How to Fix Leaking Shower Head Guide


A leaking shower head wastes water, and it’s also annoying having to listen to the constant dripping of water as it hits the tub. A leaky shower head is one of those home repairs that you’ll want to move to the top of the list.

Take these ten simple steps to fix a leaking shower head

Supplies Needed: wrench, teflon tape, rubber gasket, towel

  1. Turn off your house’s or condo’s main water source so you don’t have flowing water in your bathroom.
  2. Protect your bathtub or shower stall. Place a towel at the bottom of the tub or shower stall in case you drop any tools. It’ll also keep you from slipping, in case you need to actually step inside the tub to do your repairs.
  3. Most leaky showerheads occur between the pipe and the showerhead. If your pipe is leaking from the region of the wall, stop using your shower immediately and treat it as an emergency. You’ll need to call in a plumbing expert to repair the pipes. If it’s a leak between the pipe and shower head, you can do this repair yourself. You’ll need to unscrew the showerhead from the pipe. If it won’t easily turn with your hand, use your wrench to remove it.
  4. Remove the black rubber gasket from inside the head and check it out. If it’s brittle, or the black is disintegrating and gooey, it’s going to need to be replaced. Be sure to take the old one to the store so you can match it up with a new one.
  5. Before you replace the gasket, take the opportunity to scrub and clean your shower head with an old toothbrush. Soak the showerhead in a solution of vinegar and water, and let sit for half an hour. Rinse off and dry.
  6. Place the new gasket in the showerhead. Be sure it’s firmly inside.
  7. Take a strip of teflon tape and wrap it around the threads of your shower head. Be careful to not extend beyond the threads, or the tape will show on the outside. Wrap around twice and cut.
  8. Screw your shower head back onto the pipe. Be sure it’s tight but don’t turn too hard as you don’t want to strip the threads.
  9. Turn your water source back on.
  10. Turn the tub faucet on and test your shower head. Let it run for a bit, then turn it off. Check and see if your shower head is still leaking or not. If it’s still leaking, it may be from a different location than expected, or you may not have positioned your gasket or tape properly. It’s also possible that you may have to buy an entirely new shower head if the old one is too worn out.

After you have taken these steps on how to fix a leaky shower head, you’ll be pleased that you’ve crossed one item off your home repairs list.

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