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You may not know it, but adult couples that spend long hours working say that sometimes there most romantic moments come from the shower. This may seem surprising, but when you really stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense. Of course, double shower heads are ideal for two-person showers, but there are still some great benefits that you can enjoy as an individual.

Do you ever find yourself reaching up to change your shower head’s pressure just to be blasted in the face several times? Problem solved. You can easily adjust each showerhead to your pressure and stream preference. It might seem like a waste of water, so if you’re water conscious you can always shut off one of the heads completely. Any way you look at it, double shower heads are going to improve the soothing comfort of your daily cleansing ritual. Here are some showerheads that we think keep their heads above water.

Our Picks: Best Double Shower Head Reviews 2019

Sportsheets Dual Shower Head Review

If you come across the display of this showerhead in a store, it will definitely catch your eye. It’s definitely aimed to capture a more intimate purpose. This head offers four different spray patterns that are designed to reach maximum range and land effortlessly on every part of your body. Because sometimes our partners don’t enjoy the same pressure that we do, they’ve made each head separately adjustable.

Sportsheets Dual Showerhead
11 Reviews
Sportsheets Dual Showerhead
  • 4 settings
  • Massage every part of your body

Dual shower heads like this one are meant for pleasure, so the position flexibility is perfect for any use. Be as crazy as your little heart’s desire. No more fighting over the water with this one, now you can just play in it.

Ana Bath 5 Function Handheld and Shower Head Combo Review

This master deliverer of water has earned its place as our top recommendation for double showerheads. It should come as no surprise then that it offers just about everything you could imagine. Its sexy style and modern design will instantly make your shower space look like it was modeled at a Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Each piece of the showerhead can be operated individually and removed from its fixed position for personal use. It’s great for kids too!

Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure 3-Way...
  • OUR BEST PICK: American-owned / USA brand with American customer service representatives in the U.S. to assist you by phone or email.
  • ANTI CLOG NOZZLES: Easy to rub clean / Lime and mineral deposit resistant. Easily remove calcium and mineral deposits by pushing nozzles with water on. MODERN DESIGN with LARGE/WIDE HIGH PRESSURE SPRAY and ERGONOMIC GRIP HANDLE: 5 inch wide to provide drenching rainfall spa experience. It is so relaxing that you will not want to get out of the shower. Our handheld shower fits your hand comfortably. Transitional style that fits in your bathroom design perfectly.
  • LARGE/WIDE DIVERTER with BRASS CONNECTOR & Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket: Wider and longer than industry standard for sleeker look (no more cramming look). Click lever dial to direct water to handheld shower spray, fixed shower head, or both. Convenient for elderly/handicapped/children/pets to take a shower while sitting on a shower bench. Metal connector provides secure connection and durability.
  • MATCHING-STYLE 5-Inch 5 FUNCTION SHOWERHEAD with BRASS BALL JOINT: Each shower head has 5-settings to provide a total of 25 full and combined water flow patterns to meet different shower preferences. Including Rain Spray / Massage Spray / Massage and Rain Mix / Bubbling Spray /Bubbling and Rain Combo. Brass ball joint provides secure connection and durability.
  • Long 5 Foot (60 inch) Flexible STAINLESS STEEL Shower Hose with 2 BRASS NUTS: Metal hose and fittings provide better durability. (Longer Hose is available. Please contact Ana Bath) / SPOT RESIST BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH: All parts are electroplated with same finish. / EASY INSTALLATION: No need to call a plumber. It fits any standard shower arm. You can do it yourself. Even a sealant tape is included.

You can use both or just one nozzle if needed. When you have that much flexibility though, why wouldn’t you use two? This double shower head has earned a 5-star rating in several hundred reviews for good reason. It offers you everything. We’re not kidding either, think of what you could possibly want a showerhead for. There’s a function for that! You’ll want to put this in EVERY bathroom. It one of our best handheld showerheads for the money.

Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head System Review

If you’re a supreme law abider like we are, you probably already know that the Department of Energy limits the amount of water that can be poured per minute. For this reason, the Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head has placed a restrictor on its system. No worries though, it’s very easily removable. It’s a good thing too because quality like this is hard to find.

First Mate Double Shower Head System, Brushed...
  • Great Shower Head...Great Price
  • Double Shower heads provide twice the high pressure
  • Adjustable 4 Spray Shower Heads on double manifold
  • Shower arm not included
  • Both shower heads swivel on ball joints, Fits All Standard 1/2" Shower Arms

This piece has 4 spray functions and uses ball joints to keep its height fixed but offers an incredible spray range. For the showering couples and individuals who just like to be drenched in water, this will exceed your expectations. Our advice, if you’re thinking about getting a double shower head but aren’t’ really sure if it’s for you, start with this one. You’ll thank us and probably install your next one shortly after. Very shortly.

Final Thoughts

We’re pretty happy that you found us because you’re joining the elite bathers of the world. We know it sounds silly, but you’ll definitely understand the first time you use it. You see, like a lot of things we’ve become accustomed to what we have and don’t really know how good it can get until we try it. Don’t deprive your body of a dual shower head, seriously. You won’t be standing half in the water, half out, wishing that all of you were warm.

You won’t be fighting with your partner over whose turn it is to be under the hot water stream. No more getting blasted in the face because the pressure isn’t perfect. No more stepping into a shower not knowing how your water is going to respond today. Now you have the opportunity to control your water and perfect your shower. It’s brought us energy and a refreshing feeling that can’t be duplicated. We KNOW a double shower head will do the same for you. They even have light up shower heads with double heads.

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