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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Review


In this today’s fast world having so much of rush everywhere, it is tough to make yourself fit and healthy. Every single man is running after success and money, and for that, he is always ready to do an extra task more than his working capacity. And believe me, you do it also. But what’s the result?

You get tired of ending up making your body too weak. What’s next? Now, you will join the Gym. And most probably everyone does. But are you able to manage time to go to the gym from your busy schedule? If you will ask yourself, then you will get the answer is ‘NO’. So, what’s the solution to it? First possible and the best solution is to make your home a personal gym. In this way, you always have time to exercise, you can be fit. You can take rest in between too. Read further for your answer.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Overview

Instead of going to a gym, most of the people prefer to do exercise at the home itself. So, today, we have come with a post on one of the best exercising bikes to keep you healthy without going the gym. It’s very easy to assemble ‘Schwinn 170 Upright Bike’. It is made up of the solid body throughout and the pedaling of the bike is also very smooth. It is a beautiful piece of exercising machinery that can hold a man of 5’11” height & above 200 pounds easily.

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The Merits

  • Two LCD Window System: This is one of the most important feature of the ‘Schwinn 170 Upright Bike’ exercising machine. It has a ‘Dual track two LCD window system’ that allows you to monitor 13 different display feedbacks in Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. When you can see how many calories you’re burning, you get motivated to push the level more and get fit soon!
  • Connect Goal Tracking: This one is another fantastic feature of ‘Schwinn 170 Upright Bike’. If you want an exercising bike that can tell you about your achievements or goals in fitness level, then this upright bike is best for you. ‘Schwinn Connect goal tracking’ and ‘data export’ options will inform you when you reach your fitness goals.
  • Multi-things to do with: There are about 29 programs available along with four user settings in the system of Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. These all together help in keeping you motivated and also you feel like challenging.
  • Smooth Workout: The exercise machine ‘Schwinn 170 Upright Bike’ has 25 levels of resistance for your reliability. A high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel is aligned with the resistance. It rotates at a very high speed. Together, they make your workout as smooth and quiet.
  • Data Exchange: The bike also supports the USB port charging system. Data can also be exchanged through this USB port.
  • Display: The display is not very advanced, but provides the information you needed. There are two displays available. One of them shows your statistics while the other display shows the course or program name you are doing through bars.

The Demerits

  • Long-Height Persons: The only fault I have noticed in this bike is that the person with more than 6’2” height will have an issue with standing positions while riding. There will be a little movement in the handlebars of the bike.

But, you will not get a single problem when riding sitting down.

Who should Ride Schwinn 170 Bike?

Schwinn is a renowned brand in the fitness industry, and it is ruling the world for more than 100 years. Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike is another perfect combination of fitness with value and innovation. Schwinn 170 offers magnetic resistance of 25 levels, robust 3-piece crank system, padded and a large seat with adjustability along with oversized pedals, forearm rests, and adjustable handlebars.

Schwinn 170 is an ideal upright exercise bike, and it is best for youth and not recommended to seniors or people with chronic pain since it doesn’t have back support. It is the best bike and worth the investment for people who want to have an experience like outdoor bikes.

Customer Review

This product has very positive reviews from its customers as can be seen by the star rating of the bike. The exercise bike gives excellent performance during your regular workout. People love this bike and prefer to buy it over others due to the incredible features it has.

You can work on the bike while watching TV or doing other tasks. Also, many people reviewed the seat flexibility of the product. The only negative issue that is found among customers is with long height persons.

Over to You

According to me, if you are searching for a good exercise bike at this cost, and you are having normal physical dimensions, then this bike suits best for you. You can burn the calories in your body with this bike. Also, it is easy to assemble it.

So, don’t think much and consider buying it.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike Specifications

Overall Score:9.2
Warranty Description:Frame: 10 Years
Special Feature:Dual track two LCD window system
Item Weight:74 pounds
Dimensions:13″ x 41″ x 22.5 “

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