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Atomic Cool Review : Does It Really Work? Let’s Figure Out


The Atomic Cool is basically a handy and a portable unit that is almost equal to the size of a coffee maker. It helps in cooling various rooms of your house on a hot sunny day. The best part is that you can carry this unit from one room to another and Cool the rooms which you desire. These portable units can be run by various means, like an electric outlet, or a traditional plugin or you can use batteries when you are traveling around with the unit. In this post, you will read a complete atomic cool review. You can also check the atomic cool review on Amazon

How Does Unit Work?

The unit has an H20 Cool fusion technology that makes it work in a more effective way. This is because it is made up of evaporative water filters.

So, it means that the unit will suck all the stale, hot and dry air from the environment and convert it into a moist and cool air that will make you feel very much comfortable in your room.

Each unit comes with the capability to cool down up to an area of 50 square feet for an hour at a time. So by removing the unit from its place, some its effect will still be lingering around.

Features Of The Atomic Cool

Mentioned below are some of the features and amazing specifications of the Atomic Cool

  • Digital Thermostat

Each of the Atomic Cool units is made up of a digital thermostat which you can adjust so that you are able to control the exact temperature that you would like in your area. You are also allowed to choose whether you want the fan of the unit to blow at low or high speed. Setting the fan at high will also make you cool down faster but it will make more noise. The thermostat generally operates through the Fahrenheit temperatures.

  • Portable

One of the best things about this device is that it is very lightweight and portable as well. So, it will be very easy for you to carry the unit anywhere around your house even outside. You can also use it inside your vehicle. Take this device to you and place it on your desk and work comfortably. Taking it in your cottage or in your RV is also not a bad idea. If you have a large suitcase then the unit will easily fit into the corner without taking many places for the clothing.

  • Electricity Or Battery

You have the option to run your unit whether by using the traditional technique to plug in an electrical outlet or use some batteries. You can operate by anyone of them. Generally when you are in your home then it is fine to use the electrical outlet but when you are on road or somewhere outside, you can use batteries to run the unit. Imagine if an event during the summer and the power goes out, you will need batteries to run this Cooler.

  • It Comes In Black And Silver

The Atomic Cooling unit comes in black and silver colors. So, it doesn’t matter where you are sitting. It won’t distract you much from enjoying the decor.

atomic cool review

Pros And Cons Of Atomic Cool

Below here are some pros and cons of the Atomic Cool


  • Can Be Used In Any Room

You can use these units in any rooms in your house. It is helpful in those hot kitchens while you are cooking or in the work areas like your stuffy garage. However, if you want to cool all the rooms at once then it will be best that you own more than one unit for each of the rooms. The units are so lightweight that you can easily rest them in any furniture of your houses like the bathroom cabinet or the lamp table. It requires very little place to sit.

  • Effects Keep On Lingering

You probably don’t want to buy units for every single room in your house. So, once you have used the unit in one room for a few hours, you can take the unit to the other room. The best thing is that after removing the unit from the room, it doesn’t get heat up quickly. Instead, the effect of the Cooling unit remains in the rooms for a few hours keeping the person comfortable and Cool in the room.

  • Contributes Good Health

If it is too hot in your room or house then it might cause a lot of health problems like trouble in breathing, heat stroke or sometimes general discomfort. If you have the Atomic Cool units then it will contribute to the increased Coolness in any environment and thus contributing to the good health of the people. Keeping your body Cool is really important for every people but is more important for those people who suffer from allergies and asthma.


There is not much negative to write about this amazing unit. However, one point write is

  • It Has No Batteries

It is said that you can use batteries to run the unit but you will not get any battery included with the unit. So, you have to but the batteries on your own.

atomic cool review

How To Use Atomic Cool

These are a few steps that tell you about how to use the Atomic Cool

  • Insert Batteries Or Plug-In

Before using Atomic Cool, you have to use some batteries or plug it in the desired place in order to get it started. You can plug the unit anywhere where there is an electrical outlet. The best spot to get Cool air is when you place the unit in the furniture that opposes the floor.

  • Set The Temperature You Want

After you have plugged in the unit and are ready to start, you can use the thermostat buttons that are given in order to set the temperatures for the surrounding environment. Once you have set the temperature, the device will follow the setup and try to bring the temperature of the room to that level.

  • Move Or Unplug The Device

When you are done with cooling the room and yourself, you can simply unplug the device or take it to another room to cool. It is so lightweight that most people carry it to another room to cool after unplugging the device.

Things You Should Be Aware Of

Below here are few things that you should take care of when you are using the Atomic Cool

  • Keep Your Children Away From The Vent

One thing that you should keep in mind while you are using this portable unit is that you should never insert anything inside the vent. If you insert your finger in the vent while it is operating then it might get clipped. The only part which you are allowed to touch off the Atomic Cool is its outer shell, the plugin, and the digital thermostat.

  • Don’t Place The Cooler Beside Brittle Objects

If you have delicate and breakable objects in your house then don’t place the Cooler near it as it might break the objects like the small porcelain, wine glass, etc. The force of the air that comes out from the unit might cause lightweight objects to fall and break.

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So, was the Atomic Cool review helpful for you? If you are living in a small apartment then it is definitely the best thing for you during the summer.

Atomic Cool Rating
  • Budget-Friendly  
  • Portability  
  • Ease Of Use  
  • Durability  


Overall the reviews are good and also the price is affordable. So the product is worth buying so you can go with it.

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