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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2605 Magnetic Folding Upright Bike Review


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2605 Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike – This era is all about fitness. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, but not all of them has got time for gyming so they buy the equipment needed for it, and one of the most popular gyming equipment is exercise bikes. Today we are here with a newly launched bike known as Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2605 Magnetic Folding Bike. This is a foldable bike which is ideal for losing weight and staying fit without going to gym.


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B2605 Upright Exercise Bike, Compact Foldable Home Indoor Bike
  • Bikes with magnetic resistance never come in contact with the flywheel, resulting in a silent, stable and virtually low maintenance experience. The closer the magnet the greater the resistance will be
  • Adjustable 8-level magnetic tension control System
  • Easily folds and unfolds for stowaway Convenience
  • Exercise meter displays time, speed, Pulse, distance, calories burned, Scan
  • Max. User weight 220 lbs


In this article, we will talk about some merits and demerits of it. Also, we will tell you some of the customer reviews for it. So, let’s begin.


  • Strong: You will find this bike very robust and sturdy, though it is foldable and by this people assume that it may not be adamant, but it is.
  • High resistance: This bike is equipped with eight resistance level which can be adjusted by a small knob in the bike. It uses magnetic tension system.
  • Display: This bike has a very basic LCD as this only keep checks on time, distance, speed and how many calories are burned which is satisfactory for a bike of this price range.
  • Portable: As this is foldable, it is very easy to keep it anywhere in your house, and it won’t take much space.
  • Comfort: This has a very comfortable adjustable large seat.
  • Smooth experience: Though it has no flywheel, still it is very smooth and doesn’t produce much noise.
  • Affordable: This bike comes with a very reasonable price.


  • Less Sensors: In this bike, there won’t be any heart beat monitoring system which will tell you the pulse rate as you can see that this bike doesn’t have any hand grip sensor which detects your heart beats and then give you your heart beat rate.
  • Limited Weight: As this machine can only take the weight up to 220 pounds, anyone above this weight cannot use it. Otherwise, it will be unstable and very dangerous.
  • Well, for new-bees this isn’t a problem at all but for people who uses this daily faces problem with resistance. The lowest resistance doesn’t even make any difference, and the highest as well isn’t that hard.

Customer Review

People love this bike as this gives a great performance and you can easily use it for your daily workouts. You can use this bike anywhere in your house even while watching TV which people are adoring. Also, people are amazed by the cozy seats. The only facts which disturb them are that it doesn’t monitor pulse rate.


Well, according to me this bike can help you with your daily workouts, and you don’t have to visit gyms a lot. With this, you can tone your body and burn the calories. Also, you can use it anywhere and easily fold it back. Plus, this comes with an affordable price. The only negative is that it doesn’t monitor pulse rate, but if you a new-bee and want it to use just for fitness then you must consider buying it.

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