unique features of the bike to make the user feel more comfortable.

Evo IX Fitness isn’t like conventional bikes, it has a lot of features which provide the best workout. You can exercise for a long time because it is really comfortable.

EVO IX Fitness Indoor Bike Overview

The Evo Fitness Bike comes with a huge number of benefits and features that cannot be seen in many indoor cycles. It gives a closer to outdoor bikes workout with equal magnitude. Additionally, the LCD screen helps you in monitoring the statics, and they will help you in knowing your workout progress and pushes you to achieve more fitness goals. The design of the bike makes the spinning exercises perform with ease and with comfortable workout positions. Evo Bike is also durable and needs less maintenance.

evo IX Fitness Indoor Bike with Sway Frame...
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evo IX Fitness Indoor Bike with Sway Frame...
  • The orb gear drive System has a compact, single axis design that negates the need for a belt, chain, or external flywheel. It is a completely enclosed, three piece crank with an aligned Sun gear
  • Core active sway frame sways with body movement so that riders can engage their core muscles in order to get more out of a traditional cardio workout
  • Each EVO fitness bike Comes with a standard, specially designed set of handlebars that allow for the four most commonly used hand positions. They also feature Holders for two large water bottles and a center platform for Smart phones
  • The EVA basic computer readouts include rpm, time, and distance, as well as an adjustable lighting function. Users can accurately Track their progress in both light and dark environments
  • The EVA fitness bike features a high-quality, durable seat that is both comfortable and easy to adjust. The seat is designed to fit every rider, not just hardcore cyclists

It is an indoor bike that gives complete value for your money and is the best indoor cycle available in the market right now. It has some amazing features like a racing seat providing you an added comfort for the workout. Also, the handlebars, InfinteFit helps you to get in the most comfortable position for exercising. They can be adjusted to, fro, up, and down. The bike is affordable. Also, the indoor cycle comes under state-of-the-art. Buy it on Amazon.com

The Merits

  • InfiniteFit Handlebars: Handlebars featuring InfiniteFit Technology makes it easier for allowing the rider to get a comfortable hand position. Also, there are two large holders for water bottles, which can also be used as a platform for placing smartphones. Water helps the rider to stay hydrated throughout the exercise, and they will feel less strained or tired. As a result, they will work out without giving up.
  • Sensational Sway Frame: Frame feature helps in providing an experience to your workouts close to the outdoor bike riding and performs well even under active sessions. Challenging exercises can be done with ease, and you can intensify the workouts without any noise problems or slippage.
  • Advanced LCD: Workout statics monitoring is convenient with the advanced LCD which reads the metrics like distance, heart rate, RPM, calories burnt, and time. The lighting function can also be adjusted. You can track the progress of workouts in both light and dark environments easily without any problem. Heart rate can be monitored during the exercise. Burnt calories let you know how many calories have been burnt during the exercise. How much time you have been doing the exercise. Easy to figure out.
  • Enclosed Drive System: Flywheel features running on a single axis and a small wheel is entirely enclosed and doesn’t need another flywheel or chain. Also, supports brake mechanism for halting the workout in a matter of seconds. Heavy flywheel avoids making noise during the workouts. You can listen to songs, watch tv, or perform any activity without worrying about sounds.
  • Ergonomic Racing Seat: Quality of the seat is high and its completely durable. Easy to adjust and comfortable too. Fits for all kinds of riders, irrespective of their short or tall height. Seat adjustability provides a maximum comfortable position for users, and they can do the exercise without getting any strains on the back or legs.
  • Ideal for all Riders: Bike is perfect for riders of all body types and height. Convenient for the gym and home usage for all riders, you can work out in a comfortable position for getting the best of the workout. Suits for all kinds of environment. Best bike for gyms and home since it supports all kinds of riders. Anyone in your family can use it for exercising.
  • Pre-defined Workout Programs: Some pre-defined workout programs are inbuilt for helping the rider to get the best workout experience and reach their fitness goals. There are various kinds of exercise programs like weight loss, heart rate monitoring, body fitness, etc. Weight loss exercise programs guide the user to use the bike for losing weight and burning calories. These programs help in guiding you for doing an efficient workout.
  • Weight: A maximum weight of 350 pounds is managed to accommodate different kinds of riders. Many riders can now start exercising without worrying about the weight limit because it can manage weight more than many indoor bikes.
  • Pedals and Design: Pedals come with accommodation of gym or cycling shoes, and it doesn’t shake during the workouts. The elegant design avoids slipping. The user’s safety is completely under control. Design attracts visually and is impossible to ignore. Also, there are various colors of bikes to choose from.
  • Maintenance: Doesn’t worry you about the costs of maintenance because it needs little maintenance only and still provides a better experience than many outdoor bikes.
  • Lock Switch: Pivot Lockable switch feature allows you to fix a frame from swaying. Workout intensity can be increased. Also, a user can achieve many fitness challenges.
  • Price: Completely affordable and supports various features for delivering a real experience closer to outdoor bikes.
  • Warranty: Evo offers a warranty of 10 years on the bike. Warranty is also provided on mechanical, electrical parts, wear items and labor.

The Demerits

  • Holder Size: Holder size isn’t spacious enough to hold a few phones which are big, even iPhone 6 cannot be accommodated due to the smaller smartphone area. Smaller width phones can be placed easily without any problem.
  • Upgradation: LCD can be upgraded with the most advanced features.
  • Chest Strap: Doesn’t feature chest strap. Though, not mandatory. Users would feel more comfortable.

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Who should ride the EVO IX Fitness Indoor Bike?

Well, it is suitable for all age groups but, younger people will be happy with the product since they love real close to ride experiences. Also, it works on all the body parts and isn’t suitable for seniors looking out for a back support bike.

Since it provides exercises to the complete body parts because of the swaying frame, it might cause stress for the elderly who prefer slower activity. It suits well for a younger audience who wants to perform cardio workouts simultaneously on many body parts at a go. You can place the water bottle in a holder and phone in another while doing the exercise and make it more fun!

The Bottom Line

Evo Fitness might be the best choice if you are looking for a bike which can make you lose weight easily. You can use it in-home or gym because it fits all body types irrespective of their height and weight. It also supports a maximum weight of over 300 lbs, more when compared to many indoor bikes. Also, it will deliver you closer to the road riding experience. The workout will be even more fun and jovial. Additionally, there are two placeholders too. What else do you need? Buy it already and start doing the exercise. You can lose weight and also stay fit in no time. Check Todays Best Price

EVO IX Fitness Indoor Bike Specification:

Overall Score:9.5
Type:Spin Bike
Max User Weight:350 lbs/159kg
Item Weight:137 lbs / 62.1kg
Dimensions:48 x 48 x 40 inches

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